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EG-1 Ultra burrs for espresso

Very helpful thanks
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Is PID needed for cappuccinos?

I'd also consider the Lelit Elizabeth for compact machines and the Bianca for full-sized ones. The Bianca's water tank can be mounted on the side, which might make it easier to fill and work with in your space. Bellazza seems to me to be be a lot about low price and marketing ("proggettato in Heidelberg")
by Nunas, Today, 7:29 pm in Buying Advice
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Is PID needed for cappuccinos?

A PID on an HX isn't important because the operator controls the temperature by flushing the group. It takes considerable skill and experience to learn to do this accurately and repeatably. But, if you happen to get an HX with an e61 group, be sure to get a group head thermometer. Such a thermometer cuts the learning curve down to
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IKAWA Home - profiles

There's an update to the iOS Ikawa Home app! Who's installed it? I have questions about it: Can it still download 'legacy' recipes from the Android app? Are legacy recipes still editable without the subscription service?
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Rancilio Silvia V1 short out during steam

So I replaced the input cable with a new fresh one and fresh new spade connectors on the live, neutral and ground wires. Unplugged and plugged in all the connections. Didn't manage to clean them unfortunately. Ensured no visible shorts and nothing shorting into the ground. Started her up and works! This is my theory as
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Time to buy a new drip coffee maker

For the last five years we have been using the Bonivita coffee brewer with an 8 cup Chemex (kone filter). Unfortunatly, the Bonivita is dead and we are looking for another brewer. We considering the following: 1. The Bonivita, does make a good cup of coffee, has good features and priced competively. 2. The Chemix
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IKAWA Home - profiles

Yes! After seeing the teardowns, it would be super-unhealthy to not let the machine complete a cooling cycle before powering off. Operational temperatures in the Ikawa are comparable to the temperatures applied to solder the components on the boards
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Synesso for Home

I do this. Have for a few years. I have a 1982 la pavoni pub which is hx commercial machine and can't preinfuse. I read on the decent forum that the decent staff compete in shot pulling and someone sprayed the puck to pre-wet it and got more even pulls. So I started using my rtd sprayer. It worked
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Are donut shots better

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Which side is the top on this heating element?

Yes, that was my plan. So I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat on the installation of the heating element. If I have an Ohm meter, is it possible to know if I've got it right before plugging it in? If i turn it on and it's not correct will it just blow the fuse? It's