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Nurri Leva S. A.

Glad you like it, guys! Thank you very much. The sync timing has been a little nightmare. Haha
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Buying Advice - ECM/Decent/Lelit

I mean, these are all awesome machines that will allow you to brew better espresso more consistently than your Cellini. But I would stray away from the Linea Mini - it is simply bad value for money for a home machine! It is built to work well in a small cafe - it is way overkill and under-featured for
by Pressino, 35 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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1974 La Cimbali Eleva

It's so small I wouldn't worry about it, especially since you are replacing it with a modern gasket. I don't even know that asbestos was used in any tubing nut gaskets in these older machines, though it was certainly used as boiler insulation and at the base of some heating elements. I like your machine's simplicity and solid construction. Good
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E80s VS P100 (SSP HU)

Hi guys! I was wondering if some of you had the chance to do a taste comparison between the Mahlkonig e80s and the Lagom P100? (light to medium roast) I'm really curious to know the difference in term of clarity, body and sweetness between the two. The P100 should be clearer I guess, but the burrs on
by Kaffee Bitte, 54 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Steaming Milk with 4-Hole Tip

The straight down swirl is a technique I have used in shops with similar tips. It works to some extent but is highly dependent on the shape of the pitcher and the maneuverability of the steam wand (commercial machines are no problem, just some home machines). I always thought of it as a lazy barista trick for making
by Wbj828, Today, 5:16 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Keypad Control of Artisan

Marko, Great job on the new feature! I got the bigger version of the Stream Deck and between that and your new feature my roasting setup is improved 100% {image} Now I am almost completely free of the mouse/trackpad. Also, with the Custom Event keys not showing, the graph looks even better.
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ETA on Spaziale, Quick Mill & Mazzer

It's MacKenzie! I don't know how to change the name on here from Chris Nachtrieb to MacKenzie haha. I've been managing this Home-Barista account for 10 years now
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ITO/Leva! Controller - Q&A + Experience

> I ordered a Touchcell board from the US shop Not the correct sensor (not a Saeco P14701A1Z, P14701A2Z or P14701A3Z). In my country, those Saeco sensors are no longer available brand new at regular dealers. One only finds them used/refurbished on ebay
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Anthony Douglas WBC Roast Profile

"Solubility"... I've learned a new roasting note today! Not sure what it means, but maybe that's the point. I confess I've done this myself, and it works: quickly splice in a word that distracts the listener from assiduously following the main thread. It makes the audience more susceptible to suggestion, especially when you're telling the judges
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Counter Culture Hologram, Gradient & Big Trouble

Yuk, so far. Bitter & ashy at 200°. Will try 198°