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by BodieZoffa, August 8th, 2022, 12:22 pm in Grinders
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How good is 1Zpresso alignment?

The Helor 106 is one that is designed to allow some tweaking on alignment. I did mine once even though it was just fine in factory form, but guess it's reassuring to check periodically
by redkiosk, August 8th, 2022, 12:21 pm in Buy/Sell
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[SOLD] Monarch Method #MK500 Pour-over Kettle

Barely used 2015 Monarch Methods #MK500 copper pour-over kettle. Original version die-cut leather insulating jacket. Tru-Temp #3512 thermometer included. $125 (includes shipping to the lower 48) PM if interested. Jim {image} {image} {image} {image}
by espressomonkey, August 8th, 2022, 12:05 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Pasquini Livia 90 Low Flow from Grouphead

A detail to add is that no water is flowing from opv to the drain pipe when I turn on the group head flow, so I think we can eliminate the opv being stuck open. If the one way valve (table 8 part 7) is stuck closed wouldn't the pressure/flow rate increase at the group head?
by ericT, August 8th, 2022, 11:44 am in Espresso Machines
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Profitec Pro 700 steam boiler leak at temperature sensor

I've got a +/- 6 year old Profitec Pro 700 that has a steam leak coming out top of the Steam Boiler at the temperature sensor widget. There was some scale from previous leak. I've taken the nut out and cleaned threads on both ends, still consistently hisses with steam leak when pressurized at temp.
by Jeff, August 8th, 2022, 11:42 am in Tips and Techniques
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Bottomless versus double spout portafilter

As the spouts are below the bottom of the basket, what bottomless vs. spouted can influence is limited. One possibility is that the spouts might lower the temperature of the overall system, which might reduce the brew temperature. That's a guess. Another set of possibilities are around that it is just "normal variance" or that the sight
by mrgnomer, August 8th, 2022, 11:41 am in Espresso Machines
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Post a pic of your home espresso setup...

Graduated from e61 HX.{image}
by Pressino, August 8th, 2022, 11:32 am in Grinders
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How good is 1Zpresso alignment?

I believe that the alignment in most conical burr grinders (especially hand grinders) is not really user adjustable and pretty much established by the structure of the parts that hold the inner and outer burrs in position (i.e. the housing itself, the axle shaft, and its bearings) as well as the geometry of the manufactured burrs. Misalignment problems are due
by bobkat, August 8th, 2022, 11:26 am in Tips and Techniques
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Bottomless versus double spout portafilter

So.......I do not have a lot of experience making espresso. I have been using a double spout PF with my Synchronika for about 9 months....17 grams for 27 seconds. My wife and I were OK with that. Today, I tried using the same dose with a bottomless PF. The result was much darker, stronger and more flavorful. Do
by Pressino, August 8th, 2022, 11:20 am in Espresso Machines
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Pre-infusion using flow control vs. pre-wetting

I think the idea that 4 bar is an "optimum" pre-infusion pressure comes from the fact that the traditional e61 "pre-infusion" springs were set to roughly that level (actually just a bit lower than that). The original FCDs left the "standard" e61 spring in place, but later they were replaced by a stiffer spring with, I believe, the intent to
by sigissmondo, August 8th, 2022, 11:01 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Lelit PL41EM blows fuse - wrong wiring or broken thermostat?

interesting... somebody in this thread is an expert on Lelit machines and gave me some advice but his description of wiring (long blue or brown cable) just didn't make sense to me. So this kinda explains why. I'll def check your post on manufacturing variability. Happy to have this thread rekindled again and an increased hope to wire things the