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by ziggomatic, Today, 1:30 am in Grinders
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Lagom P64 burr swap, difficulty removing lower burr from carrier

Really not sure, given the grinder is 6 months old and only has around 6lbs of coffee run through it. The tolerances are clearly very tight, which I appreciate since it helps keep tight alignment, but it took seemingly forever to get the burr released from the carrier so it would spin freely and was then easy to remove. Possibly...
by ziptie, Today, 1:19 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Pre-millennium vs. Millennium Pavoni's - lever feeling

The new mill LP's piston may have worked loose...especially if it's the plastic piston. My '04 did this. With the machine cool and PF removed and the screen's gasket removed, operate the lever with one hand and hold the screen up with the other. Feel for downward movement of the screen. If so, either the piston has come loose, or...
by heytchap, Today, 1:04 am in Grinders
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Lagom P100

I can't even buy a P64 and I've been trying for months. I feel you.
by icedlink, Today, 1:04 am in Espresso Machines
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Hands on experience with the Eagle One Prima

I've changed to a IMS SI200NT 2 weeks ago. read alot online about the coating issues, some mentioned that its much improved now. so I decided to have a go with it. I recently did a cleaning cycle with EVO (included with Prima) I remove the screen for inspection more than 50% of the coating flacked off. (Brew about 3-4...
by PIXIllate, Today, 12:56 am in Buying Advice
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Best espresso machine for light roasts AND milk drinks without plumbing in?

Now that I've begun to get a handle on best practices and ideal flow rates it's been easier for me to begin to use the flow control knob more regularly and in a more repeatable way. "A More Considered Approach to E61 Flow Control" Of course being the type of person I am this better understanding has immediately caused me...
by dtrevino15, Today, 12:48 am in Coffee Roasting
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DIY Coffee Bean Cooler

Actually, I cut up a baking pan and use it instead if the paper plate. I just mounted the cooler with shelf hangers, and wired up the power button to where all the buttons are located. It's working great now.
by ojt, Today, 12:45 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Pre-millennium vs. Millennium Pavoni's - lever feeling

A question: do you have a grouphead thermometer on the millennium EP? The new groups run considerably less hot and this could influence the pull. The other thing is that the new group is subject to having air in it. You could try pumping it while cold until water comes out, then let heat up, and do some dry pumps...
by BaristaBoy E61, Today, 12:30 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Arcing switch Rancilio S24

You can also just use a switched power bar with surge protection and leave the machine always 'ON' or for timed operation just use a Wemo plugged into the switched surge protected power bar with the machine always 'ON'.
by Brien, Today, 12:26 am in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

Probably well into 'diminishing returns' territory comparing four figure grinders of any kind IMO. Most of my family can't tell the difference on any grinder past an Encore.
by bialettibarista, Today, 12:18 am in Knockbox
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Contacting Orphan Espresso

I tried contacting them many times over the course of several months and several different email addresses. Never heard anything. As far as the Pharos I read on another forum that they are no longer producing them.