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by Marcelnl, Today, 5:39 pm in Water
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Easiest way to make rpavlis water?

same here, I started doing this a while ago...if only to put that dope dealer scale to use as it sits idle since I finetuned the timer on the grinder
by jbviau, Today, 5:38 pm in Cafes and Get-togethers
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South Florida specialty coffee shops

Hi, neighbor! Sure thing. Please feel free to contribute
by JRising, Today, 5:36 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Quick Mill Silvano Evo Broken Water Line Connection

Jeff had it in the first response. The "bubbler" side of the priming valve was broken off. Jeff even included a link to it on Chris Coffee
by bgnome, Today, 5:22 pm in Cafes and Get-togethers
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South Florida specialty coffee shops

Thanks for this! I didn't even know such a thread existed
by Pressino, Today, 5:19 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Food safe adhesive

Didn't mean to imply anyone here is chemophobic, but clearly some people are. I think E6000 is definitely more toxic than superglue. Just read the published MSDS for both glues. E6000 consists of a solvent, terachloroethylene, and styrene 1,3-butadiene (polymer) and has warnings for carcinogenicity along with several other specific hazards. Certainly the solvent vapors are very hazardous, from both
by Tio Tom, Today, 5:18 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Futurmat Palanca - 4 Conductor Cable

Thank you all very much for your excellent comments and your patience with a novice. I was able to take some photos today [which is what I should have done in the first place] and it appears that the ground wire is used just as that, a ground for the machine which is what Stefano described. My only
by CarefreeBuzzBuzz, Today, 5:07 pm in Buying Advice
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Help me sort my life out: manual or decent

Don't forget the "Espresso Forge" if you go manual. It's part of our travel kit along with the "Breville Milk Cafe". On some trips with family I make 8 caps in a morning. Been waiting on my Arco grinder to complete the kit. Myself and a few other Slayer owners like to Forge ahead
by jbviau, Today, 5:02 pm in Cafes and Get-togethers
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South Florida specialty coffee shops

A few quick updates: > Re: the Ft. Lauderdale scene, there's some sort of FAT Village development project slated to begin later this month, so Brew Urban (C&I Studios) and Henry's are living on borrowed time. For background: {link} > Re: Orlando, I hear that "Kos Coffee" in Winter Park is amazing! Has anyone been yet?
by baldheadracing, Today, 5:00 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Greens Alert

I'll never be a customer . FWIW, that site might be violating the CoE wordmark, i.e., the actual CoE as you and I think about it will have the logo: {link}
by BaristaMcBob, Today, 4:55 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Water ratio for a percolator

Ah. That makes sense