Appliance timer for espresso machine?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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Can anyone recommend a good appliance timer to wake up the machine in the morning and shut off after use? Thanks.

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Needless to say, there are plenty of options for 15A espresso machines.
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#3: Post by Jeff »

Do avoid the older Intermatic DT17 as they have been recalled

I use a "current" Intermatic with good results.

I'd make a buying decision on:
* Can I easily turn it on and off manually without messing up the programming?
* Can I deal with programming it at all?
* Does it let me change for weekends? (I shut off at 8 AM weekdays, 10 AM weekends)
* Can I add some "off only" times (to shut if off in the afternoon or at night when I forget)?

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#4: Post by BarryR »

I just (yesterday) got the Intermatic DT620.
I believe it does all that you request below.
It also fits in the top 1/2 of an outlet without blocking the bottom which I thought was nice. Otherwise, I would have had to put it on a pigtail and had it dangling.

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#5: Post by boar_d_laze »

I have, use and like the GE 7 Day Timer and Power Strip, which are available for around $22 at Home Depot. It's been totally reliable for over a year.

The one caveat is that auto shut-off programming won't work until the timer has run through a full cycle. That means turning everything off manually (using the "mode" button) the first day, and only then setting the mode to "auto."

I especially recommend the comments on the Home Depot page as pure fun for anyone with a low opinion of humanity.

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#6: Post by vberch »

I am using the one from Menards and it is a 7-day digital timer. I believe I paid less then $15 for it.

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#7: Post by drgary »

Do not get the Woods 59377 timer, which looks like it will serve well and lasts about 1 1/2 years at most. Then the internal battery wears out and there's no way to change it.

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#8: Post by duke-one »

Free to good home: 20amp 240volt industrial grade timer. Here's two catches:
1) Local pick up only (Berkeley California)
2) You have to build it: I bought all the parts and box for this before I found out I didn't need it. $200++. Crazy I know, and I don't want to bother trying to EBay it.

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#9: Post by nhokt »

I had a unique timer requirement due to the side of my machine butting up against the outlet. I went with an outdoor timer that has ~6" pigtail allowing it to be neatly hidden behind my grinder. Bonus is that being outdoor rated it may be a good option for a potentially wet kitchen environment. The model name is Woods 50011.

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#10: Post by GVDub »

Against the day when I finally get that vacuum breaker installed in my Ellimatic, I've been looking at the Kill A Watt GT, which is a Kill A Watt meter with a built-in 7-day timer. So not only can you turn your machine on and off with it, you can track electrical usage and cost.

No direct experience with it yet, but my regular Kill A Watt meter has been reliable on my roaster.
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