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by Vindibona1, Today, 5:33 pm in Buying Advice
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Help me understand the nuances- HX vs boilers

I think in this moment I would lean toward the Classkia PID w flow control if only because of the looks, PID, boiler and flow control- something I haven't had the luxury of playing with. But the logical all featured machine is the Silvia Pro X but the look is so pedestrian. I would have to talk myself
by jpender, Today, 5:26 pm in Knockbox
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About those coffee grounds going down the sink drain...

Fair point. But other stuff might also turn black in your drain. If coffee was the cause or a contributor or an innocent bystander
by Plinyyounger, Today, 5:24 pm in Buying Advice
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Convince me NOT to buy a La Marzocco Linea Mini

No, I like spending other peoples money, BUY IT!
by jpender, Today, 5:21 pm in Espresso Machines
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"Turpresso"? Turkish coffee with an espresso machine.

I don't know if she watched it being made. She doesn't drink coffee so when it was offered she took tea instead. I've thought about decanting the Turkish coffee I make but it's less than two ounces so I've never bothered. I was originally thinking of buying a larger cezve but I read that the smaller ones work better
by Jake_G, Today, 5:19 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Which side is the top on this heating element?

The only problem is that the element on the left side is upside down. You can't install it that way. Spin it around so that the writing is on the bottom and then you will be ok
by Marcelnl, Today, 5:16 pm in Knockbox
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The craziest %#*$ing thing I've seen all day...

that is SICK, as if folks are unable to swirl a cup
by astibolt, Today, 5:08 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Salvatore Compact basics

FWIW, I have a plumbed version of the SCL built in 2017. I don't believe mine has a vacuum breaker valve. The instructions I received from Salvatore for starting up the machine were: 1) open the steam valve when the machine is turned on, 2) when water begins to sputter out of the steam wand, close the steam
by Ad-85, Today, 5:07 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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User Experience with the Strietman CT2

As Jay said, I really like this thin screen and I got the 58.5 for my other machine. I might buy the 49.5 soon to replace my lost screen
by chaumein, Today, 5:04 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit MaraX

I've only done 3, but I use coffee priority mode and would just pull 3 shots in a row, then steam a large pitcher of milk for all of them. In the case of 4-6, I would do the same but split the shots so I wouldn't have to pull as many
by Richard, Today, 5:00 pm in Water
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Easiest way to make rpavlis water?

I can't speak to majority/minority, but I find it ridiculously simple to keep a small quantity of concentrate in the fridge. Then when preparing a gallon of water, a 1 ml eyedropper makes fast, simple work of it