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by mixespresso
26 minutes ago
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J-Ultra vs K-Ultra (1Zpresso)

Thank you all for your replies. I have also asked the question to 1Zpresso directly. They recommended the J-Ultra for my 75% espresso needs but they also said "The J-Ultra grinder produces more coffee fines than the K-Ultra grinder, resulting in a sweeter and rounder taste in your coffee" I am trying to get my head around
by Ypuh
44 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini R

Can't say the though hasn't crossed my mind, brewing your cups with a screwdriver at hand to control the pressure while switching the lever with the other hand. Imagine what friends and family would think if they see you in action. That's kind of exactly the problem; you need a control mechanism to control the pump pressure. Currently
by Jaroslav
47 minutes ago
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Need upgrade suggestions for LMLM OG

The Pro Touch is higher quality. It's double walled and vacuum sealed, produced in the US and the Cool Touch is still double walled, but not vacuum sealed, produced in Italy at a much cheaper price with a method that's not as complex. That's also why the Linea Mini R is cheaper than the classic Linea Mini (at least here
by luca
1 hour ago
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I'm done with 'shipped' coffee

I post this as someone who roasts a lot of what I drink. I'd just suggest that before anyone spends a bunch on a home roaster based on reading people write that they are getting better results than roasteries, they reach out to some local home roasters that claim their results are good and see if they can get
by Agtron70
1 hour ago
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Buyers Remorse - Kaleido M10 Astringent Roasts

I will definitely give that a try
by RobAnybody
2 hours ago
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La Pavoni EP last part of the shot bitter

Hi, are the cups that you use by any chance relatively tall and narrow? This can cause the espresso not to mix well while drinking it and you get flavour separation. See also "Are cup size and shape too often everlooked factors?" Cheers, Rob
by LM21_2_Coffee
3 hours ago
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Star Seeker Edge Plus 63mm Conical Grinder

This sounds potentially promising to me, especially for the cost. Why so few reviews?
by Helane
3 hours ago
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Cimbali Bistro Membrane Strip

Hello, My Cimbali Bistro M31 was self switching. I had a poke around at the button strip membrane(490112000) but I think I ruined it because now nothing turns on. I've been searching for a replacement but most places say it's out of production. I wrote to Topflight the manufacturer of the part, they said they would do a run
by drgary
3 hours ago
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Buyers Remorse - Kaleido M10 Astringent Roasts

Great! Would increasing fan speed even out the heat transfer? @Mr. Dangerfield: A moisture meter adaptable to many roasters would be great
by Jshot
3 hours ago
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Kafatek Monolith Conical has gone through a major change...

I think that's the point at Kafatek. He doesn't want to make it easier to "pull the trigger"