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by Yan
14 minutes ago
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Mobile or hotel room brewing?

+1 for drip bags more simple to use, not as good as other options hand grinder + kettle + dripper..etc
by Jake_G
21 minutes ago
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Londinium Vectis use cases

Apparently the Vectis pairs really well with a... Cybertruck? {video}
by Theosoler
39 minutes ago
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Rok Grinder bevel failure

Hey fellow grinders! I recently got a secondhand rock grinder and I broke the bevel gear grinding for espresso... Twice It is a gc version but the steps on the wheel are completely flattened, it doesn't click at all and so I suspect that my zero point was too tight, meaning that the burrs were almost closed
by Jeff
40 minutes ago
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Upgrading my Grinder Game

I'd skip any of the high-end flat-burr grinders with preferences that run to traditional roast levels (including into second crack), 90% robusta blends, and Slayer shots. That is the realm of traditional burr sets
by Theosoler
48 minutes ago
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Troubleshooting la Peppina double basket fit

By the way, has anyone tried lingo with a peppina? Did you try pulling the lever mid-shot to get to 60ml? Or is it subject to pick lift?
by Jake_G
1 hour ago
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Olympia Cremina lever questions after group gasket replacement

No. This is not a machine issue at all. Given you are using supermarket coffee of unknown origins, I feel confident advising you to go find some beans that have been roasted in the last two weeks. You can buy them online from a reputable roaster, swing by a coffee shop that will sell single bags, or run to
by BodieZoffa
1 hour ago
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Highest chance of success - roasters

Home roasting is quite doable and can easily match (or exceed) anything from any commercial artisan roaster I used to buy from. Lots of roasting options and I decided to build my own. It's a rather heavily modified flour sifter with a commercial heat gun. I can control heat infinitely as well as agitation speed, have 4 points of real
by Steffche
1 hour ago
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Breville Dual Boiler Mods and Maintenance

For some strange reason I am unable to remove the two probes towards the front of the machine in the brew boiler (the ones with the blue wires connected to them) I have removed them many times before to check or replace o-rings, but for some reason they have both become stuck in the boiler holes. I can get them
by D-Tackle
1 hour ago
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Upgrading my Grinder Game

Hi everyone! I hope you can help me with the vast expertise in this frorum - I am actually very new to this. About a month ago I finally installed my new Slayer Single Group at home. Quite an upgrade from my pervious 12 years with Bezzera. I am already loving it and thing that the Slayer Shot
by decent_espresso
1 hour ago
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Decent Espresso news

{image} Peak Coffee Experience: Café 3 1/2 in Shanghai I was in Shanghai a few weeks ago, where I had the best milked drink of my life. I want to tell you about it. They only have two beans available, both roasted by Black Sheep. Very, very light roast: no flavors derived from