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by LBIespresso
13 minutes ago
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User Experience with the Strietman CT2

Did you try sticking it in the freezer for an hour?
by borisp
14 minutes ago
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Facelift for the Profitec Pro 800

I'm about to pull the trigger and purchase a Pro 800 locally for 3,000$ and turns out it is the V1 and not the facelift. I really liked the wood knobs and stuff, and also wanted the joystick for the steam instead of the spinning valve... Also, isn't it suspicious that the dealer doesn't sell the V2? Maybe
by LBIespresso
15 minutes ago
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My hand grinder journey has ended

Can anyone point to an actual lawsuit and discuss its merits or lack thereof? I couldn't find anything other than conjecture
by Dylan
36 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini is making a tiny whistle noise

Did you take the sides off to get a good look? If not, Clive Coffee made a really good video for how to do that. The vacuum breaker can leak from two spots. The usual place is where it shoots a bit of water and steam into the clear plastic tube. This would make the gurgling
by Alistair
Today, 6:53 am
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La Pavoni Domus Bar pump working but won't pour coffee

Everything was working fine except the group seal was shot so I changed it. Once everything was back together the problem started... Machine turns on fine and first light comes on as expected. Once its heated up to pour coffee, second light come on. Pour coffee and the pump runs but no water comes out. Flip the third lever
by wormraper
Today, 6:41 am
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My hand grinder journey has ended

It's very very similar to the Q2. Maybe a slightly more complex flavor due to the 12.5 micron adjustments, but overall basically a q2 heptagonal on steroids is the best way to describe it. Very clean and sweet. I like the flavor profile even more than my k series
by vidax
Today, 6:19 am
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Advice on a motorizing a Kinu M47

A short video with the operation of the motorization:{video}
by Entreri
Today, 6:16 am
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

Its what its designed and built for
by luvmy40
Today, 6:15 am
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Breville Smart Grinder okay for espresso

There is no machine with more value and capability out of the box under $2000.00 than the Breville Dual Boiler. While this is one guy's opinion, I challenge you to look at the facts. The single valid argument against Breville is aesthetics. The SGP is "good enough" for medium/dark roasts. Not great, but good. It's going to struggle and
by apoplous
Today, 6:15 am
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Wired Gourmet - Roast Coffee At Home Easily

Did anyone watched the roasting video on "wired gourmet" YouTube channel? This is what just got me into roasting. It's simple, minimal equipment, and I can say I trust this guy. What do you think about it? {video}