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by CincyWes
13 minutes ago
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Decent Espresso news

Currently the "Low Cost Model" is the DEpro. Is the DE+ no longer offered or is it temporarily not offered due to capacity and inventory choices. Thank you
by redcoat
16 minutes ago
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Latte Art Beginner - size & model pitcher? Size cup? other questions

Isn't a double typically more like 18 grams?
by ira
18 minutes ago
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Decent vs La Marzocco Linea Micra (or Mini)

The Decent software does magic things, nothing any other current machine can do. But the software is not perfect, if you've never found a problem, mor power to you. For some of use it's a somewhat constant series of surprises. I put up with it because of what the machine does and I wish it felt like development was moving
by Richard
18 minutes ago
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Olympia Express 'Mocha SD' grinder offering

Looks very much like the internals of the (now discontinued) Mahlkonig ProM
by Mochajoe
26 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

It just arrived, took about 4 weeks total time
32 minutes ago
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Torontonians - what's %Arabica like?

Was just there. Unfortunately I got to the register to order and was told I'd then need to wait 4x longer for my drink than I did in the lineup. No thanks. I can imagine it won't matter if I ever try this coffee considering the coffees I've tried and currently drink. Also $20 for 200g.
by bobkat
34 minutes ago
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ECM Synchronika Complete Rebuild

To the OP Steve......have you considered R Pavlis water....and doing away with the plumbed in idea? have to manually fill the tank...and yes you have to source distilled water and potassium bicarbonate....but the end result is you won't have the corrosion issues you have experienced. I am not sure of your set up placement. I am fortunate to have
by redcoat
34 minutes ago
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Help with issues exposed by bottomless portafilter!

Hi all, Relative newbie to espresso. Just switched to naked portafilter and am stumped as to why I'm not seeing the good results I was expecting. Equipment: Profitec Pro 600 (adjusted to 9 bars pressure) Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder (with single dose hopper) IMS Basket 58mm 18 gram Nanotech Baristapro Precision Ridgeless Double Espresso Basket WDT needles Normcore
by Rwatkins
38 minutes ago
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Mythos burrs in Eureka Drogheria MCD4 85mm

Hello John, My name is Rhys Watkins and I own a scientific coffee company. We have considered testing what you are doing but have been unable to justify the expences as the burr designs look to be the same except for size. Do you believe the burr design to be the same with a different coating?
by ira
42 minutes ago
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Pasquini Livia 90 faulty relay

If when the relay clicks, it then opens and clicks again repeating that forever, it's likely a bad power supply in the controller. If I was guessing, I'd say the replace the diode bridge and electrolytic capacitor, but that's just a guess