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Howdy --

I'm just looking for suggestions for a decent burr grinder in the 50-100 dollar range. Neither my pocketbook nor my other equipment warrant spending more than that, but I also don't want to buy blind.


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What sort of coffee preparation? Espresso demands a finer and more consistent grind than for drip; the only decent espresso grinders in that price range are manual (hand) grinders like the Zassenhaus coffee mill. Take a look at Best Inexpensive Grinder? for other espresso grinder recommendations. If you're making drip coffee, a Solis Maestro (Refurb) fits in your budget.
Dan Kehn

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My first grinder was the Baratza Virtuoso. I picked mine up new at a local Starbucks. It was priced at $199. I sweet talked the manager and she let me have it for $125. I had to manually adjust the grinder (easy) and it served me well. Starbucks might also have them on sale at some stores. If you can find a store with only a display model you might get for $100. Sounds like it would serve your needs fine.


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I was able to pick up a used Rossi BB45 which is an industry work horse from a local restaurant supplier for $100. It needed a good cleaning and a new spring in the doser. I was able to wind the new spring and it now works just fine. (if you are not into winding springs it's available for less than $2) I added a new set of burrs, and an 80 step grind collar and I'm still under $200.

The large hopper is more than I need so at some time in the future I will either cut it down or find something a little smaller. I suspect it grinds about as well as a large Macap and the doser sweeps pretty clean.