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by Yatzek, 11 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Pumping delay

Hi every body when i raise the lever . the pump start humming but for several seconds no water coming out then the sound is changing and water coming out some times the flow is very poor. This happen also without any coffee in the basket. i checked several times when it happens ,and the steam from the steam pipe
by pcdawson, 14 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Olympia Cremina group leak

Thanks all - increasing head space, removing the puck screen, and cleaning the gasket seems to have done the trick!
by bluesman, 19 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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E61 Preinfusion

Pressure is force per square area, eg pounds per square foot or kg per square cm. It is equal throughout a contained fluid, which is the basic principle of hydraulic lifts, elevators, brakes etc. As long as the cross sectional area of the fluid path is large enough throughout to allow the needed volume to flow per unit
by Satchmo780, 36 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Salvatore Compact basics

So I managed to pick up an SCL for a great price today. It's my first lever, and I'm excited. Have a couple of questions though that I couldn't find answers too: 1. What's the red light signify? 2. What should the pressure gauge say at idle? I've read that thermosyphon dippers should be
by OK31, 46 minutes ago in Coffees
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Saka Caffè in the States

What's the deal with Gran Bar is that coming soon?
by Vindibona1, 50 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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To pre flush or not- that is the question

I used to set the temp to 212F, but having watched videos recently I see they're down closer to 195F. Now the PID is set to 202. Even with the PID this is still a bit of a guessing game. My Gaggia is 5 years old and I'm wondering if it's time just to move on?
by Vindibona1, 56 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Help me understand the nuances- HX vs boilers

I understand that an HX machine has a single boiler, usually on the steam side (I think) and somehow the heat gets to the other side to brew espresso. The boiler is pretty self explanatory. I called one of the retailers to discuss selection of a new espresso machine but they were kind of vague as to which would
by OK31, Today, 9:01 pm in Coffees
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What is a good, well rounded starter coffee

Sold out ugh
by Jiduochou, Today, 8:54 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Ikawa Home teardowns

What adventure! Thank you for the recommendation we definitely to dig more and try to find out what really causes CHIP(IRL6372) burn. I am expecting this will be a long process......, maybe, it is a good time to seek another roaster, any suggestion?
by Nunas, Today, 8:49 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Bezzera BZ07 Brown Water?

Wow, that's really coloured! I don't know for sure why, but I have a theory. That machine is one of the few with a nickle plated copper boiler. My best guess is that the nickle plating has become compromised. I'd stop trying to descale it and live with the coloured water. I bet in time it will clear up. Copper