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by Aflick, Today, 7:42 pm in Buying Advice
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Buying Advice - ECM/Decent/Lelit

The quality concerns that I read about equated weight (or lack there of) to lower quality. I don't necessarily buy that... and if you take out 2 boilers, the weight will drop tremendously. I went with the ECM for 2 main reasons 1 - I like the looks of the ECM much more and wanted to be
by NossaCoffee, Today, 7:37 pm in Marketplace
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HB special on a 210 hour anaerobic fermentation Cup of Excellence - Yellow Bourbon

Ethiopian! We are dialing in a new lot we just got. Here is a note from our roaster on our internal coffee update channel: Posted by Roaster Kyle Brewer on Slack at 12:57 PM Good afternoon team, we just cupped a few iterations of the new Ethiopia, and they're all BANGERS! leaning towards a faster roast profile, but
by JamesB517, Today, 7:34 pm in Water
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Reusing Boiled Water: OK or Not?

Hey folks, I am a new user of Third Wave Coffee and because I am a user of the Flair 58, my routine involves putting my water in a kettle. I try to be generous when putting this kettle in just out of caution so I don't run out. Because I have the full non electric version I have to
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Rancilio Silvia v5. FLASH BANG

Looks like the grey wire melted into the black. If you measure the resistance of the element figure somewhere between 10 and 20 ohms. If it's much lower like 2-3 then it's shorted, much higher it's going open. I'd say assess all of the carnage and post your findings. Dan
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Fellow news and information!

Hey all, Wanted to mention that we officially launched 2 new electric pour over kettles today: Stagg EKG Pro and Stagg EKG Pro Studio. There's a lot under the hood here that a lot of people will never see, but the engineering that went into these was a pretty large undertaking. The temperature control in these units is
by slybarman, Today, 7:15 pm in Espresso Machines
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Easiest way to reinsert E61 cam into group after lube?

let me know if you run out of ones to try. i have a shamefully impressive library of them
by GDM528, Today, 7:14 pm in Tips and Techniques
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Constant Channeling with EK Espresso

"Side" channeling? Curious how that's detected: visible holes around the top perimeter of the puck, no flow observed from the interior disk of the basket, odd-looking stripes? Or am I misinterpreting what 'side' means? I like the suggestion of putting filter paper at the bottom of the basket, and it could be instructive to examine
by nameisjoey, Today, 7:11 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Cafelat Robot User Experience

Definitely don't go to Costco. You will be extremely frustrated with the results as the beans will be too stale to produce anything worthwhile. For some reason that's a common idea, buy cheap old beans to learn on. But it's a very bad idea. If you're looking for cheap and a good dark roast, check out Nossa Familia's
by MCal2003, Today, 7:10 pm in Grinders
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Helor 101 takes forever to grind.

For reference. Own a bunch of hand grinders. Older ones are from the 50's or maybe older to my most recent purchase. The 1Zpresso K-Pro. Some of the older ones are more than slow at >2 minutes for a 20gm dose. Fastest grinder is the K-Pro at around couple seconds a gram set at the ~3.5-4 setting
by jamesz, Today, 6:56 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Flair 58 rotating plunger valve assembly.

my understanding: the rotation is caused by un-evenly distributed forces, including 1) friction forces on the plunger o-ring, and 2) the forces applied to the plunger through the stem. With current design - plunger and stem are separate parts there is no way to stop plunger slow rotation unless the plunger and stem are joint together using a pin