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by CarefreeBuzzBuzz, Today, 4:00 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Need help with post-roast data

Yep the roast reports to excel (or csv) from Artisan contain all the data. You can then use a word processor to include what you want via mail merge. My sheets do 6 at a time. Here is a sample. {image}
by JB90068, Today, 4:00 pm in Buying Advice
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Good grinder to pair with La Marzocco Linea Mini?

Sorry for the thread hijack: I think any of these will be a huge difference from your Mignon. I can tell you about my experience going from a Mignon XL to the EG-1 and things that I have learned along the way and from my research. The difference between the XL and the EG-1 is night and day. I bought...
by baristainzmking, Today, 3:55 pm in Espresso Machines
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Puck screen experience?

Hey guys, What has your experience been with puck screens? Do you use them? Do you like the results? Do you find that they change the taste and the mouth feel of your coffee, for better or worse? Thanks!
by Jeff, Today, 3:47 pm in Grinders
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How do you like your Baratza 270w upgrade?

Personal crystal ball - Wait a couple years for the major manufacturers to catch up with burr technology, alignment, retention, and single dosing with more than just facelifts and marketing.
by Jeff, Today, 3:43 pm in Coffees
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Suggested type of coffee for first espresso (Flair 58)

Quality beans, reasonably fresh, are key. Sounds like you've already got good suppliers line up. If you don't have a lot of experience pulling shots, you may find an espresso-intended blend gets you to enjoyable shots sooner. SOs and light roasts both can be "tweaky" compared to a quality espresso blend. For that first bag, maybe something like George Howell's...
by Ad-85, Today, 3:18 pm in Buying Advice
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Wife loves Keurig for ease of use, bought her a new one and gives off plastic smell and taste. Need alternative.

Clever is easy, forgiving and tastes good.{video}
by mycatsnameisbernie, Today, 3:15 pm in Grinders
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Help Eureka Mignon Specialita issues

I use around an 18g dose in an IMS BaristaPro 18g basket.
by Jeff, Today, 3:11 pm in Buying Advice
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Upgrade from Mini Vivaldi ii and Eureka Specialita

The La Spaz is a solid machine. Unless you're going into light roasts, I don't think you're going to see a lot of change in the cup by changing machines. I agree with others that moving up in grinders will make the biggest change, past better coffees. Where you go probably depends on if you're looking for classic mouthfeel or...
by LaNovice1982, Today, 3:08 pm in Espresso Machines
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Rocket Giotto - blinking green light

Ok I know this topic has been beat to death, but I'm a new Rocket Giotto Cronometro R owner and I really can't find this answer directly. We know a fast blinking light is low or no water, slow blinking light is standby mode (90 minutes of no activity) but there is 3 symbols under the light that I'm curious...
by mgwolf, Today, 3:03 pm in Buying Advice
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Upgrade from Mini Vivaldi ii and Eureka Specialita

The 53 mm group will pull shots as well as a 58. The main advantage (?only advantage) of the 58 mm group is that there are more accessories that are available, e.g. tampers, funnels, etc. These days, however, you can get most things easily in a 53 mm. I'm guessing you already have the 53 mm stuff you need. Also,...