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by MiddletonDon
Today, 12:31 am
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Nuova Simonelli Oscar needs water

Greetings. Thank you for your analysis of former video. Like mentioned, new pump was installed. Water probe has been cleaned and reinserted. There's a plethora of things i did that did not result to preferred and promising outcome, yet the sum of all those efforts lead to this video.{video}
by hankbates
Today, 12:06 am
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Livia 90 small drip tray fix

You should remove t he cover and reservoir to give access, then locate the tee which is connected to the drain spout which goes into the drip tray, and remove it from the machine. Reconnect the pipe from the three way valve, now directly to the spout, then reroute the flexible hose coming from the OPV into the top
by *sigh*
Today, 12:00 am
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My Aging, Ailing Acaia Lunar Scale (Sigh)

It's interesting to see these experiences with their repair and support, my experiences have been the complete opposite. My scale has also experience a knock odd a counter (onto a tile floor mind you) and it's continued to function as normal. I have had some issues with the moisture sensor giving false errors (which led to an in warranty repair)
by iyayy
Yesterday, 11:55 pm
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Extremely Educated/Highly Inexperienced

congrats on pulling the shot. a proper 58.5 tamper actually makes a significant difference. but u can still cheap out a bit. i use few layers of high temp tape around the stock tamper to get close to 58.5mm diameter so that its more centered everytime i tamp. i got a 58.5mm levelling tamper, and that helps a lot (but
by TomC
Yesterday, 11:49 pm
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CDMX Coffee Journal

What a cool space! Thanks for sharing!
by Acavia
Yesterday, 11:31 pm
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SSP 98mm Lab Sweet Coming 2023

Just throwing out a flip side: The smaller burrs are going to have a smaller exit path, and therefore if using the same total coffee dose, the coffee in front of the path is going to bottleneck more coffee behind it in the smaller burrs than the larger burrs. So more coffee will spend more time popcorning around behind
by treybinkley
Yesterday, 11:28 pm
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Extremely Educated/Highly Inexperienced

You guys are awesome! I setup the machine today, and while I'm still missing some puck prep tools and my DF64 is on the way, I still pulled a few shots anyway with my ode, a needle for wdt, and some side tapping for leveling, and then the meh breville tamper. Got a few sours but then got some great
by iploya
Yesterday, 11:18 pm
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My Aging, Ailing Acaia Lunar Scale (Sigh)

On this point, what's frustrating is Acaia seems to do the repair first, then tell you what it will cost. So, having already sent in my scale, when they sent me the repair quote it seems like I had to pay that amount if I wanted to get the scale back. If I had been unwilling to pay the ransom
by Pressino
Yesterday, 11:02 pm
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Display Digital Tamper

I hadn't thought about this before, but your point now makes me wonder if the "best" tamp is the one that maintains the uniformity of coffee density throughout the puck, i.e. with the same density at the top, middle, and bottom of the puck. If we start with a portafilter containing evenly distributed coffee grounds, then it seems to
by OK31
Yesterday, 10:41 pm
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

Just pulled the trigger on the black grafikus liftoff and the black artpresso rail. Kind of excited and yet concerned. Pics to follow Oh and if that wasn't enough got a Weber shot mirror Tis the season