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by rasmusnielsendk, 59 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Hi Jim. Steam is coming from this valve. Not sure what it's called. {image}
by renatoa, Today, 12:12 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Kickstarter lever projects

Not a lever, but a paddle... probably the cheapest way to have profiling today ... too cheap to be true, even if it's coming from china... {link}
by Peppersass, Today, 12:09 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Need some advice with roasting defects

One way to confirm tipping is to slice the bean open with an X-acto or razor blade. If there's tipping, you'll see the small blackened embryo, around .5mm thick, extending 1-2mm into the bean from one end. FWIW, in his defects video, Hoos says "scorching" is only visible as small marks on the beans during the roast -- I think...
by GregoryJ, Today, 12:09 pm in Grinders
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G-IOTA espresso grinder

It looks like one of my burr mounting holes got mangled up a bit. I noticed this as soon as I received it. This is on the top burr, with the stock TiN burrs installed. I'm just curious, has anyone else seen this? In the second picture you can something dinged the metal and caused it to curl up on...
by another_jim, Today, 11:58 am in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Yes for the vacuum breaker (soft sputterring noise, and steam out of spout in front); no for the safety valve (loud whistling noise, and steam out of the cup holder)
by GregoryJ, Today, 11:41 am in Coffees
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Fresh Roasted Beans on Amazon

I've gotten Nicoletti off of Amazon before. They use Amazon and eBay as their storefront. They do roast to order, but of course that means you don't get 2-day prime shipping, as that can only be given for items stored in Amazon's warehouse. Unfortunately, the last bag I got from them had a medicinal, bitter taste that I couldn't get...
by EddyQ, Today, 11:33 am in Coffee Roasting
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Rob Hoos/Loring Free Roasting Defects Seminar

Overall, I enjoyed the talk. I couldn't agree more about how scorching ruins flavor. I like how defects have been identified and terminology defined. That said, I don't 100% agree that scorching can only be done with a hot drum. I have scorched beans with my DIY heat gun roaster years ago. But a half decent commercially available roaster should...
by TheGovan, Today, 11:28 am in Grinders
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Rocket Macinatore Fausto grinder tray or plate

Hello everyone, I have a Rocket Macinatore Fausto Grinder and noticed that the Rocket website sells a stainless plate or tray but has been out of stock for a while. Does anyone know if any of Mazzer trays may fit to some extent on the Fausto? I say fit but the tray just sits at the bottom and has notches...
by Brewzologist, Today, 11:25 am in Coffee Roasting
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Off gassing technique and time

I roast light to medium. I put the beans in canning jars loosely closed for first 24 hrs to allow off-gas and then close tight. Typically rest for 4-5 days before drinking and usually consume within 10-14 days. I arrived at this approach by paying attention to taste over time; I used to rest for just 2 days but noted...
by Roco2019, Today, 11:18 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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If I Buy a Robot Will My Synchronika Hate Me?

I'm actually in the opposite boat right now, I am looking to go from an all manual espresso set up, to getting a semi automatic machine to help me out. A real robot to make life easier. Have been using the flair pro 2 with manual grinder, and the all manual morning routine at times has me thinking "this is...