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by JRising
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Rancilio Silvia Pro - Bottom of steam boiler leaking

Yikes... Okay. Clean it off as best as possible so that you can get a good look at it before opening that fitting. Hopefully it is just the fitting itself leaking and not the weld that holds the threaded circular port on the bottom of the boiler. Once you have determined that it is just the fitting
by brudnic2
5 minutes ago
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Kudos to Niche

I noticed cracks in the wooden feet on my Niche Duo. The Niche people sent replacements via DHL immediately. What a great company!
by daveR1
6 minutes ago
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New Coffee Bar Design Ideas

you might check with a cabinet shop about an appliance garage cab. something that would "sit" on the countertop with a sliding tambour door that retracts upwards when in use, then slides down to hide the clutter. sorry, dont have pics since its been years since I designed a kitchen with one
by ill-bambino
10 minutes ago
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[FS] Baratza Forte BG (Steel burrs)

Purchased October 25th, 2023 directly from Baratza. This is the latest model (ZCG1086SIL1BUC1A) with the dark screen / light buttons. Factory settings & calibration (burrs touch at 2Q). Used daily for a little over a month to grind 2-3 espresso shots per day. Like-new condition! Selling because I've realized a single-dose / more espresso-forward grinder will fit my needs
by yakster
11 minutes ago
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Moisture-controlled triboelectrification during coffee grinding

I became aware of a scientific paper regarding moisture and static during grinding: "Moisture-controlled triboelectrification during coffee grinding." I haven't had time to read this, but it should make for an interesting read. {link} They do mention the Ross Droplet Technique in the paper but appear to stop short of crediting David Ross specifically. Previous closed
by JRising
11 minutes ago
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La Spaziale - inlet leak, vacuum leak, nut won't screw

Currently I am seeing a lot of issues with the "concave teflon insert" type of vacuum breakers, I'm disappointed to hear that it may be becoming common on the ones with the bare stainless steel concave valve-seat also... In my experiments of moving plungers, o-rings, then seats from one body to another, the problem always seemed to follow the
by baldheadracing
14 minutes ago
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IKAWA Home - profiles

FYI, you have a Home 50 and the recipes with +/+++ etc. are Home 100 recipes. The "Legacy" recipes are for the Home 50. Further details in the review: "IKAWA Home Roasting System Review" , to wit:
by jpender
15 minutes ago
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Having trouble with Cafelat Robot

It's worth mentioning that there's more than one way to push/pull those levers, depending on the height of machine (and you). It's quite possible to apply plenty of force without excessive strain. And still see the pressure gauge, if that's important to you. Lots of people seem to push from above which makes it difficult to impossible to see
by cannonfodder
19 minutes ago
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Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

Walnut cap for a KafaTek. Lots of Chatoyancy in the wood with the gloss finish. {image}
by baldheadracing
22 minutes ago
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"A better way to grind coffee" from the Washington Post

tl;dr: RDT works. Source paper: {link}