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by IamOiman
4 minutes ago
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50s La Pavoni?

I'm biased with my collection of machines, but keeping it is my recommended first priority unless you really need some funds Otherwise, I know someone crazy enough to add another machine to his collection with a Bosco profile pic --------------------------------->
by Jaroslav
17 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

Ah crap, I hope you're able to return them. The stock is 14mm, really didn't think ~1mm would make a difference. But I think you could use a 2mm washer on top of each stud, it shouldn't affect the dampening effect of the sorbothane
by StromBoley
30 minutes ago
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Turin DF64V Grinder

How is everyone loading their beans? Hot start or cold? I notice the grinder produces many less fines if I slowly add beans after a hot start, to the point where the shot runs 10 seconds faster. I think I may need to add all the beans and cold start to keep it consistent
by BoulderMike
33 minutes ago
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La Marzocco App - requires local network access?

So here is what I did: (1) Created a guest network (2) connected my LMLM to the network (3) opened app and found that there was no local network connection because my iPhone is connected to my primary home network (4) added app onto my wife's iPhone (5) connected her iPhone to the guest network, rather than the primary home
by cuongdinh
35 minutes ago
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[WTB] OE 49mm stainless steel tamper

This tamper {link} is no longer available from OE. If you have one and not using it, please let me know. Thanks!
by Jshot
1 hour ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

Unfortunately they are not tall enough. The isolate it is 12.7mm H and the stock appears to be around 16mm
by Chert
1 hour ago
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Taste n Learn: turbo shots, light roast edition.

Obviously, I like the idea. If someone wants to suggest a coffee, we can try to order from the same roast date and run with it. I'm sure there are others who would come along and contribute comments
by erik82
1 hour ago
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SSP MP Burrs in Single Dose Super Jolly vs Fellow Ode Gen 2?

Save for a 80mm grinder or bigger although for filters 80mm is supoerb. 64mm is really good but 80mm SSP will do a even better job at what you want. How is your water? I just switched and it made a huge difference. I now add tap water to my Zero Waterto get up to 50ppm and it
by stefano65
1 hour ago
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New La Pavoni Europiccola heat element removal.

Scale and build ups will sometimes make the heating element flange stuck even after removing the screws, there is a little lip between the flange and the brass boiler flange, gently pry on it and the HE will "pop" out/up
by Sp0ke
1 hour ago
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La Marzocco GS3 - 24/7, stand by, or on/off?

I'm actually leaning on turning it off when I'm not using it because if I had to turn to let it on till my last coffee it would be like 12-13 hours on. half day. despite I have a very cheap electric bill. I have green eco , I pay 0.065euro/kHw