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by Bluenoser, January 25th, 2022, 3:08 pm in Grinders
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Bellows hopper hack (Urbanic)

Good info about the bellows.. I have just had the 070s Urbanic for about 2 weeks.. I find the retention inconsistent. I aligned the burrs and grind mostly for espresso. I find there is a bit of fine coffee that packs in the bottom of the chute area before it gets to the burrs. I've measured this to be about
by BaristaBob, January 25th, 2022, 3:08 pm in Buying Advice
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To Fix a Breville Dual Boiler or Replace Completely

It sounds like you are really done with the BDB. It's a shame you have had so many problem. My BDB is coming up on 6 years in June, with only the usual maintenance issues, and since I'm a DIY type, changing out o-rings, a solenoid, and a steam valve, maybe a pump in the near future...these replacements
by Sportwomble, January 25th, 2022, 3:01 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Elizabeth coffee puck sticking to shower screen after pulling shots

I can second the vote for pulycaf, not the lowest cost but the best for cleaning power, if you haven't been doing regular back flush with a blind filter then I would be even more convinced that this would be my first port of call to rectify the issue, as mentioned different grind size and different coffees have differing oil
by climb8000, January 25th, 2022, 2:48 pm in Buying Advice
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"End Game" hopper grinder

I think the Compak PKF is worth your attention. I was between the Compak PKF, Mahlkonig E80, and the Ceado E37K. I chose the Compak for its lower rpm and focus on extraction over volume applications. If you want conical burrs, the Ceado seems like a good move
by Marmot, January 25th, 2022, 2:40 pm in Espresso Machines
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The Picopresso

I also think using metal would make it very hard to get a hot extraction temperature, would burn your hands and be really heavy. I'm therefore happy they make it out of plastic. Plastic materials have evolved a lot and there are many materials with superior properties. I don't know what kind of plastic they use for the Picopresso but
by CoffeeMac, January 25th, 2022, 2:37 pm in Coffees
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Name A Super Memorable Coffee for You -2021

Same. Best, most unique espresso I've ever had. It better be at ~$5 / 18g shot for beans shipped to California!
by Ypuh, January 25th, 2022, 2:25 pm in Coffees
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Name A Super Memorable Coffee for You -2021

Manhattan Coffee Roasters is (kinda) just around the corner from my office. Never knew there was such a hype around them. Found their beans to be crazy expensive and Rotterdam has so many great coffee roasters that I haven't even got to try them all yet
by ShadowBrew, January 25th, 2022, 2:24 pm in Water
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TN Water Results and Advice

I did hear back that the 5-15ppm chloride is the right guidance so I guess my goal is to reduce the hardness without lowering the pH and maybe a slight reduction in alkalinity. From reading through the forums it's my understanding that the bestmax premium would probably drop the pH as it's a WAC system. One vendor suggested a eso-7
by Coffiend, January 25th, 2022, 2:14 pm in Grinders
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Weber Key Grinder

{video}Some first thoughts from Kyle Rowsell. Nice to see a Snow model!
by cmin, January 25th, 2022, 2:13 pm in Water
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Rpavlis vs third wave water and others

We just had this discussion and even had thread on this few months ago when I tried RPavlis did not like it, makes everything taste flat/bland and thin. Whether espresso or even V60. I even adjusted recipe up and down and did side by side and both machines just tasted flat and bland. You need epsom added, or different recipe