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Hello everyone :D

Me and my boyfriend have had enough of instant coffee and want to get an espresso machine to make our own cappuccinos, etc. We have read a lot of information online about this and now its time for us to buy our first machine.

I found quite a cheap machine by De Longhi called Cafe Treviso. It seems basic but also does everything we want it to. My boyfriend likes the look of another machine by De Longhi thats a lot more money and I'm not sure if its a good idea to spend a lot of money on our first machine.

Do you think the Cafe Treviso machine should suit us first time coffee makers or should we get something more expensive? Are there any machines that you commonly recommend to new buyers like us?

I would love any advice you have! :D

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There are dozens of "first time buyer" threads on this site and CoffeeGeek, many of which recommend one Gaggia or another and a comparable grinder like the Gaggia MDF, Ascaso I1/I2, Le'Lit PL53, or a manual grinder (e.g., the Kyocera or Zassenhaus). Rather than point you in several directions, I recommend you read How to choose an espresso machine and grinder at the "right" price and Mark Prince's How to Buy an Espresso Machine for background information, peruse some of CoffeeGeek's consumer reviews and this site's reviews, then let us know what grabs your fancy that is within your budget.

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