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by mingiunate, Yesterday, 11:52 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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1957 Urania 2nd gen refurb

I did reach out to Thijs - and he did confirm he longer makes steam pipes, but I will post my plan for the steam pipes shortly. The e61 sticker sets don't have large enough Min/Max stickers (~40mm), as well as the older carico/scarico stickers - in any case I think I was able to source what I needed for
by iploya, Yesterday, 11:51 pm in Grinders
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Niche Zero grinder calibration problem?? Help please!

What these ^^^ people said make sense about having a different calibration when clean than when dirty. To compound the issue, there can be some unnecessary confusion about what is really happening when you calibrate the NZ. All you are really doing is manually setting what the zero point is. In theory, you reset the zero point when the burrs
by drgary, Yesterday, 11:46 pm in Buying Advice
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Levering up - machine suggestions

To add possibilities. if you can find a used but recent Elektra Microcasa a Leva that's in your price range it has better boiler capacity and steams well. Or get a Robot or Flair so you can use your La Pavoni primarily for steaming
by Jeff, Yesterday, 11:42 pm in Grinders
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Sette 270 suddenly drifting

{link} "Baratza Sette 270 micro adjust drifting" "Baratza Sette Micro Adjust drifting while grinding" "Baratza Sette 270 with major setting drift" "Baratza Sette 270 MACRO setting slipping toward coarser during grinding" There is also a shim that can adjust the overall range of the grinder, but it sounds like you've got a mechanical drift problem
by NYFilter93, Yesterday, 11:41 pm in Grinders
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Aligning a 2015 EK43

Would they go around the outside of the rotating burrs? And which size would I use?
by bean74, Yesterday, 11:39 pm in Grinders
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Sette 270 suddenly drifting

Been using a Sette 270 for more than a year, single-dosing 3-4 shots per day. Noisy, but otherwise it's been great. However, my shot times began dramatically dropping in the last two or three days, in terms of time to first liquid (1 bar) and time to full yield. I've been chasing the shot time with the
by Jeff, Yesterday, 11:31 pm in Grinders
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LAGOM MINI for espresso?

At least as I understand the Maromas Orphea blend, it looks like a robusta / arabica blend and is probably reasonably darkly roasted. I would guess that is might have some hints of oil when you get it, if not more shiny. I have seen Moonshine burrs for sale, so I am guessing that Option-O is selling them separately
by demet, Yesterday, 11:25 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Issues with my Profitec Pro 800 lever machine

OK thanks for the info. I will open the grouphead once I get the kit I ordered. Will be interesting to see if there is any scale buildup. I suspect there will not be!
by jgood, Yesterday, 10:59 pm in Tips and Techniques
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Bottomless versus double spout portafilter

One more advantage -- other than the basket there's really nothing to clean as the coffee never touches the PF. Once you learn proper prep there's no mess
by bostonbuzz, Yesterday, 10:48 pm in Buying Advice
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Levering up - machine suggestions

I have had a Strega for about 8 years. I PID'd the grouphead, installed a pump dimmer for pre-infusion, and a brew pressure gauge. I think it's a great machine with these additions. My curiosity wouldn't let me NOT do this to it. These days, low pressure, different pre-infusion pressures, etc. are all the rage. The strega is