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Help me sort my life out: manual or decent

Buy 3 Argos units. One 6 bar spring, one 8 bar spring, and the third being a direct drive. All of them to have Bluetooth transducers. That effectively brings your shot capacity up to 18 and one unit can be used for steaming while one of the other two (or both) are pulling shots. To top it all off
by cafeIKE, 23 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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How do you disassemble ECM mushroom valve

Remove the large nut with the mushroom bolted in the group, then remove the bolts. Hopefully you have a full set of new OEM gaskets if disassembling the group
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Sour Espresso

Can you elaborate a bit on the roast you're using? Light/medium/dark/dry/shiny? Perhaps you've noticed a shift in the appearance of the grind? Appearance may not be conclusive, but could hint at the propensity for the roast to go off the rails
by Derryisreal, 50 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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How do you disassemble ECM mushroom valve

Hi again, folks, I am trying to disassemble the mushroom on my ECM. I have taken the mushroom out of the E61 group and I am trying to take the mushroom itself apart, to check screen inside. It would not come apart. I am gripping the mushroom stem and I am going counterclockwise on the top large (36 mm) nut?
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G-IOTA / DF64 espresso grinder

Even if there's no declumper there will still be some grind left in the machine. Check out post #31 in this thread "Hacking the DF64 exit chute" In a declumperless design there's still some grounds that accumulate on the walls of the chute. There's also some grounds still left in the grind chamber. Total is less
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Profitec 600 user experience and review

Thanks, hopefully this helps others, really enjoying the new machine!
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Any Ditting Lab Sweet owners want to test all the burrs? Pics of 4 burr sets

Has anyone here used the machined burrs for espresso? Is it possible?
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Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

Ironwood burl and cocobolo for a Decent espresso machine and a maple burl bean cellar caddy. {image}
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South Florida specialty coffee shops

Cubico Coffee: Just around the corner from me in west Davie. I have yet to try their coffee, but they roast their own beans and have tasty pastries as well. I have a bag of their Ethiopian in the freezer, which is next in the rotation. {link}
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Easiest way to make rpavlis water?

same here, I started doing this a while ago...if only to put that dope dealer scale to use as it sits idle since I finetuned the timer on the grinder