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by austinado16
2 minutes ago
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Somac Splendida repaired and brought back to life

Yes. He's located about an hour's drive away, so I thought it would be cool to have one of his machines. Mine's just all stainless, with the clear plastic hopper. Looks like a Lelit "Fred."
by majs2009
8 minutes ago
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

Anyone here on January dispatch for their P64 order? Did you get your shipping notification/grinder? I am wondering if Option-O are sticking with their schedule for P64 or they still have delays issue. My order is February dispatch. Should I expect a shipping notification within couple of weeks or am I being optimistic?
by Capuchin Monk
9 minutes ago
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Experience with Weber Unibasket

There's nothing crazy about that. However, if the wearer of those shoes posts claims on forums that he can now outrun Usain Bolt, then all bets are off
by cafeIKE
12 minutes ago
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VBM HX Jr - getting power but will not heat or re-fill boiler??

Does the machine have a low water switch? If that is bad, it won't allow the heater element Do you have power on both sides of the pressure stat?
by retireddude
15 minutes ago
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Londinium vs Decent?

As odd as the comparison seems, I considered a Decent along with Londinium when planning an upgrade from a Rocket R58. Ultimately, despite being a retired I.T. Worker, I decided that I didn't want to stare at a screen, choose options, make decisions and mess with technology first thing every morning. Also, after reading through a lot of
by cafeIKE
18 minutes ago
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Donut Extractions on Profitec Pro 800 - Basket/Dose?

Pucks are compost. Reading them ranks right up there with tea leaves or chicken bones. What does the water look like coming out of the shower screen during the pre-infusion? Try a shorter pre-infusion and a quicker ramp. If your prep is good, puck integrity could be compromised by very uneven wetting
by lassepavoni
20 minutes ago
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Mixing a soldering station and a popcorn machine...

Roasted my very first batch today. Totally underestimated the power of that little popper though and started out waaay too hot. I put 100g beans in with the fan running already and then switched on the heater. The first tipping and scorch marks didn't take long to appear... Ended up a rather fast and rather dark roast, but it might
by jpender
30 minutes ago
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How to Increase Sweetness with Cafelat Robot

In a Robot that hasn't been preheated in some way the temperature of the water declines very quickly after pouring it into the basket. Water at 212°F in the kettle will drop to 200° or less before you even get started with preinfusion. Thirty seconds later it might be at 180°. I'm not saying that starting with a lower
by Tonefish
30 minutes ago
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Few drops of 200f water on coffee puck before extraction is kinda preinfusion, no?

Seems like more of a blooming technique, with similar results though. Preinfusion usually involves pressure, with a minimum of boiler pressure and increasing from there by machine or technique
by Northernguy
36 minutes ago
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Faema Legend heating element regulation

I guess it's a phase issue as you say, but I'm no good with three-phase. I've got 230V between all phases, all the way from input to the relay, and on the "input" side of the element. Over the elements, only the upper one shows 230V, the two others are "crossed", that is 230V between no. 2 and 3 and