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by francesco_ITA
1 hour ago
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How to check for healthy distilled water?

I bought a TDS meter, and I took some samples: {image} For the bottled water, I used a 50/50 mix, and I took the measures at room temperature with some hours between the samples (around 20.5 - 19 *C). The increasing values for the distilled water between samples, gives me a bit more confidence in the reliability of the
by austinado16
1 hour ago
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Brasilia Mini Classic - heating element issues

Great job being so thorough. I wonder if your GFI in the house is just old and failing? Maybe pop in a 20amp version (instead of the more common 15amp version), and if the current one has been installed with the house wires simply "stabbed" into it, install the new one with the house wires bent into hooks
by Milligan
1 hour ago
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Small Batch Roasting for Sale- Bag Each Batch or Mix Them?

All the batches I do to sell are mixed. I do some blends so stuff gets mixed up at the end anyway. I roast and pour into a lidded container. As for legally, I recently went through the CFPM training and there are certain regulations pertaining to keeping track of lots of food items. However, those
by Jake_G
1 hour ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra and plumbing/flow/preinfusion

Yeah, the hose takes a different route in the bespoke kit. They may be getting a pre-formed elbow on the production kits to take a route closer to the original tank routing, but that's conjecture. The discharge hose on my GS/3 is this style, with a sweeping 90 degree bend attached to the nipple/tube nut that attaches to
by Milligan
1 hour ago
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Hario Filter is different between packs

I can't say that with any authority. All I can say is the latest pack I received draws down faster. If that is a consistency issue or a new design issue, I'm unsure
by coyote-1
3 hours ago
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Lance Hedrick and other coffee influencers

The one thing that virtually never gets addressed in online review/influence videos is long term reliability. I understand the reasons for this - pressure to sell, and pressure from consumers for the latest trend - but I find it irritating
by CC
3 hours ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

Love your machine and Wowa does amazing work
by LaitChaud
3 hours ago
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No crema

Honestly very relieved to get this reply. I felt I was the only one who thought it could be the pressure in the group head, and people have been reluctant to question it & focus on the beans and the parameters I control. Regardless of how I grind or tamp, even with 30g in 30s, the initial flow
by LBIespresso
3 hours ago
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Rob Hoos' Tipping and its Avoidance: a Style Guide for Coffee Roasters (PDF)

For the first few (I have actually only done 2 of them so far), which were smaller, I asked him to send me some green along with the roasted and told him to charge me enough for it to be profitable for him. On this latest one I asked again while acknowledging that things may be too much bigger and
by malling
3 hours ago
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Option-O Mizen 64mm Omni burrs for Lagom P64

If you own later versions it's not a problem with the thinner burr. It's mostly a problem for those with first generation p64