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by donn
September 30th, 2023, 5:31 pm
Forum: Lever Espresso Machines
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Philosophy: When is a "lever" no longer a "lever"?

If you make a new machine that produces espresso shots indistinguishable from a lever machine, is it therefore a lever machine? No. If I have a spring lever espresso machine that makes terrible espresso, is it a lever machine? Yes. People may be interested in lever machines for whatever reason. What comes out of them
by spearfish25
September 30th, 2023, 5:30 pm
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Profitec Pro 700 vs. La Marzocco GS/3

Hoping you guys can be my crutch as I tend to over think large purchases. I currently have a Profitec Pro 700. Great machine, plumbed and drained, powerful steaming, flow control. It's going on 6 years old and only requires minimal maintenance and repairs. I've been using a Bezzera BZ13 PM at my office and
by heytchap
September 30th, 2023, 5:29 pm
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Sanremo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

I am pulling slayers at .3-.5b for 30s (or whatever the max time is for stage 1) followed by 8bar with a drop to 3.5 for the final 10ml
by another_jim
September 30th, 2023, 5:01 pm
Forum: Lever Espresso Machines
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Philosophy: When is a "lever" no longer a "lever"?

I rather disagree. The mounting popularity of lever machines, along with powered machines with lever-like properties, has nothing to do with their appearance and everything to do with their performance. There have always been collectors; and collectors are going to be engagged with the physical properties of the machines. But the audience for these collectors is not interested early
by baldheadracing
September 30th, 2023, 4:53 pm
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Rancilio Silvia problem: water leaking from overflow following shot switch turned off

I haven't taken a jet breaker apart, but I just looked at a couple spares that I have, and I think there is just some plastic baffling inside. If you remove the jet breaker from the solenoid, then you should be able to easily blow air through the jet breaker. If there is any resistance, then a soaking/flushing or two
by ira
September 30th, 2023, 4:51 pm
Forum: Lever Espresso Machines
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Philosophy: When is a "lever" no longer a "lever"?

Personally, I would consider this not part of the discussion. The lever that makes it a lever machine is a physical thing and the fact that it may or may not brew better espresso has nothing to do with it's being a lever or not
by Aleks192
September 30th, 2023, 4:39 pm
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Profitec Pro 700 brew relay problem

Hi all, lots to unpack here but please take a read and let me know what you think. I have a P700 since new, its about 4.5yrs old now. 1 month ago the brew relay in the Gicar failed, so when you pull the lever, nothing happened. I went about troubleshooting and working out what was wrong, and
by RapidCoffee
September 30th, 2023, 4:30 pm
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Decent Espresso news

Well yeah, you need more clearance with a spouted portafilter. Why not use the bottomless? Plenty of room. {image} L: 6cm capp cup; R: 11cm mug (thanks Ira)