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by jlbird
February 28th, 2024, 9:45 am
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Option-O Lagom 01 Discussion

Thanks for posting the instructions from Option O. I am just a bit confused it didn't say unscrewing anything, how does that method work?
by JRising
February 28th, 2024, 9:44 am
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Breville Dual Boiler - no pressure in head or hot water [BDB]

Well, the simplest test is: If you can stop the flow of water with your thumb over the pump outlet, then the pump is too weak
by JRising
February 28th, 2024, 9:39 am
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Trying to figure out connecting my faema compact

{image} It looks like a 3/8 compression fitting, to me... Like the same as the shut off valve under a North American sink would have... Is it not about 14mm at the outside diameter?
by FreDDo
February 28th, 2024, 9:26 am
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Wet sticky puck

Hi, I have tried to play on one factor at a time, and have now (grind size, dose, ratio) which are close to OK. Ratio 1:2, which I am aiming at; Dose: 17G (filter indicates 14G-18G) Grind: quite fine on my machine (#3/10 on a Lelit PL72) Taste: quite OK, although some whitish disks on crema. PROBLEM :
by mgrayson
February 28th, 2024, 9:26 am
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Buyers Remorse - Kaleido M10 Astringent Roasts

Thank you for the charge temperature raising suggestion. I added the 30 second drop to the beginning of a standard espresso profile for the Ikawa PRO. The same PNG coffee I had such astringent results with before is quite pleasant (if not perfect) now. {image} Matt
by NYPeter007
February 28th, 2024, 9:00 am
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The new DF83v

I never had any stalling issues, even at low RPMs with very lightly roasted and dense coffees. However, I ended up returning it due to an intense off gassing smell of, what I believe to be, the paint job. I let it air out for a week and it was still emitting a strong odor. It actually impacted the grinds
by mrgnomer
February 28th, 2024, 8:52 am
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Espresso Grinders - Stuck in the Research Rabbit Hole. Please Help! Ceado E6P or Mignon XL? Any Others?

The SSP HU burrs I tried on the Ceado E37J were a tight fit, needed shimmying and gummed up regularly. I agree, if you're looking for a grinder to test SSP burrs on, Ceado might not be the best choice. Before they changed to their 83mm Opalglide there were reviews of the titanium burrs clogging up. Their stock
by CarefreeBuzzBuzz
February 28th, 2024, 8:40 am
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LaMinita Gesha for Espresso - Costa Rica Finca El Melico Washed

"Costa Rica Finca El Melico Washed Gesha" from PrimeGreen Coffee. Most people don't think of Gesha for espresso; why not; thoroughly enjoying this cup. La Minita has been one of my favorite places for Costa Rican coffee. Below is how I roasted it, and I am sipping slowly (not something I always do with my
by Sp0ke
February 28th, 2024, 8:25 am
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Blind Shaker Bloopers

it happened to me yesterday lol while I was holding it tight , somehow bottom moved and coffee grounds everywhere
by hankbates
February 28th, 2024, 8:03 am
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Pasquini Livia 90 high brew pressure and valve leaking

Later models used an oring at this point under the lock nut (OR GASKET 114 VITON 7496052) Metric size 114. Since there's only cool water here a special material may not be needed. I looked up this size in the Livia parts manual found on this site under "resources". Teflon tape may work just as well