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Mazzer Super Jolly Auto - Wiring Diagram & Questions

It is. I try to keep my electronics easy to return to standard in <5mins in case of failure (my PID case be out of the VBM in a few spade terminal clicks and a temp probe change over- for example, so if there were an electronics failure I'm not down a machine while waiting for parts). Hence curious
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Weber Key Grinder

Thanks. It also isn't counting all the panic cancels too. I just wanted to make sure they had the right number for the shipping deal since they asked for Backer ID. Appreciate you all
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Mazzer Super Jolly Auto - Wiring Diagram & Questions

I'm 3d printing a doserless mod/chute setup. SSP burrs have been ordered. Only wiring outstanding. I did search, there is reference to jumping a cable in a terminal block but no wiring diagrams for the grinder. Depending on the wiring I might leave the switch where it is and add a potentiometer adjustable delay. Or I might 3d
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Weber Key Grinder

@Kyle how is the finish on yours? I have snow and there are marks all over it that shows in certain angles with the light bouncing off of it, the way it looks is like grease marks but it's not grease marks, it's been cleaned 15 times lol I was really hoping it would be but it wasn't
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New to gas roasting - please help!

I too am still learning to roast, but, worth noting that the ET for Shotclock's Cormorant is above the drum. I found it to be just as useful but different from having it in the drum. My new Cormorant has the ET close to the trier in the drum and it is different but I use it in the same
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Too much water during preinfusion after replacing E61 mushroom in Expobar Brewtus

Thanks a lot for the reply! I'll definitely do that. In the meantime, I've made a video to show how the flow looks like. Perhaps this is how preinfusion is supposed to look like, it's just that our machine was not functioning properly before, I am really not sure. {link} As you can see, the preinfusion releases as
by espressivo, 42 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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3d printed drip tray for Gaggia Classic Pro

My teenaged daughter / 3d printing consultant made this slim drip tray for my Gaggia Classic Pro, which usefully increases the clearance under the portafilter so that taller cups and scales can fit beneath. There are several different plans online for this that are free downloads, but they are not all equally well-designed. It took some research and
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La Marzocco Home interviews Greg Scace [VIDEO]

Now working, thank you
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Can anyone tell me about this grinder?

Yes, it's a workhorse of a grinder & the T80 I had is still going strong these days, I gifted it to my nephew and it has been in use daily for 15 years and I had bought it well used! I performed some mods on it and they were pictured and documented here, I removed the doser and made
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Lelit Elizabeth Owner Experience

Have had my V3 about two months now, and only been playing with the preinfusion settings in the Advanced menu. I haven't tried the other advanced changes per Dave Corby. Is everyone's machine calibrated differently, or has the same default settings? If you are making the boiler operating range tighter, would it have much effect on the life of the