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by maxbmello
2 minutes ago
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Drip Brewer for a camper

I'm looking for advice on which auto drip brewer to get for our 28' camper. Not living in it full-time, just weekend warrior/week long trips throughout the year. We currently have a Breville precision brewer at home and like it, but is on the larger side. Criteria: something compact, metal carafe, simple to use, makes a
by LindoPhotography
5 minutes ago
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Weber and Acaia (Orbit)

I think that's the G64 it's not really related to the DF64, and is a blatant knock-off of the Lagom P64. I've heard some not great things about that grinder, the RPM range like you mentioned isn't all that great (likely due to lower power motor) it's got relatively big 250RPM jumps and starts at like 900 RPM so
by peter_bjerg_copenhagen
8 minutes ago
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Safety issue? - Green spots on copper and scale inside La Pavoni boiler

Hi all My first post here. After descaling my La Pavoni Europiccola boiler (with 50/50 white winegar/water mix heated up to near boiling, then waited 1 hour before several clean flushes of water), I notice that inside the boiler, the copper has visible green/white/black areas. And also the heating element still has some scale still.
by heytchap
9 minutes ago
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XBloom all-in-one coffee brewer (Kickstarter)

I'm in there. It's silent there. That's why I'm here
by Tjyven
15 minutes ago
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Olympia Express 'Mocha SD' grinder offering

Anyone knows if these burrs are sold seperately somewhere? Is it same fit as Mazzers?
by katkat
15 minutes ago
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Europiccola or Pontevecchio Export for travel setup?

In the last couple of years I have used my beloved Elektra MCAL for travel, but its large 10" base makes it difficult to make the whole kit compact (especially when also packing my Baratza Sette). I also love my MCAL so much that I hesitate to pack it for travel... So I am looking for a more compact
by Taz
22 minutes ago
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SSP 98mm "Brewing" Burrs

Yea. Whether it's "refinements" or inconsistencies, both are kind of a bummer. Especially if refinements mean more fines. People will be searching for the original brewing burrs just like the original EK burr. I thought about reaching out to Titus. I might have to do that
by CarefreeBuzzBuzz
25 minutes ago
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Greens Alert

Curious what people think of Decaf these days. I think it's way better than it used to be and Royal just released this "Crown Jewel". A very nice price for decaf
by NelisB
25 minutes ago
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ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva - New User Questions

No,it wont, only the ims 66mm will fit
by cibby
32 minutes ago
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Travel case for Arco grinder

Thx for getting back to me. Makes sense. If I figure a solution out will post about it down the road