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Favourite espresso machine repair tools

I agree with others- there's life before knipex pliers, and life after
by BaristaBoy E61, 12 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Mahlkoning K30 used versus Niche Zero new

We have been using a K30 at home for single dosing for several years with good results despite some retention. Actually more retention than I would have liked to see when I took it apart. Never-the-less it is a very good grinder and purchasing one 2nd hand would likely mean that when it's time to cash out that you would
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Synesso for Home

... just like a typical commercial lever group machine. J/k Seriously, one of the things that I would love to try is to replicate Rancilio's research that seems to show an increasing temperature profile might be desirable - at least with whatever coffee that they used. Summary (2019): {link}
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To pre flush or not- that is the question

Dark roasts like low end temps. 195 to maybe 200 max. Medium roasts 199 to about 203. Light plays at the high end best so long as you don't hit a flash boil. Mind these are rough estimates. Machines vary quite a bit in temp stability. My La pavoni is similar in that boiler pressure needs to
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E61 Preinfusion

My experience with unplumbed E61-style machines is that piddling on the puck is about as unappetizing as it sounds. For me, it was far from repeatable and uneven to the point of encouraging channeling. Definitely better than just the HX pressure, but not repeatable enough for me
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Grinder Advice - Single dose (Lagom P64 vs Weber Key)

I had a bunch of grinders and all the different SSP burr types in the DF64s and Lagom P64, It definitely gives different results with the Weber Key and Lagom P64 with the Unimodal burrs. Those burrs are great for ultimate high flavour clarity but can be unforgiving as well if you don't get your brewing parameters right. I also
by Jeff, 45 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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PID temperature,,, bunch of questions

The control of temperature is harder than it appears. One issue is that a typical thermoblock has a greater time constant than the speed you need it to respond (a second or less). They are also very "unpredictable" in that you're typically applying power, so the temperature gain depends on flow rate. The only commercially available, boiler-less machine that I
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Salvatore Compact basics

An SCL in Canada? Congrats! That's a rarity. IIRC, there weren't any Canadian machines among the original nine in the Kickstarter ( {link} ) What's your serial number? I wouldn't adjust pressure until you've used the machine for a bit. I would also check with Salvatore as to what is the pressure for your machine. He could have set
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Saka Caffè in the States

FYI, I purchased some varieties of this coffee, Gran Bar and Tafuri Amalfi and some decaf blend. The decaf had no roast date and the other two were roasted in February, about 3 months ago. Had I known the beans were not dated or wall past what is considered fresh, I would not have purchased them
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Ditting K804 Lab Sweet burrs experience

aluminum foils under the burrs {image}