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by Chris Nias, 24 minutes ago in Grinders
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98mm Burr set Shuriken LM vs SSP HU

Anyone have experience with this both burr set? I need a little explanation of the difference in the taste in espresso shot, actually for light to medium roast
by MaKoMo, 39 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Navigating Artisan - Getting the Most from Artisan's Tools

We hope that RoyalCoffee will again provide a recording that we can publish on the {video}. I'll try to join the webinar to support Dave and Evan tomorrow
by austted, 46 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Royal Vallelunga Leva

Just lucked upon this post "Lever machine workflow" which I found very useful . My only residual concern is whether the water inlet controls {eg Non return valve, two way solenoid etc } operate differently to say that on the L1 - L3? Cannot see any reason why they would
by Denisse1617, 59 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Lelit Bianca v2 for $2200 or Breville Dual Boiler for $1700. Please help me choose

My husband wants the decent but I'm more frugal than him and I keep telling him so so much more $$ than the Breville. Do you feel that the value is there? It's over twice the price if we add shipping. My husband likes all the tech stuff but I don't care as much lol
by foen, Today, 1:56 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Rancilio Epoca S1 steam boiler pressure

Thank you, how I can set opv valve? It's just like silvia one? Usually it was set a 15 bar?
by Jeff, Today, 1:38 am in Espresso Machines
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Sanremo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

ECS should be carefully examined as to what warranty you're getting. It's one thing to buy a gray market, entry-level grinder. Quite another for an expensive machine, especially as shipping damage is not uncommon, even shipped on a pallet
by blutch, Today, 1:13 am in Grinders
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Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

Thanks for that clarification. I think this is the next step. It may be a few days before I can find the time to do it. I had such difficulties before, I'm a little gunshy to do it again
by Yan, Today, 1:11 am in Grinders
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Orphan Espresso Apex Grinder

So the RDT really don't change the retention, btw the cw and ccw and open and close the grind setting wasn't for your retention it's for the feeding problem when you're only using the funnel like my setup, now you are still using the funnel + spring auger right? So no need to do the cw, ccw, open close
by Jeff, Today, 12:51 am in Buying Advice
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Great espresso machines with 15 min warm-up

Cafelat Robot Flair 58 Arrarex VAM/Caravel (vintage) Faema Faemina (vintage) Strietman Argos Odyssey (assuming it meets expectations) Close-coupled machines like the Lelit Elizabeth or the Breville (Sage) Dual Boiler The MaraX or Bianca might be reasonably stable after 15 min I'm not a fan of thermoblock machines at prices less than the DE1. I think that
by Plinyyounger, Today, 12:16 am in Buying Advice
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Buying Advice - ECM/Decent/Lelit

I can only tell you my experiences with a Profitec 700 (ECM sister company and machine) and the Decent. I loved the pro 700 but my sister wanted it and so I ended up with a decent, lol. I could make awesome coffee with the 700, I was so confident that I didn't think a machine with a much bigger