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by bman0023
3 minutes ago
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New Spalted Maple Coffee Table

Hi all. Just finished my new spalted maple coffee table for my grinders, espresso macine and gear. I also made a sweet tamping pad from the spalted maple too. I am loving it and it functions great too. [img][img]{link}[/img] {image} {image} {image} {image} [/img]
by espressoren
8 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

When my Micra is off for an hour it then takes about three minutes to come to temp instead of the normal five. I actually timed it earlier today when I went to use it after it had gone to standby from the morning. Not quite as long as cold but it didn't take as long to significantly cool as
by mhoy
15 minutes ago
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ECM MechanikaIV Professional blockages

About 1.5 years ago, I packed up and moved and the espresso machines got boxed up. We also just finished a complete main floor remodel down to the studs and back, so I now have a coffee bar. Upon unpacking and setting up my ECM M-IV and turning it on, I was dismayed with what
by OldmatefromOZ
17 minutes ago
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Sey Coffee

Try cupping it at a few different grind settings. My overall impressions with this style of roasting over the years and my own attempts at replicating using small commercial gas drum roaster. It is a very gentle style of roasting which aims to preserve the most delicate attributes of high quality green. Unfortunately, it is very easy
by malling
17 minutes ago
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Option-O Mizen 64mm Omni burrs for Lagom P64

Haven't they always recommended something like 900-1000RPM? I think they did the same with the other burrs. Currently we can't or should not conclude anything regarding RPM. Gagne mentioned he found no taste difference between changing grind seize and speed and that higher RPM was the same as grinding finer. Gwilym Davies found lower RPM to result in
by Dougfur
24 minutes ago
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Nuova Simonelli Mac Digit Restoration Journey

So I've labelled everything and taken lots of pictures. Time for disassembly! {image} {image} {image} {image} I have plugged the machine in prior to breaking it down, Here's what I've found: Boiler fills and heats up. Buzzing sound coming the the area of the Sirai, dont hear the pump or motor running Volumetric controls light up and click when
by Quester
31 minutes ago
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Sey Coffee

SEY can be amazing, but also frustrating as espresso. What shot ratio are you using? What profile? Can you post a Visualizer link? I assume you were using the flat and not the Niche
by Chert
34 minutes ago
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Greens Alert

I don't know if you mentioned this elsewhere. Thanks though. Longest first crack I can recall.{image}
by Quester
35 minutes ago
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Help with issues exposed by bottomless portafilter!

The back (machine side) is still flowing slower. One thing you can try is rotating the basket 180 degrees when you are done with WDT and tamping. If the dark area is now 180 degrees from before, it points to prep. What WDT tool are you using? (size of needles)
by MCal2003
36 minutes ago
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Gooseneck kettle for induction cook top

Purchased a single burner induction cooktop. The now ancient BonaVita electric gooseneck thermal control has gone bonkers. Broke out the even older stovetop Hario gooseneck. It works on the induction cooktop (max 1800 watt spec), but not much quicker heating than the glass top electric range top. Wondering if it is due to ridges vs. solid flat bottom