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by NewCoffeeGuy1
January 28th, 2023, 11:00 am
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Upcoming induction espresso machine (Heylo)

Was a price announced for this and have any shipped into the wild?
by JohnPK
January 28th, 2023, 10:57 am
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

I think I've read through most of this thread but I apologize if this has been covered and I missed it. Has anyone data logged the power consumption of the Micra during the initial heat up and in steady-state after it has heated up? Our typical home routine is that we'll make some drinks (3-5) in the morning
by jedovaty
January 28th, 2023, 10:52 am
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How to Increase Sweetness with Cafelat Robot

Others, more experienced, will likely chime in. Regarding the process, you are preinfusing dark beans for 30s plus running a shot in normal parameters and you find the taste balanced, so it reads like you are extracting well, maybe even way too much, hah. I have yet to try this, but have you attempted to use