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by bringyoutomyhell, July 1st, 2022, 5:07 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Cafelat Robot User Experience

Sour espresso shouldn't be representative of third wave espresso (it was 10 years ago), but alas in most places it still is. I like fruity, balanced espressos which are not bitter and not sour. Maybe a hint of acidity, no chocolate or nuts notes possibly. I can get those with "modern" espresso roasts, or by reducing extraction with specialty medium
by DonFelipe, July 1st, 2022, 5:07 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Olympia Cremina SL - stronger spring

I came across the net Club's with stronger springs done by Migg Frei. You need to ask him, although he dont speak english and doesn't like the SL model (understatement)
by mtbizzle, July 1st, 2022, 4:13 am in Coffee Roasting
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Kaffelogic for the USA is on Indiegogo

thanks for sharing! one idea from the Hoos video that seemed like it could be reasonable to try on the KL - make 'bigger' fan speed adjustments during yellowing, perhaps near the end of the yellowing phase. This seems to align with practice that Royal uses for Ikawa. Some other possible reasons in favor of this- -fan speed needs to
by Marcelnl, July 1st, 2022, 3:45 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Food safe adhesive

plus one on that, super glue is also used to glue wounds. I would not worry about using it for this purpose
by renatoa, July 1st, 2022, 2:20 am in Grinders
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Arco by goat story

Indeed... {link} 3 of 8 combos of my wholesale pledge had issues, mostly cosmetic, nothing needing servicing or return
by erik82, July 1st, 2022, 2:17 am in Grinders
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Comandante C40 for espresso, burr seasoning

Seasoning should go pretty quick with those smaller burrs. Mine was stable after just 2kg so yours should also be good but maybe become a bit better. Trading it in for a Kinu will only give you less good results. I've owned both and the Commandante is far superior as the Kinu has just standard Italmill burrs which are also
by Pressino, July 1st, 2022, 2:07 am in Knockbox
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Three plugs, one outlet...

The main issue is going to be the ampacity of your outlet. Most domestic US outlets for 120v are rated to carry 15A to 20A. 15A outlets can be fed with 14g copper wire but 20A outlets require 12g wire. The heating elements of your LP's draw around 8A and grinders like the Mazzer Mini and SJ draw from 2.1A
by rmongiovi, July 1st, 2022, 1:13 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Food safe adhesive

Google cyanoacrylate gastric ulcer. If they can spray the stuff right on to an ulcer inside your intestine I'm pretty sure that's about as "food safe" as you can get. If I recall correctly, the only issue with the stuff is that it generates heat as it cures so they use a version that minimizes the temperature.
by jpender, July 1st, 2022, 1:01 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Food safe adhesive

Good point. Super glue is also a lot less expensive than an FDA food safe epoxy
by dfuller, July 1st, 2022, 12:51 am in Espresso Machines
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Strangeness with a Profitec 500 PID

Um... That's just not true. Solid state relays are just that, solid state. They use a pair of transistors acting as electronic switches. I like to order electronics from "Mouser" - "Here's a link" to something that should work. It's a bit higher current handling, has compatible voltage handling on both control and load, and is the same hockey puck