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by boren
Yesterday, 10:30 pm
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Hand/Manual Grinder-Drill Turned

I occasionally use a 20v Worx WX108 drill with my manual grinders. With maximum torque of 45 Nm, it pretty much can handle any kind of beans, grinder and RPM combination I care about. It does stall if I go really really low, below RPM I'm likely to actually use. I just tested with a tachometer the point
by Kamanshaman
Yesterday, 10:16 pm
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Unica Pro Delayed

That's what I've read from Decent
by Sal
Yesterday, 10:12 pm
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Immersion always results in off taste

While discussion on "science" behind different brewing methods is interesting, ultimately it boils down to personal preference like most things in life. If immersion brew taste off to you then stick with percolation brew. I don't like coffee grains in a cup. It is more of texture thing than taste. So, regular French Press gives me "muddy" perception which
by Jeff
Yesterday, 10:01 pm
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Backup grinder

Did you weigh what ended up in the basket?
by ShotClock
Yesterday, 9:38 pm
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Darker roast profiles for Cormorant

When leaning the ropes on my Cormorant, i posted tons of curves here and got excellent feedback. It certainly sounds like you have not enough power at the beginning, and too much at the end. One of the most useful was a post where Milligan posted his translation to the Cormorant of Scott Rao's recommended gas settings. Not too many
by Dazler
Yesterday, 9:33 pm
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1st Grinder DF64-2 or Sculptor 78S

Trying to decide on what to get. I wont be getting another grinder unless it breaks. Main use would be espresso medium roast and milk drinks. For the DF64 -2 I would have to wait to be back in stock late this month or early next month The 078S is being sold locally for $570 I
by beanman
Yesterday, 9:32 pm
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Mag funnel for Mini Vivaldi?

If you don't mind something cheap, find the single-serve yogurt container that will fit into the basket. I had a Spaz, and I think I figured out it was a Yoplait. Cut the bottom off at the correct height, and the tapered shape will allow a nice snug fit. Then cut the top a bit shorter if desired
by Mbb
Yesterday, 9:09 pm
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Immersion always results in off taste

I also don't care much for immersion brewing. It's okay.. but to me it tastes murky. .. not as clean and defined as the particular taste you get from a good well-roasted bean that you like.... When it's brewed it's pour over. It's like there's more mixed flavors versus one dominant defined flavor if that
by bean74
Yesterday, 8:30 pm
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Backup grinder

Well, the Baratza parts finally arrived today, so that machine is now back up and running, time to put the K2 away in the cupboard until the next emergency calls it back into service. I never did succeed in getting consistent shot times out of the K2. I also notice some large flecks of bean swarf in the
by Quester
Yesterday, 8:15 pm
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Ratio 8 buying advice

I have both, and although the BPB is a bit better than the Ratio 8 (taste), I've not been able to get the results I want from either. The bloom on my Ratio 8 does not dispense enough water, so it doesn't wet all the coffee. However, I have one of the earliest models. As I remember, TomC likes his