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by namelessone, Sep 19, 2019, 4:27 am in Buying Advice
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End game brew grinder

EK43 is standard in all competitions and what not. That said, I don't think grinder makes such a difference for brew, as you can adjust your recipe to suit your grinder. For example, if you have a grinder that produces too many fines, you can grind coarser and do multiple pours instead of just one. All this talk about one grinder being more uniform than other is not correlated with any tasting as ...
by Marco_83, Sep 19, 2019, 4:15 am in Espresso Machines
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Clarification on Decent Espresso design

Thanks for the link to posts i'm going to read it. For the flow control I think it is done by controlling the pump power. So the pump deliver more or less water to the puck. But to control the pressure how is it works ?
by jdrock, Sep 19, 2019, 3:54 am in Grinders
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Mahlkonig EK43s Unable to Grind Very Fine

Your lowest can only pull 1:2.5? Which means you can't pull ristretto for 1:1.5. This is not fine enough for any lighter beans I assume.
by domi, Sep 19, 2019, 3:26 am in Buying Advice
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Help to choose espresso equipment for novice

Bianca is an excellent choice :D . I'll second the recommendation for the Niche Zero, as grinder, adding it would also be a good match for your Bianca in terms of looks (wooden elements). Good match also in terms of noise level: the Bianca is relatively quiet (thanks to its rotary pump), and so is the Niche, while my understanding is Baratza grinders are very noisy.