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by jpsm, 58 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Commandante vs Fellow Ode

Both are great choices imo. Only wish that the ode could grind a little bit finer for my purposes as I love to brew with small doses on a kalita and it's basically not possible to do 14-16g doses on the finest setting on an ode. In my part of the world, prices of both are not that far apart...
by baldheadracing, Today, 10:45 am in Tips and Techniques
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7 gram single shot?? Mission impossible!

Older on your left; newer on your right. The LM Strada basket and the VST-7 are like the older, but a bit more square {image} - from "What's the best single basket." LF LM clone and VST-7: {image}
by Shawnaks5, Today, 10:33 am in Tips and Techniques
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7 gram single shot?? Mission impossible!

Thanks for the help! So I found these two baskets in my collection yesterday. Which one is the newer model? Is either of these the "LM1"? {image}
by baldheadracing, Today, 10:33 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (OE-1 Lever prototype)

Volume out depends on pre-infusion pressure due to compression of the air caught at the top of the group cylinder. A pump pre-infusion machine like the Londinium R or Strega running at 6 bar can pull bigger shots over a machine pre-infusing at line pressure at 3-4 bar like a Kees Idro, which in turn can make bigger shots than...
by BaristaMcBob, Today, 10:28 am in Espresso Machines
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What exactly does a brew pressure gauge measure?

Really interesting. When mfgs lower the pressure, it's done by adjusting the OPV, right? And so also diverts part of the flow, I assume.
by luvmy40, Today, 10:00 am in Water
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Easiest way to make rpavlis water?

{link} Not that I have a dog in this fight. I just measure 2g K2CO3 into 5 gal. distilled water. Slightly higher than RPavlis, but only by a tiny bit.
by guijan12, Today, 9:54 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Why is Europiccola shot so cool?

Hm, 20 minutes is a long time to get up up to operating temperature. Mine (LPP) takes about 10 minutes. Are you using the right switch position for heating. And do you bleed air from the boiler, before pulling the shot? If it is still too cold you can give it a heating flush before entering the PF, but La...
by patrickff, Today, 9:54 am in Buying Advice
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Considering several lever espresso machines... help please

It says "perfect condition" in the description.
by luvmy40, Today, 9:47 am in Espresso Machines
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Breville Dual Boiler Mods and Maintenance

I just received that IMS screen, SS dispersion block and Cafelat gasket. {link} After a couple days, I can say it was well worth $52.43 USD The SS block may not be necessary but does not seem to have any detrimental effects on my shots. The Cafelat gasket should be a required upgrade. No more twisting the portafilter to 4:00....
by larrbo, Today, 9:40 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Baby Faema Replacement Gasket

I'm interested! There was a group buy for a replacement gasket several years back, but no other viable alternatives since then. Francesco's gasket set is functional, but the original gasket also covered the aluminum piston for heat retention. I'd love for OEM-style gaskets to be readily available, as this is the only part needed to keep Faema Baby's up and...