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by TynH, 1 minute ago in Buying Advice
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Levering up - machine suggestions

Ok so this is my current setup: {link} (how do I add images?) I really don't want my next machine to be any smaller, fit less cups, look like a prototype or gadget, having the steam wand on the LH side would be a bonus but I'm willing to compromise. I may have
by tivurr, 3 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Replace my Rancilio Silvia?

I need some help with a "problem" I've got... I wonder if anyone have a recommendation when it comes to choosing an espresso machine to replace my Rancilio Silvia. I mostly drink V60 coffee, I have to admit, but occasionally I like an espresso-based coffee, so after some research I bought a Rancilio Silvia. It's mostly just me who drinks
by zacho, 3 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P100

Got in on the latest batch or pre-orders. Going from a Kinu M47 to this. I can't wait!
by mathof, 23 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Having to adjust grind more coarse

I don't say this is wrong; but as this advice is the exact opposite of what I've read for years, I wonder what it is based on. I haven't noticed any common factor regarding how beans change over time: it seems to differ with different beans. I make adjustments by trial-and-error
by Eiern, Today, 1:44 am in Grinders
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Aligning a 2015 EK43

Inside of the burr, I use three feeler blades, the EK burrs + carrier isn't a very tight fit
by rodcell, Today, 1:00 am in Buy/Sell
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[WTB] Lagom P64 in NYC or Bay Area

I'm looking for a Lagom P64 (silver or black) with whatever burr set. I am near NYC and sometimes go to Bay Area for travel so it'd be good to have a local pickup there
by Pressino, Today, 12:43 am in Buying Advice
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Most reliable brand of espresso machines?

I agree with the above, especially the italicized statement. I really appreciate the internal layout of both the ECM Synch and the Profitec 700, so much easier to work on than most other machines
by bostonbuzz, Today, 12:36 am in Grinders
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Ditting burrs 804 v. 1203, Cast v. Fully Machined

Just to button this up. SSP will regrind for $350 which I might do in the future. I got some NOS ditting machined burrs from 2014 which I broke in with 10lbs of regular rice (not preboiled/rapid, etc.) The grinder didn't even blink although the rice heated up some. The motor on it is the strongest motor you can get
by daveR1, Today, 12:21 am in Grinders
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Sette 270 suddenly drifting

After about a year my Sette needed another shim to bring it back in range for a correct grind. 1 shim - grind @ 2-3; added 2nd shim brought it back to 9-10 if I recall correctly
by LObin, Today, 12:16 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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La Pavoni Europiccola stainless piston sleeve.

I can't recommend this modification enough. It's a major upgrade to any post-millenium La Pavoni imo. I've just finished a 2001 LPP rebuild and have opted for Coffee-sensor's stainless sleeve. Not only is the craftsmanship outstanding but the results in the cup have improved by a margin compared to my pre-millenium LP. Most noticeably when pulling straight espresso, light