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by Capuchin Monk
1 minute ago
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Lighter Trick & Roaster Size

I did the lighter trick for the exhaust air velocity setting and I'm wondering if there is a minimum roaster size required for such "gauge". My drum roaster is 400g capacity and I set the exhaust air velocity based on the lighter trick seen on Mill City Roaster video. Well, it turned out to be too much for
by GC7
19 minutes ago
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Aida Batlle Selection: Washed Kilimanjaro Discussion

I have now had the opportunity to directly compare the Natural Process obtained from Roastmasters with Washed. I raved and still rave about the rich winey but citrus fruit forward cup as SO espresso or pourover. It's just delicious. The washed process, however, is to my tastes, top of the lot. Its clarity, molasses sweetness with a bowl
by bridge
29 minutes ago
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Profitec Pro 700 start up issues

Where is the genius out there that has the answer?
by daviddecristoforo
46 minutes ago
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LaScalla Butterfly Burned Wire on Boiler

Just one quick question... is polarity an issue when reconnecting the thermostat? I have the part but I don't want to hook it up wrong!
by Chert
51 minutes ago
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Sey Coffee

I've tried it with my own underdeveloped coffees. Grass did not sprout berries, flowers or bergamot, but a commercially roasted super wush wush did lose some of the harsh anaerobic character (okayokayokay 'bin juice' {shudders}) and become more pleasant. If I find a notion of that ultralight roasting style to more successfully replicate it, then I may try
by newmanium
52 minutes ago
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La Marzocco GS3 conical retrofit - small leak out of group?

Happens both unfortunately, I was wondering the same thing if warming up would expand the seals - it's more of a drip when turning on (when at 12 bar), but still keeps happening when fully warmed up with line pressure. Perhaps dropping to 2 bar will help, now with the new conical setup, there's zero need for any line pressure
by Arafel
54 minutes ago
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Advantages of E61 espresso machine

I think that's a false analogy. I drive a stick and love it. But for espresso extraction, I think a saturated group offers more advantages, whether for home or commercial settings. E61s have some downsides, which I mentioned in my earlier post
by HB
1 hour ago
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Deciding How To Shop for Green Coffee

See Public complaints about customer service in the site's "Guidelines for productive online discussion". Generally speaking, it's discouraged because too often such "warnings" degenerate into the same predictable steps. There's also the risk that online complaints can be abused. For example, a trusted vendor once warned me in advance that a new member might join to "slag" their
by kenyabob
1 hour ago
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Pavoni left on high setting, almost emptied

I turned my pavoni on to pre-heat, and sadly had to run outside and ended up getting distracted. 10 minutes later, I returned to the house to hear the tell-tale hiss of the machine and opened it to find that the water line was well below the heating element, although there was still water instead. I can see a lot