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Crown Jewel Roasting thread -Ecuador Pichincha Galo Morales Natural Typica & Sidra

As i like to say....different and interesting... are not the same thing as "good". Is coffee supposed to taste like flowers? Pipe tobacco? Wine? Green apples? Do most people want their coffee to taste like things like that? The answer is simply a resounding no. It's nothing but things that a cofee
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Breville Dual Boiler Mods and Maintenance

I see now. Yes, a soldering iron. Or, just cut the wires and use butt connectors or wire nuts to splice in the new wire assy
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High end grinder update time

Yes i live in northern europe I dont know what GOD model of major is? But i got the mazzer major electric version (6 buttons and a little red display on top of the funnel, just to be clear) I want to experiment with all blends in espresso. I dont mind its less modern, but i do like
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Handmade coffeemachine

I have tested my machine for last 3 monthes and sometimes it was errors with pressure and temperature. Finally I have found the reason: the heater element insulation failure. Now I need to change it, but it will be very hard because the case I designed do not allow me to do it. So I need to disassemble
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High end grinder update time

The Nautilus is way beyond OP's budget. Is your Major a doser model (and do you singledose) or a GOD model? The Major in itself is a pretty good grinder already and the Ceado won't be an upgrade. Only downside if you own a GOD Major is the massive retention. My main question at this point
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Electric grinder equivalent to Kinu M47 for espresso?

This is great Jeff thanks! I took some time to look into these grinders and I think maybe I will go with a lagom mini or df64... and if I am not satisfied with the shots I am pulling I will save up for a p64. Based on your experience... Solely on the ability to utilize
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High end grinder update time

It sounds as if the OP probably lives in continental Europe. If so, how about the Titus Nautilus?
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La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter Popping out

Sounds like your bottomless handle wants a thicker group gasket. Compare the height of the ears on your handles from the top to see if they're noticeably different
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ECM Classika PID went blank

Not working. Also, the machine doesn t heat
by SutterMill, Today, 12:45 am in Buying Advice
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Budget $1,000-$1,500: Upgrading manuals to electric grinder/espresso machine

I had to smile at the outcome of this thread. A budget of $1500 ended up being double. Just FYI. I'm still a newbie but have had a Niche and Sette side by side. For me the taste in the cup was really close. Too close for me to tell apart in most cases. While the Niche grinds