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by jpender
Yesterday, 5:57 pm
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Immersion always results in off taste

While that may be true of most percolation devices it isn't an intrinsic aspect of percolation. It is possible to limit flow independently of grind size. On the other hand there is good reason to believe that the proportions of extracted compounds differ between immersion and percolation brews that are equal in total extraction. But evidence for that? I
by joshlee
Yesterday, 5:41 pm
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Ratio 8 buying advice

I am trying to figure out if it makes sense to upgrade my brew setup with a Ratio 8. I have a BPB (with the pour over shower head) which I exclusively use for 2-3 600ml (1:15-1:17 ratio) V60 brews each day and a single 1.8L (60 fl. oz) batch brew with the BPB flat bottom filter each weekend
by Santee
Yesterday, 5:39 pm
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Hand/Manual Grinder-Drill Turned

I have an affection for manual grinders. They produce a nice grind, require little space and make for a very small if any mess. My trouble and others have mentioned that as they get older it becomes harder to turn the grinder. Therefore, we might turn to the drill to power the grinder. I never liked
by rmongiovi
Yesterday, 5:37 pm
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Immersion always results in off taste

Since the water in the interior of the ground isn't freely circulating it should reach saturation pretty quickly. Why would that be different between pourover and immersion? Stuff in the interior of the ground will take longer to migrate out into the free water regardless. You can adjust the particle size to hopefully make the slower dissolving
by CarefreeBuzzBuzz
Yesterday, 5:33 pm
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Is RO water my only option due to high chloride?

"Espresso Cart - Goodbye Plumbed In" It's what a lot of us do when we have high chloride and it's way easier than it seems
by High Good
Yesterday, 5:20 pm
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Ikawa Home thermal performance

Hello, I am learning a lot about the IKAWA HOME roaster on this forum. Today I would like to share information about a project I tried. I installed four K type thermocouples in my IKAWA HOME and connected them to a Phidget USB 1048 Databridge 2xTC. [img]{link}[/img] [img]{link}[/img] [img]{link}[/img] [img]{link}[/img] I use Artisan roasting software to record roasting
by bznelson91
Yesterday, 5:13 pm
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Dipacci USA - legit vendor?

I'd love to support advertisers, but neither of those locations have the 22-25g and 25-28g baskets, which are the ones I'm looking for. I did contact the Australian Dipacci (which seems much more well known around the 'net) and they confirmed that the USA site is affiliated with them and said that the site was just launched recently.
by Filletfellini
Yesterday, 4:54 pm
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My Synesso is overkill - replace it, or just keep it?

The argument would be that there is a lot larger volume of water in the Synesso than in a home focused single group
by Jeff
Yesterday, 4:49 pm
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Why is Passenger no longer listing the processing methods on its coffees?

A great resource for trying to decode the marketing terms is {link} Chris' blog is packed full of valuable information, as is "Lucia Solis' podcast"
by Kran
Yesterday, 4:42 pm
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Mag funnel for Mini Vivaldi?

Thanks. I kind of solved this in a very round about way. Got an IMS 54mm breville basket and then a cheap 54mm mag funnel. The basket works with my cafelat bottomless portafilter and dimensions are almost identical to my spaz basket. $35 ish solution all in