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by GDM528, Today, 8:42 pm in Tips and Techniques
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To pre flush or not- that is the question

I've tried pre-flushing to get the water in the boiler circulating, which in turn should make the internal water temperature more uniform - but the resulting oscillation in the PID was making things net worse. I've ultimately settled on just giving my GC 10-15 minutes to warm up and stabilize. Your PID setpoint is much lower
by Peppersass, Today, 8:42 pm in Coffee Roasting
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IKAWA Home - profiles

Indeed, there's a way to create inlet profiles for the Pro models. All you have to do is enter the Edit mode, hit the exhaust/inlet icon to select inlet, then enter the time and temperature points. If you save the profile while inlet is selected, iIt'll be marked as an inlet profiles. When an inlet profile is loaded, the Pro
by JEHolloway, Today, 8:39 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca hot water line stop flowing

WLL said using distilled water acts as a solvent and will dissolve or eat into metals. Is that true?
by JEHolloway, Today, 8:24 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Purchased Lelit Bianca V2 and Eureka Oro XL today from Clives Coffee. Upgraded from Rancilio Silvia machine and Rancilio Rocky grinder. Worked with Paul Hellweg, he did a great job. I think they only have about a month of version 2 stock left. I bought because of this forum, the ability to move the reservoir and the integrated flow control
by SutterMill, Today, 8:21 pm in Buying Advice
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Profitec Pro 300 vs 600 Technical Details

I think @randyh summed up the pros/cons nicely although I might quibble on temp stability on the PP300 with repeat shots. I imagine if your workflow is very quick it might be an issue but I've never had to wait for the brew boiler to reach temp. I also have the US 1600w version which should be slower than the
by luvmy40, Today, 8:19 pm in Buying Advice
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Cheap coffee scales - any to beware of?

It works fine for me. It is slow to respond compared to the $200. scales. I just have the anticipation figured out and can get within .2 g of my target yield most times. Honestly, I don't taste much difference +/- .5 g
by thecoffeefield, Today, 8:18 pm in Knockbox
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Delivery problems with direct purchase La Marzocco USA

I honestly don't see a lot of value with the shock watch they continue to use on the machines. I think the shock watch causes a lot of headache and angst for the buyer and the seller. At the end of the day, La Marzocco guarantees the machine from any defect. Of course, if you receive the machine and you
by GDM528, Today, 8:15 pm in Coffee Roasting
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IKAWA Home - profiles

Made some adjustments to the "Spike" profile posted in #133. Now crazier than ever, and now my favorite roast profile yet. How I treat the roast matters. I discovered this when an inadvertent too-fine grind of this roast led to a 60-second shot that was actually quite nice, sweet with just a hint of bitterness and
by DaMaDo, Today, 7:49 pm in Grinders
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3-D printed portafilter holder for Weber Workshops Key grinder

For me, the grounds left in the funnel is just a thin film. There's usually not anything that can fall out even with a tap, although I tap out of habit. Here's a full cover version of the stand {image} {image} {image}
by drgary, Today, 7:41 pm in Knockbox
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Delivery problems with direct purchase La Marzocco USA

If you open it and there is damage and they will repair it and it is under warranty, and if most people have deliveries like this that result in a working machine, this strikes me as a verbal standoff that isn't necessary. If you want the machine, you won't have the risk of it ending up not working and not