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by Coloury
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Is RO water my only option due to high chloride?

Thank you for the links, very helpful! I really like the ease, user-friendliness and small size of the Claris & Britt in comparison to a system such as iSpring RCC7AK, even if the price is slightly higher
by ei8htohms
6 minutes ago
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User Experience with the Argos lever espresso machine

Again, only talking about La Pavonis, but you can artfully lock in the portafilter during a full temperature flush in such a way that the flash boiling steam has fully evacuated the piston chamber of air while not yet spewing super heated H2O everywhere. Obviously takes some skill/courage/good-timing. Other folks have different methods for avoiding spongey shots and some
by Coloury
11 minutes ago
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Water filter for La Marzocco

Besides price, are there any other reasons why you would decide against the XtraSafe? I'm able to find it for around €200, so it's be an interesting option for me living in a 100mg/l+ chloride area
by Senfromsydney
39 minutes ago
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Ek43 burr - post 2015?

Hi, can anyone please help identify if this is post 2015 standard stock burr? Thanks {image}
by malling
51 minutes ago
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64mm burrs with a pre-breaker vs. 83mm without

Which isn't true the Nimbus came out exactly at the same time and you can argue later EK also came with prebreaker as Mahlkönig themselves advertised this. Also Kafatek also had some prebreak ish solution so it would be a rather inaccurate statement. There been many attempts at this some more successful then others and still
by luvmy40
52 minutes ago
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Is this the end of the line for my Breville Dual Boiler 920xl?

There's a very good chance that your problem is the thermal fuse on the side of the steam boiler, as you surmise. As to your soldering skills; For a few dollars and few hours of practice, you could remedy that lack. Or, there are several alternatives available these days that would require no soldering. {link} {link} {link}
by Jonk
58 minutes ago
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My, Oh My-Which Roaster should I buy?

No. If you plan to drink it within 2-4 weeks any airtight jar will do. If you want to keep samples for longer it's usually a good idea to freeze. I prefer individual doses like this:{video}I don't believe in the need for valves and would recommend against for example Weber's bean cellars. As for how long to wait I think
by wito
1 hour ago
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Bottomless portafilter for Quickmill Rapida

{image} Sorry was kinda bussy the last days, heres a pic
by PPapa
1 hour ago
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64mm burrs with a pre-breaker vs. 83mm without

Wasn't Lance claiming that Zerno is the first grinder with a prebreaker?