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La Marzocco Linea Mini R

I'm not talking about Flojet or reservoir Aquastop / water block is a little device that you put on the line to the machine. If water flow exceeds some amount per some time unit, it blocks the water. Here's a photo of my setup - the line that's not in use is (also) fitted with a gray aquastop
by Marco Valerio
41 minutes ago
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Gaggia Classic boiler on old Gaggia Dandy

No the boiler is in good working condition. The reason i asked about the swap is that the wiring is slightly different and i don't know if i'm able to make any change. Adding the solenoid pump is ok even if the boiler already has the solenoid valve? Finally i found someone that knew the machine and owned it
by noob2024
55 minutes ago
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Fine tuning your espresso on a shoe string budget.

@bznelson91 here is the link and some photos of the espresso. how to tune brtaza grinder {video}my espresso shot on francis x3 {video}
by yakster
1 hour ago
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Faema Faemina 1950-60's

There are some Faema Faeminas that have fill valves attached to the lid. I don't think that this is a standard configuration, but mine came with one. It's been conjectured that one could connect a pressure gauge to the fill valve for permanent use, but the wall of the lid is curved so making a seal isn't trivial.
by Nunas
1 hour ago
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ECM Synchronika at 2 bar pump pressure

You're on the right track. One of the common ways to screw up a Synchronika is to mess with that valve with the big screw. It happens because it looks and acts a lot like the valve on a vibe pump machine, where such valve is indeed the correct way to set the pump pressure. You want to set this
by MountC
1 hour ago
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Cafelat Robot User Experience

So it kind of sounds like an automatic is worth the money over a manual when at altitude
by Depresso
1 hour ago
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ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva owner experience

Hi all, long time reader here. I am *this* close to placing an order for the ACS Evo Leva. I really like the pressure release system and programmability. Could someone tell me, if using the manual mode, can you press a button to release the pressure when your shot is done? Similar to what I think you can
by Iconicred
1 hour ago
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Faema Faemina 1950-60's

thank you. I was hoping for a more permanent way to add a gauge, like a smart gauge or just a standard gauge..... maybe it's not possible
by PIXIllate
Yesterday, 11:59 pm
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Profitec Pro 600 vs new Drive and Grinder decisions?

As the bulk of this thread is now grinder related, perhaps a change in the title of topic might help others who may be interested
by luca
Yesterday, 11:58 pm
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Any roasters on par with Howell and Wendelboe?

Yep, I was going to say exactly this! Another vote for TPC Omni. I've signed up to the mailing list for Aviary. I've had some great roasts from Christopher Feran, and he is perhaps one of the roaster/green buyer humans in the world of coffee whose skills I most respect