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by Brewzologist
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Flair 58 mid-shot pressure drop

Got it. Reaching here but... Does the linkage arm swing freely and have some side-to-side play where it is attached to the lever? (mine does) And does removing the lock from the linkage arm help? I could see where if the linkage arm connection to the lever was stiff that it could push horizontally on
by timdavhen
1 minute ago
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Sage Barista Express is very frustrating...

Oh I know that, but I cannot even get that at all. I tried new beans today and started at grinding size 8, it was always too fast... I set the grind size at 1, and still it finisedd in 18 secs. Doesn't make any sense at all
by Marcelnl
5 minutes ago
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Sous vide post-roast rest acceleration

I tried doing a pre roast sous vide, result was the same as a normal roast unless you charge preheated greens (which then only shortens the roast, no taste differences) My conclusion was that the formation of taste components happens at pretty high temperatures
by aragorn764
9 minutes ago
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ECM Mechanika temperature issues

Problem came back, it wasnt the power issue after difficult is it to replace the element in those?
by Silentsim
17 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

Your warranty may not stand
by Boldjava
22 minutes ago
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Meet-up: Mesa/Phoenix

"Prefer we stick closer to Mesa or Gilbert. I am likely to go to the "Gilbert Riparian Preserve" first so I could meet 1030ish. Anyone with an interest in birds or photography could meet me." In. Meet you there. Name a time. I could learn from you. Bought a book on birds of SE Arizona. I
by tomi740i
27 minutes ago
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Mazzer Omega hand grinder

Dear Jaroslav, Thank you very much for noname public sharing! I would agree on your comment if: - The cost of this grinder would be much lower; - I wouldn't have used a Kinu for years. Later one can achive near zero tolerances for nearly the same price. This is my main point. Otherwise I'm satisfied
by Lefetylorant
31 minutes ago
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Older La Cimbali Junior D1 with serious rust issues

Thanks for the replies guys! The problem with the corrosion is that it is so bad that it makes impossible to fix on some of the stainless cover panels on the bottom side. I'll attach some photos later in my opinion it is pretty bad. Also the tap for the steam wand has a bad feel to it
by Barriwhite
33 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

To folks in the US, consider ordering from a Canadian distributor. Canadians don't deal with LM directly. So you're able to see exactly which color is in stock and ready to ship. The CAD 5400 MSRP corresponds to USD 3950. I just grabbed the last white at CaffeTech
by coyote-1
42 minutes ago
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Manometer. PID. Deck lights. Flow control. ViaVenezia!!

I'll gladly expound upon the great things, and the shortcomings, of the Via Venezia. Great things: First, it's built like a tank. As I mentioned above, it's not bent tin.... it's heavy thick steel. You don't need to hold the machine in order to lock in the portafilter. And it's well-finished. It does not threaten to slice you open if