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by thirdcrackfourthwave, Today, 4:03 pm in Coffees
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Where to buy Kona while in Kona

I've literally had dozens and dozens of samples of Hawaiian coffee--the vast majority of it Kona-- a lot of it on the farms. I've only had a few good cups and when I went to buy one in the store it was exorbitant. Most Hawaiian coffee, imho, tastes like mediocre Central American coffee and you pay a premium for it
by ohhboooyy, Today, 4:01 pm in Grinders
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98mm Burrs for Brew

I want to jump in because I own an ek43s and I want to improve my grinder for espresso with the SSP HU burrs but at the same time try not to lose quality and taste in filter because I drink both regularly. I grind at the moment with the standard burrs and have problems for some roasts to
by GDM528, Today, 3:55 pm in Grinders
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Controlling the RPM of a DF64 with a VFD

Interesting... I would have figured the external VFD already has a motor start function built in, making the start circuit built into the DF64 redundant. So this is a know-what-you're-doing sort of hack, given the voltages and currents involved. Dunno if this warrants a new thread, but I wonder if it might be simpler to swap in a
by gingerjess, Today, 3:55 pm in Buying Advice
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Upgrading espresso machine for no future regrets

Got it-so the needle valve is, from a water-flow perspective, already "before" both the group head and the hot water spigot, and as long as you don't also trigger the electronics that manage the solenoid between them, adjusting it can adjust the standard infusion flow?
by Marcelnl, Today, 3:52 pm in Coffee Roasting
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How to fast-track espresso roast tasting?

THAT, and it works in this day and age as well
by baldheadracing, Today, 3:34 pm in Grinders
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Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

Ah, okay . I find that hard to answer as a grind setting that gives the same (median) grind size in the two grinders may/can/will flow faster from the Apex due to different grind distributions. That may mean faster flow, and thus less contact time, with the Apex - so a different technique might be needed, as setting
by GDM528, Today, 3:32 pm in Grinders
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Hacking the DF64 exit chute

I and others have tried metal exit chutes - I even tried a metal chute feeding into a portafilter charged to 3,000 volts, to electrostatically attract the grounds. I didn't find any real benefit, and have some theories why: 1) The grounds are in the exit chute for less than 1/10th of a second, which doesn't afford much
by olutheros, Today, 3:04 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Greens Alert

why are they literally twice as expensive as everyone else also lol they claim all their coffees have "Cup of Excellence scores" and list high numbers and it's pretty clearly a lie, like a rando espresso blend is $15 a pound and has a "Cup of Excellence Score: 87" which is literally not how CoE works at all
by Nunas, Today, 2:06 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Roaster, situation demands I use an extension cord

That should work fine, maybe even a bit of overkill, but you can't go wrong by making it too 'good'
by BaristaBob, Today, 1:52 pm in Coffees
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Where to buy Kona while in Kona

It's true, you need to know what you're looking for when in Hawaii. Specific to Kona coffee I believe there is an official ordinance that states the trees must be grown within 20 miles of the city, north, south, and east. Don't quote me on that, but it's something close. However, it doesn't keep retail sellers from making blends with