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by NYFilter93, 2 minutes ago in Grinders
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Aligning a 2015 EK43

I see. I'll look into a dial indicator as well as a burr alignment tool. Should I use the dial indicator with all the shims removed?
by Espresso33, 4 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Giotto to ECM to La Marzocco

I wanna make both dark and light. Got a mazzr major Im definitely gonna do all kinds of necessary servicing. But if they were to break down, are they easy or very costly to repair? And can i who has never done it, manage that? Its LM GS3 i really want. But my main concern is that it
by Jeff, 7 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Are VST baskets still the standard?

There is some consideration of the Pullman baskets among the espresso enthusiasts that are willing to explore something other than adherence to the decades-old traditional espresso and its equipment and techniques. It is not that the basket itself makes better espresso than the VSTs, but that its bottom is a bit bigger than the VST so it fits filters made
by Jeff, 18 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Pre-infusion using flow control vs. pre-wetting

Yes, it does matter. As you can tell, it is likely that the answer as to what is "best" will depend on your machine, grinder burrs, coffee, water, extraction profile and preferences in flavor. A more actionable question might be Should someone starting to explore espresso be concerned about the choice of how basket fill
by jmc999, 18 minutes ago in Grinders
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Fellow Ode V2.0 burrs almost here

Have you tried the SSP burrs as well? If so, what is your impression of the differences between the two burr sets?
by Ursego, 29 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Pre-infusion using flow control vs. pre-wetting

Let's say that the moment has already come when "the puck is sufficiently "supported" by water becoming part of the structure", and the puck is ready for a strong stream of water to brew. What does it matter how it was achieved - under pressure of 2-3 bars (pre-infusion) or with no pressure at all (pre-wetting)? I think, that approach
by ira, 29 minutes ago in Grinders
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Are there flat manual grinders?

Yes, if you've ever used an Apex you will likely understand the issues of feeding a flat burr. I'd guess since the comical shape is better in essentially all ways for hand grinders, that there's not ben much effort put into making hand grinders with flat burrs. OE only made the Apex because Doug wanted a hand cranked ghost burr
by EddieJE, 36 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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ECM Rocket 2006 - Not heating

Hi there folks. Some time since my last issue, but I am having issues again with the boiler not heating. I have been following various threads on here and have concluded (I think rightly) that the water level in boiler is not sufficient to engage the element. So am focussing on the water level probe. Having followed some other
by Mike-R, 41 minutes ago in Water
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Tokyo Tap Water

Anyone in Tokyo have an opinion on the quality of Tokyo tap water for espresso machines? I'm relatively new to the subject of water quality for espresso, so I am posting here in the hopes that someone based in Tokyo has already looked into this. Not sure if it helps, but here is an interesting article about water
by DSUK69, 49 minutes ago in Grinders
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JT64/ LR Lufeibao 64mm Grinder

I bought my JT64 grinder on a sale on Taobao, the SSP Unimodal version costs only 120$ more, it works out cheaper than buying SSP burrs separately