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by SutterMill, 19 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Upgrade from Baratza Sette 270wi. Niche Zero? Lagom DF64P?

2 cents worth of experience. If your going from a sette to a niche for flavor, your going to be underwhelmed. The my are close im flavor. If your going for a more enjoyable experience while single dosing then you'll be delighted. Workflow on Niche is a joy. Mainly due to noise and dosing cup. Given your preference
by Nywalker, 29 minutes ago in Grinders
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G-IOTA / DF64 espresso grinder

Just ran into some very confusing things wonder anybody could lend some help. So just got a new DF64, I don't know which version is this, it has an old single piece silicone declumper, 45s auto-shut off timer, 2 o-rings, metal dial indicator, I also installed camprista mystho's style declumper and chute mod, torque screwed all 6 screws with
by Happymonday, 37 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Sanremo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

LOL, what terrible pricing. Over $3k USD more than the prices in Europe. WTF?? I could fly over, have a vacation, and pick it up myself for less than buying it in Canada
by sgtsassafras, 44 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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La Pavoni Channeling Help

I am a new La Pavoni Pro user (post-millennium model, brand new) using a Niche Zero grinder. I am consistently seeing channeling to the left side of the portafilter. This occurrs on both the standard and bottomless styles - in fact on the standard it only comes out the left spout, never both. Here is my workflow: Beans: 14g
by STG, 58 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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What are you buying from Showroom Coffee?

Holy smokes what does your buddy do with all that Crown Royal coffee? I'd love to get my hands on their Crown Jewels. Yeah I now live in Calgary so I have access to Single Origin. Good guy and great prices but 10kg minimum and only allowed in 5kg increments. That is a ton of coffee for one household
by Nunas, Today, 12:32 am in Espresso Machines
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Brand New ECM Synchronika - Brown Water from SteamBoiler

Not normal! I'd flush it a couple of times and if it does not come out crystal clear, call the dealer
by erik82, Today, 12:14 am in Buying Advice
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The definitive comparison - Synesso MVP vs Speedster

One isn't better then the other. When you're buying this type of machines it really depends on personal preference. Do you like to fiddle around a lot and have the fear of missing out on something then buy a Synesso. If you just want a easy to control superior espresso machine without all of the bells then buy the Speedster
by Plinyyounger, Yesterday, 11:56 pm in Grinders
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Versalab M4 Unboxing and First Shot

Welcome to the team, we are a small group but we are strong! Lol. Lots of folks don't consider the M4 because of alignment issues on the first gen grinders. Those issues are long gone now. What some don't know is a few of coffee's media OG's will only use Versalab for their personal grinders. You have a gem, enjoy
by TallDan, Yesterday, 11:54 pm in Cafes and Get-togethers
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Chicago-Milwaukee-NW Indiana Area Get Together -- Fall 2022

22nd doesn't work for me. All others should work as far as I know. Definitely looking forward to it!
by Corgo, Yesterday, 11:43 pm in Grinders
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Versalab M4 Unboxing and First Shot

How's the work flow? Is it truly rdt and wdt free? How easy is it to adjust the grind? Are the grind size markers still stickers? Thanks for answering! Been interested in this grind for the supposedly no need for rdt or wdt