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by gscace
11 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Swan

Well it seems that I have the first La Marzocco Swan grinder in the USA. IMO the Swan is an important advancement in espresso grinders, addressing key grinding issues with very smart engineering solutions. Grinds retention issues due to static charge are solved by passing ground coffee through an electric field that eliminates static charge, called an ion ring by
by spike
12 minutes ago
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New Quick Mill Pop and Quick Mill Pop Up

I realize this is a few months old but a) I'm wondering if there is any new information, and b) this unit has a boiler for coffee and a thermoblock for steam only according the Quickmill site, wondering if anyone has tried it
by MNate
14 minutes ago
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Extracamundo! Temperature adjustments?

I use it about half the time as well (Adaptive the other half) with medium roast from a Weber Key. So despite what it's "designed for" sometimes it's the better recipe for me. I play with temp only a little. I was surprised it is set so low too. While not super hard to play with some
by LBIespresso
16 minutes ago
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Drum roast profile on a fluid bed

If it helps here are my 2 favorite roast profiles on my Ikawa Pro with 80 grams: {image} {image} Above profile: is always brighter and more acidic with lighter body. {image} {image} Above profile: is always a tad darker and more developed with more body. I am surprised but with 5 different coffees this has
by AndyFell
16 minutes ago
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Lelit Bianca, low pressure at grouphead

First post here. I've had a scan round previous posts but can't find an answer. If any of the terms I use are a bit wrong/confusing, apologies. Pretty new to all this. Bianca has been great until now. I don't change my beans, and make tiny changes to grind size batch to batch. Pressure at the group
by JRising
29 minutes ago
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La Nuova Era Cuadra - pump continuously working

You have proven that the pump is creating flow, right? If you raise the control lever, it pumps water through the brew circuit? When you lower the lever, where does the water go?
by Quester
32 minutes ago
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Making the last Pharos [VIDEO]

So great. Thanks for posting!
by Joola
33 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini R

Okay, thanks. So what I'm finally understanding is that it's still a black base but your camera sensor makes it look white because of the glare. I was confused by your prior "it came like that from LM" response when I asked how you modified the frame to be white. Cheers
by mgrayson
34 minutes ago
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ACS waiting times

I tried again to convince US Customs of the manufacturer's address. This is the best I could come up with Elcor-S.r.l Via Malatesta, 39 B, 80049 Somma Vesuviana, Naples, Italy Does anyone have a better address for the ACS factory? DHL says they're on the case, but I haven't heard anything from them. Thanks! BTW
by radioradio
39 minutes ago
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Fellow news and information!

Ok, I tried a faster feed today and no "jamming". Thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep an eye on it and see if that is the final solution. I have a support request in with Fellow as well. Thanks again