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by ira, Today, 5:54 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Auto Vacuum Canister (Kickstarter)

You can get one that will give you 98 %nitrogen for a few thousand. I have one that's supposed to do that but never considered for storing coffee. I use it to minimize the oxidation of lead free solder when soldering with our robot. You will need an air compressor to go with it as they need pressure and use...
by TigerStripes, Today, 5:53 pm in Buying Advice
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Monolith MC4 vs Versalab M4

In my opinion, not much of a reason to buy a decent if your primary interest is making lattes and milk drinks. Plenty of cheaper machines out there that will let you pull a shot and steam at the same time. You could pick up a breville dual boiler for less than half what a decent costs. Also, just get...
by Jisgren, Today, 5:44 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Greens Alert

Tom, Not sure if you are the right person, but I have been away from HB for several years, but now just bought a Bullet (delivers next week!) and have been spending time back in the forum. I am actually very frustrated coming back since it is very hard to find threads on roasting and beans in amongst the threads...
by eltakeiteasy, Today, 5:41 pm in Buying Advice
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Monolith MC4 vs Versalab M4

This is misleading... It's the same original design burrs that are now made by SSP. They are the same.
by ira, Today, 5:36 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Mara X - replacing steam wand tip

in mine it probably goes in 3/16 to 1/4"
by lancealot, Today, 5:29 pm in Tips and Techniques
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Flow profiling with dark and medium roast coffees

Agreed. In my experience, I can coax out different flavors by flow profiling medium dark - dark roasts, but I never get anything better. I now regard it as a waste of time for that kind of coffee. There are a few dark roasts that I like, Counter Culture 46, Blue Bottle Hayes Valley... They tend to get over extracted...
by Marmot, Today, 5:15 pm in Espresso Machines
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Premium Lavella

Is the portafilter pressurized or the basket? Sometimes you can just unscrew part of the portafilter and it becomes unpressurized. I would use a dimmer because the full pump pressure will make decent extractionimpossible. Many machines use a 53mm portafilter and you can buy bottomless ones and different baskets but there is no information about exact measurements. I guess they...
by dandua98, Today, 5:02 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Mara X - replacing steam wand tip

The issue isn't that the steam travels outside of the inner pipe, I'm just curious how far in the end of the inner white pipe should go in the tip of the wand. Should the end of the inner pipe be barely in the wand tip or as far in as it can go?
by Bluenoser, Today, 5:00 pm in Tips and Techniques
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Major Bellman stovetop steamer breakthrough!

If you weigh the milk before and after steaming.. along with the seconds it takes to steam (and the beginning and final temp).. you can calculate the 'dryness' of your steam and compare it to other methods.. Generally I get about 10% water added when steaming to 140F. So for 200g of milk, my Pro500 with 2L boiler and 1.3bar...
by Paolo, Today, 5:00 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Conti Empress group seals not wide enough

I hope that someone can help... I had a Conti Empress group re-chromed recently. The chrome plater did a great job except he didn't chrome under the group, where the group seal locates, making this channel (due to no chrome being there) a little bit wider and deeper than it should be. As a result, a normal Conti group seal...