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by bean74
Yesterday, 8:30 pm
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Backup grinder

Well, the Baratza parts finally arrived today, so that machine is now back up and running, time to put the K2 away in the cupboard until the next emergency calls it back into service. I never did succeed in getting consistent shot times out of the K2. I also notice some large flecks of bean swarf in the
by Quester
Yesterday, 8:15 pm
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Precision Brewer alternative buying advice

I have both, and although the BPB is a bit better than the Ratio 8 (taste), I've not been able to get the results I want from either. The bloom on my Ratio 8 does not dispense enough water, so it doesn't wet all the coffee. However, I have one of the earliest models. As I remember, TomC likes his
by BaristaMcBob
Yesterday, 7:53 pm
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Confused about E61 lubrication

People say to use food safe lube on the cam, which is accessible after removing the lever. Okay, but doesn't hot brew water flow through that area? Surely I'll end up with food safe lube in my espresso. No?
by BaristaBob
Yesterday, 7:50 pm
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[WTB] Sworksdesign 14-16g 58mm Basket

Subject header says it all...but looking for the high flow version
by Nunas
Yesterday, 7:41 pm
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Rancilio Silvia E won't power on

The Silvia circuitry, except for yours, is dead simple. The E-model has an automatic off timer circuit unique to Europe. Notice the following diagrams. {link} You can see that the power flow is interrupted by pins 9 & !0 on the so-called CPU. The first thing I'd do is jumper these two pins and then plug in the machine. If
by bznelson91
Yesterday, 7:32 pm
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Dipacci USA - legit vendor?

After conversing with the Aussies, I'm convinced the US site is legit, and I placed an order for the two biggest Pullmans; they both show in stock, so we'll see what happens. I used PayPal to pay, just in case, so they don't have my CC details. I'll update the thread as events unfold Brad
by brudnic2
Yesterday, 7:27 pm
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OA new update

He is moving right along!
by AnotherADDiction
Yesterday, 7:20 pm
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Hand/Manual Grinder-Drill Turned

I only use a drill on my 1Zpresso ZP6 (and Jmax). I have never had a stalling issue and am able to run it as slow as possible. I am using an old Skill 18v drill. It is large and heavy. I usually grind SO Ethiopian beans, so they don't get much harder to grind. The ZP6 doesn't vary
by Jeff
Yesterday, 7:18 pm
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Dipacci USA - legit vendor?

If you find out more, would you let us know? Pullman baskets have been scarce. Not quite scarce enough to be able to fund a vacation buying expedition to Australia but close
by mikel
Yesterday, 7:13 pm
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My Synesso is overkill - replace it, or just keep it?

I think he's heating one Synesso boiler that is 1.9-2.0 liters