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by trunks235, Apr 16, 2019, 6:51 pm in Grinders
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New Ceado E37S - initial impressions and more (over time)

I started right there with you. My grinder journey: Barista express Grinder preciso breville smart Grindr pro sette wi e37s. I am still tinkering with the e37s, but what I've seen so far has been great. Not sure what your budget is, but I liked my last two grinders a lot. The sette was simply 0 fuss but struggled a bit with lighter roasts imo (though this very well could have been my lack of under...
by trunks235, Apr 16, 2019, 6:49 pm in Grinders
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New Ceado E37S - initial impressions and more (over time)

Hi all, So... a few weeks into using the machine and must say that I love the grinds that come out. Super fluffy etc. BUT...I'm reallt missing the sette for 1 main item: grind adjustment. It's so darn hard to tweak my grind level on the e37s vs the sette (which was super simple). This has been making fine tuning my shots really difficult. I'm also trying to get used to the fact that changing the g...
by Chert, Apr 16, 2019, 6:40 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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What machine is this?

Could this relate?
by nuketopia, Apr 16, 2019, 6:31 pm in Grinders
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Baratza Vario vs Forte with brew burr sets?

Sorry Denis. Not getting into that light roast nonsense with you again. This ain't the thread for that. Go start a thread in some appropriate place for that. Are you speaking of your personal ownership of the Vario or Fort ?
by chibitimwin, Apr 16, 2019, 6:27 pm in Buying Advice
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Best non-espresso grinder under $1000 USD? Niche Zero, Baratza Forte BG, HG-1?

I am looking to upgrade from my Knock Feldgrind; usage will be for single serving pour over brews using V60 and Kalita Wave. I am fine with hand grinding, just looking for more clarity in the cup. From my research, the grinders suggested $1000 include the Baratza Forte BG (steel burrs), Vario with steel burrs, Bunnzilla, Lyn Weber HG-1, and Niche Zero. Among these, many have suggested the Forte BG...
by mdreuben, Apr 16, 2019, 6:17 pm in Grinders
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Niche Zero grinder

I've just received the Acaia Portafilter Dosing Cup and am experimenting with it. I'm grinding into the cup and inverting it into the portafilter. Then shaking both together up and down for about five seconds. So far a distribution tool or WDT hasn't been needed. So far it's working very well. The cup is heavier and a little more substantial feeling than the standard cup, weighing about 20 grams m...
by lagoon, Apr 16, 2019, 6:13 pm in Knockbox
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Plumbed In – Drained Out? Share Your Experience!

Another positive benefit of being plumbed is that your overall machine hygiene tends to improve. Having an endless supply of water means that you use as much as you like when backflushing, rinsing etc, and you don't have to worry about refilling the tank. Some machines are a bit of a hassle to refill. On the drain side, a plumbed drip tray stays cleaner and has minimal splashing, since there is no...
by KaffeeKrazy, Apr 16, 2019, 6:09 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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What machine is this?

A bit of Googlin' and I found these... seems he's a roaster and restorer of old machines so they're likely one-off pieces as suggested. ... od-as-new/
by 1st-line, Apr 16, 2019, 6:00 pm in Marketplace
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Finally, here! Bezzera Magica PID HX Espresso Machine

Hi All, Bezzera, truly the first espresso machine company in the world, has launched a new version of the Magica heat exchanger espresso machine. More and more companies are getting away from the pressurestat and incorporating the PID boiler probe and PID controller. On January 24, 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Bezzera to view their showroom, office, labs, and production facilities. I say f...
by yakster, Apr 16, 2019, 5:58 pm in Buying Advice
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Office setup. $250 budget

@portamento, for future recommendations, check out the Virtuoso+, coming soon, with digital timer. OP, go with the Vario, I love mine.