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by ltanzil, 3 minutes ago in Grinders
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Hacking the DF64 exit chute

I have used df64 with VFD. i use panasonic VF0 series 0.75 kw. it also has low rpm torque boost feature. i can drop the rpm up to 650 rpm reliably with out stalling. i found this VFD second hand. and it cost about 50$ US. {image}
by Jonk, 9 minutes ago in Grinders
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Fellow Ode brew grinder review

Or just a mix-up. V1.1 is the second version of the Ode burrs.. Very much looking forward to V2 being released though
by Ypuh, 50 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Rocket Mozzafiato or Acaso Dream PID - I know

Rocket Mozzafiato. It's a no-brainer. One of the most beautiful and temperature stable machines. Does not require flushing or much of anything. Also holds it's value very well
by rapha, Today, 6:27 am in Water
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Easiest way to make rpavlis water?

I don't have access to distilled water but I have access to water bottles that are extremely low in mineral contents (in mg/l: Potassium : 0,22 ; Magnesium : 0,44 ; Calcium 1,7 ; Chlorures : 0,44 ; Sulfates : 2,1 ; Nitrates : 5,2 ; Silice : 4,1 so for a total of 14g dry residue, ph 6 and
by Eldar, Today, 6:05 am in Coffees
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Espresso tasting: Learning to differentiate

Hi, I'm searching for resources and tips on how to learn/train to recognize and differentiate tastes in espresso. Do you have any tips to share?
by rapha, Today, 6:05 am in Buying Advice
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Rocket Mozzafiato or Acaso Dream PID - I know

Can't comment on the Acaso Dream PID but I owned a Rocket Mozzafiato R for about 1 year and it was very reliable and made delicious cup of coffees, it also had a PID, I usually changed the temperature when rotating between light and dark roasts and it worked quite well. I recently got a pressure profiling machine, while I
by rapha, Today, 5:54 am in Tips and Techniques
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Dosing: 14g, 18g, 19g, 20g, 21g, 22g? What do you use, and why (taste)

I'm using IMS E&B superfine basket (the ones with the mesh) for light roast. I'm usually using the 18g basket but I get better tasting shots when using the 20g basket which allows me to grind slighlty coarser but I prefer to use less coffee (less waste of expensive coffees, especially when I'm dialing in)
by rapha, Today, 5:49 am in Tips and Techniques
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Out of nowhere, shots pull way too fast...

Can you have access to another grinder or buy some freshly ground coffee (for espresso) from a coffee shop? That could help identify if your grinder is the culprit
by rapha, Today, 5:43 am in Buying Advice
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Advice for espresso grinder, $500-$1000 budget

I've been using my Eureka Mignon ORO XL for about a year now for espresso, I bought it for 650 euros, I can recommend it. I single dose with it and there is a .1 variation in grams, if I put 18g in, I sometimes get 18.1g out or 17.9g out (there is some exchange of grinds inside the grinder)
by KindCoffeeOnline, Today, 5:18 am in Grinders
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Fellow Ode brew grinder review

Interesting, the website I'm looking at buying from states that the white model comes with the new V2 burrs, but maybe they are on "pre-sale" although they usually indicate when things won't be immediate shipped. I'll send a message to the website to enquire