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by Milligan
9 minutes ago
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Fellow Aiden anyone?

The beauty of the moccamaster is its simplicity. It will do the same thing for 20-30 years and parts will be available after that. It's for folks that want a decent cup of coffee with a flick of the switch practically their entire working life. There are plenty of options for more control out there and I'm eager
by Milligan
19 minutes ago
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Sculptor 078 & Ode SSP - keep both?

I have both. I've had the ode with ssp mp for around 2 years. I got the 078 a few months ago. The 078 is finally seasoned and producing some really great cups. As for taste comparison, it's a bit tough between them. They both edge toward the same type of profile. I end up enjoying the 078 more because
by Milligan
25 minutes ago
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Help with spritzers- puck prep

How new is the grinder? 078s hasnt been out too long so if it is newer then it may still need some seasoning. Typically the signs of a youthful burr are inconsistent shots and some spurts
by drgary
29 minutes ago
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Yoshan DY-1 tipping

For your second profile, the charge temp seems right but you seem to be doing a long soak instead of powering up right away. Also if the damper's partly open you're still slowing things down. If you're not driving in enough heat early you may be pushing the roast later. My roaster is probably an earlier version 1 Kg
by zazenmaster
34 minutes ago
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Rancilio Silvia - Green bits in the steam wand

Hello all; My Rancilio Silvia V1 wasn't steaming very well, so I took off the steam nozzle to clean it and found two small (head of a pin sized or a bit bigger) pieces of light green material inside. Under magnification It looks smooth and uniform so I'm guessing it's man-made and not some exotic form of scale
by Indica
52 minutes ago
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Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

Now this is the kind of content that is truly inspirational. Dave, I've sent an email
by yakster
54 minutes ago
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Any alternative to Behmor?

True, but the alternatives that can roast a full pound have so much better control over the roast with telemetry that it ends up being a worthwhile upgrade for most
by another_jim
56 minutes ago
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Mazzer Philos Comments

The video in the last entry shows how the grind adjustment works. There is a lock at the zero marking (as well as the 145 marking), so it is impossible to make more than one turn on the adjustment wheel. I removed the collar to check for the chirp, and it was approximately at -3. After I changed
by robotuser
59 minutes ago
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Turin DF83 V2 Drifting Zero

Do DF64v's have this problem?
by Jake_G
Yesterday, 11:27 pm
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1959 Faema Urania Three Group Hydraulic with Hotel Group

Are you sure about that? Looking closely at the plumbing, it looks to me like you have a line pressure inlet fitting at the front of the drip tray surround that feeds a manifold that wraps around the back side of the frame to feed the groups and the valve with a lever on it. Given the other valve