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by Boldjava, July 9th, 2020, 2:44 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Syphon recipe

I have tons of them. If there is a way, I can mark it "gift" and avoid customs?
by wingnutsglory, July 9th, 2020, 2:41 pm in Home Roasting
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African Greens Suggestions for Espresso

Has anyone tried Ethiopia Misty Valley Yirgacheffe Natural from Coffee Bean Corral? They sent a notice that they have a new arrival in stock now. Sounds good but I wasn't sure how it compares to other Eth Nat fruit bombs.
by valoben, July 9th, 2020, 2:40 pm in Grinders
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

A few more words (and maybe some questions) about my Lagom (with SSP unimodal) Initially I finished a medium roast (Quijote - Black Ape) I had the whole month while waiting for my unit, then opened 250g light roast espresso I had in the freezer but never used it because it was impossible to brew (and/or a pain to dial...
by wingnutsglory, July 9th, 2020, 2:32 pm in Home Roasting
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Aida Batlle Selection: Washed Coffee packaging poll

Thanks much!!
by antosha808, July 9th, 2020, 2:30 pm in Espresso Machines
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New Rocket Mozzafiato owner - pump noise question

I have same machine with the same issue. It arrived like 5 days ago and I don't think it's normal sound. Did you figure out what the problem is?
by Jrodanapolis, July 9th, 2020, 2:25 pm in Home Roasting
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I was given a roaster... W600

If you can swing the $400, I think all of those upgrades will be well worth it. The probes to connect to Artisan will help you learn so much about roasting and how to use the roaster. The analog probes are better than nothing, but to go back to look at previous roasts and compare/contrast you're going to continuously get...
by RobAnybody, July 9th, 2020, 2:23 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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La Pavoni - First day issue resolution

I have a slightly different routine but it basically boils down to the same idea. In my hands it takes less than 10 minutes. I prefer doing it when the grouphead is still warm to the touch, it makes it easier to push out the showerscreen. For a step by step guide: {image} I start by removing the portafilter, then...
by Jrodanapolis, July 9th, 2020, 2:00 pm in Home Roasting
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Yemeni Coffees

You really know how to make that roaster do exactly what you want, don't you? :lol: Looks great, as always. And you clearly reduced your first phase heat. When you get a chance to try it let us know. I'll start with what you say is the best of your profiles so far. Any reason you took it longer into...
by foam2, July 9th, 2020, 1:59 pm in Grinders
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

I brought up customs first because I know that can be an issue. I'm Greek living in the US and most of my family lives in Greece. Every time we try and send something to family that's always a concern so we resort to having anyone who's going back home bring these items in their suitcases with them. I went...
by Dmootzler, July 9th, 2020, 1:58 pm in Buy/Sell
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[WTB] US White Niche Zero (SoCal if possible)

I'm in San Diego, looking to buy a white niche zero. I can pay local cash or PayPal. I know it's probably a long shot, but if anyone happens to be interested in selling, let me know!