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by LindoPhotography, October 2nd, 2022, 9:41 pm in Grinders
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My hand grinder journey has ended

Looks like Commandante did best, no 1st place but also no 3rd place. Now you need to compare with 1zPresso K series (or J series)
by LindoPhotography, October 2nd, 2022, 9:33 pm in Grinders
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Conical burr electric grinder with LESS clarity than Niche Zero?

You might want to consider trying a Baratza Vario with the original Ceramic burrs, they create a lot of fines and body, I remember giving me an interesting mix of over and under extracting that made coffees interesting. Oh, just noticed you also wanted decent pour-overs! Grinders with lots of fines / high body generally do NOT do so