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by Jaroslav
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

That's cool! You could've let me know, I still have the 50mm legs and am selling them because I no longer use them. I've listed them for sale here, nobody bought them and it got marked as sold after a while. But the rail is really nice, I can't imagine my Linea without it
by erik82
24 minutes ago
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Weber EG-1 Version 3

That's just completely wrong. What you're shouting here is that a race car is always better then a offroad vehicle. I'd like to see a race car do a offroad track and even finish. For me 80mm is the best burr size and gives the most balanced out performance across a large range of roasts and espresso/filter. I
by erik82
31 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra

It's just what you call third wave because the term Italian espresso is also very broad. Before we had dark or somewhat less dark roasts and now we also have lighter to crazy light roasts. I tend to not enjoy those ultra light barely developed roasts and using really light filter roasts for espresso. And in that I agree that
by ira
42 minutes ago
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Fresh Roast SR800 - Thermocouple to iPhone?

When I started with a popper back in the 80's, I had a popcorn pumper with a toggle switch on the heater and a dial thermometer inserted through a hole drilled in the top and a spacer to set the depth. At the time, I was extremely happy with just that and a stopwatch to keep track of the time
by Cuprajake
Today, 1:22 am
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ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva - Consecutive shots and long shots

The nurri has less tech regards to temp stability than the Evo does
by JohnSpeedster
Today, 1:16 am
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La Scala Eroica when turned on, lots of clicking, heats, but no pump.

First noticed this several weeks ago when I turned two position switch to second position at start up in the morning, the tank heats and I can hear the pressure switch click on and off but when I lift a lever, no pump action at all. Flick the switch vigorously off and on and after a couple of tries, the
by WWWired
Today, 12:55 am
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Nuova Simonelli Oscar II doesn't start properly [SOLVED]

One of the most amazing post-threads ever wolfrose! Bravo Sir!!!
by WWWired
Today, 12:38 am
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Nuova Simonelli Oscar needs water

Definitely your HX Hydraulic Pathway looks great . . . and the electrical components seem to be operating well. Are you still getting the problem filling the Boiler where the machine shuts the pump down at about 90 seconds (the safety feature?) Nuova Simonelli Machines are incredible. They are the foundation upon which much of the Espresso
by MiddletonDon
Today, 12:31 am
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Nuova Simonelli Oscar needs water

Greetings. Thank you for your analysis of former video. Like mentioned, new pump was installed. Water probe has been cleaned and reinserted. There's a plethora of things i did that did not result to preferred and promising outcome, yet the sum of all those efforts lead to this video.{video}
by hankbates
Today, 12:06 am
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Livia 90 small drip tray fix

You should remove t he cover and reservoir to give access, then locate the tee which is connected to the drain spout which goes into the drip tray, and remove it from the machine. Reconnect the pipe from the three way valve, now directly to the spout, then reroute the flexible hose coming from the OPV into the top