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by nahau, 7 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Quick Mill Anita pump problems

Ulka pumps don't last forever. If the pump doesn't sound right, it's just normally a bad pump. Pumps can be purchased for around $20 on Amazon, or if you want you could just go to Chris Coffee. You could also call CC tech support and have them listen to the pump over the phone to see what they think.
by nahau, 16 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Isomac Tea (E61) condensation inside back cover leaking + water level sensor?

A lot of times if there are no visible leaks but a ton of water is in the machine, it points to the boiler pressure safety valve releasing the water due to an overpressure event. However, you wouldn't expect this to happen if the machine is turned off... like after you pulled your coffee in the morning and left for...
by rameshj, 37 minutes ago in Coffees
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Verve Amado Fernandez Espresso

Figured I'd close the loop here in case anyone else comes later and is wondering: It turned out the right way to balance the flavor was to lengthen shot and up the volume. In the end, I landed on the following recipe: 204F, 15g in, 25g out, 36 seconds. This turned out to give a shot that contained the full...
by wizbang, Today, 1:09 am in Buying Advice
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Crem One vs Vesuvius (which to choose)

Hi All, I am seeking some opinions from those that have recently researched or used or owned either of these two. I have been lurking and reading for a bit after finding DaveC's reviews on youtube and website. If money was no objectI would be buying a DE1 Pro but they top out at nearly 7k delivered here in Perth...
by bicktrav, Today, 1:02 am in Coffee Roasting
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How to roast darker

The steadily declining RoR requires a Goldilocks gas configuration that gives just enough heat to carry you through first crack, but not so much as to cause a flattening or rise in RoR, which would inevitably lead to a crash. Basically your settings have to be precise in order to achieve a steadily declining RoR, and that precision doesn't allow...
by IMAWriter, Today, 12:58 am in Coffees
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Espresso Vivace Dolce bust

Espresso Vivace's "VITA" blend is meant for milk based drinks, while Dolce is their straight espresso choice. It is certainly not weak. But like all specialty coffees, some adjustments with a GOOD grinder are is dose, temperature, etc. I would suggest when trying a new coffee..artisan roasted, you contact the roaster as to their "recipe"..dose in grams, finished ...
by Beanz, Today, 12:54 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Unboxing the Bosco Sorrento

Silicon rubber will not harden through lack of use in the time frame you mention. Silicon has very good performance at high temperatures. If you do find the silicon has hardened I would be more inclined to think it is a faulty batch of material or even question if it is silicon. If your machine has not been in use...
by IMAWriter, Today, 12:45 am in Coffees
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Looking for a berry + chocolate fruit bomb

That is a descriptor from Ken David's Coffee website "Coffee Review." Their reviewers are all super experienced, highly thought of cuppers. I would trust their description. Note that some reviews are done via espresso brewing, while others are as drip/pour-over.
by thirdcrackfourthwave, Today, 12:40 am in Grinders
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Niche Zero missing part?

I'd be very aggravated too but, take heart, there are many happy campers out there and when yours is whole you might be one too.
by Acavia, Today, 12:29 am in Coffee Brewing
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Pour over temperature. 200F 93C always does better for me

I had 4 ounces of a coffee. Made 5 pour overs with it. First two at 209F, second two at 205F and last one at 200F. Last one was so much better - had I not brewed it myself, I would be convinced someone put a chocolate syrup/cream in it. Much more smooth, sweet and rich than the other brews....