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by JRising
5 minutes ago
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Quick Mill Vetrano 2B & Profitec 700 -- same knob thread??

{image} Yes. The Vetrano's holes are closer together, but the threads and sizes of the tips are the same. Both have the inner o-ring for the burn-free tubing
by Jake_G
9 minutes ago
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Plumb in kit for La Marzocco Linea Micra

Nope. My guess is they are dealing with supply chain constraints to get a custom gooseneck on the supply hose, because everything else needed to plumb the machine is readily available from the existing LM parts catalogue
by Jake_G
12 minutes ago
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La Marzocco GS3 Plumb-in Advice

I'm using RO with a remin cartridge (iSpring brand remin) for filling my reservoir. The remin water is "fine" but I like a little more buffer in my water since I drink a lot of light roasts. Thankfully, I have a whole-house softener that leaves my tap water at 0ppm hardness (GH) and north of 300ppm buffer (KH). This
by CoffeeIsWeird
16 minutes ago
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Looking for a little help with my recent (1 year) horrible coffee

Well done, Drew, for giving it a go! I'm just guessing here, but if in the past you enjoyed the Duncan Donuts coffee every single time in the past, and now suddenly no cup was good, then you might be onto something with respect to your palate. That sounds like useful feedback, doesn't it? On the other hand
by PIXIllate
16 minutes ago
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Canadian Roaster Recommendations

I'm really glad you like it Tony. The Supernova is great and I usually alternate that with Gamma and then the odd Blackout as my standard coffees. The Gamma in particular can be pulled a few different ways with good results. I'd suggest 199 for Gamma 202 for Supernova and 192 for Blackout. My shouts are usually short of 2:1
by LBIespresso
20 minutes ago
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Huky Roast and Learn ... Prisoner exchange edition

Posting this here rather than PM since more eyeballs is better for this question: Does anybody have a suggestion for best shipping option for 50-100 grams? Ziplock in a padded envelope by USPS? I hear USPS is best for small boxes and padded envelopes but happy to be corrected if that's not the case
by thomas-silvia
22 minutes ago
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ITO/Leva! Controller - Q&A + Experience

Anyone knows where to get the latest version of the status monitor app?
by Ethaz
27 minutes ago
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[FS] Jura E6 Coffee Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

Pick Up welcome in Austin TX
by John Michael Hauck
35 minutes ago
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Tossing my hat into the ring of DIY Cafelat Robot Gauge Brackets

The factory-supplied gauge bracket faces my gut when pulling a shot, so it is relatively useless. I am aware of gauge brackets by these individuals/companies that all aim to mount the gauge near the top of the machine:
  • Naked Portafilter * Alex Michael Rueda * Santiago Luz * Chris James * Tamás Tóth * Arno
  • by Milligan
    44 minutes ago
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    Disillusioned with "precision" baskets (a bit of a rant)

    Since I don't have a microscope in my house to tell me what basket to pick, I simply go by taste