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by JRising
4 minutes ago
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Brand new ECM Classika II leaking

Yes. Return it, then someone can benefit from buying it at a reduced price
by yokusan
9 minutes ago
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Owner experience with Bezzera Strega

Small Teaser of a simple mod to control PI pressure using an adjustable pressure reducer behind the pump. {video}I will share more detail in the future
by MB
17 minutes ago
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For pour-over how coarse to get sour coffee

You can reduce the brew temperature, of course, if you are trying to make it more sour
by Milligan
31 minutes ago
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Anaerobic natural coffees

I keep it open. I've got enough variables to mess with! I remember a post saying that Rao suggested keeping it open when asked about the Cormorant. I plan to experiment with fully closed at some point
by MB
33 minutes ago
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What are the best shot parameters for a cappuccino?

Re #2: Whether a dark or light roast, you can generally get more contrast in your latte art by starting earlier and getting super close to the surface. Your milk incorporation technique to get a smooth base also helps. Stay away from the cup edges, start incorporation low and immediately get high enough but not too crazy
by Milligan
34 minutes ago
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Brazil Daterra Masterpiece Victor Aramosa

I won't go into as much detail as Mary since she pretty much nailed it. I will say this has raspberry all over it. Both fresh cut raspberry and jammy at the same time. How? I don't know but it is very interesting to taste the full spectrum of a fruit flavor from young to jam. I'm
by LBIespresso
37 minutes ago
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Anaerobic natural coffees

Nice! Thanks for sharing. On the Cormorant, was the burner diffuser open or closed? Or are you one of those lunatics that changes it mid roast
by cannonfodder
41 minutes ago
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Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

Little Padauk wood for an ECM Classika espresso machine. {image}
by LBIespresso
42 minutes ago
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Rob Hoos' Tipping and its Avoidance: a Style Guide for Coffee Roasters (PDF)

THIS is exactly why Rao has been so successful. He explains a simple (not easy) approach to roasting that helps people learn how to control their machine. It is why I and many others have faithfully followed his advice. Rob Hoos, on the other hand, is much more valuable to the roaster skilled enough in Rao's approach than he
by homeburrero
45 minutes ago
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Scale vs. corrosion risk

That is what much of the online advice and calculators say, but is an oversimplification. Above zero means that the water will tend to deposit calcium carbonate (limescale) and below zero means that the water tends to dissolve it. So while it does tend to tell you your limescale risk on the positive side, you can't assume that