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by Ducasd1
7 minutes ago
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How to drain a Conti NL compact?

Can anyone help draining this boiler? I see the drain valve but it goes with pipe into a junction of main supply Tnx:) {image} {image} Ps. What will happen if I turn it all the way? It goes out?
by Oskuk
18 minutes ago
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Mahlkönig Vario Sparking from Circuit Board

These are, in many ways intersting ones -at least some masochistic way. I got again another broken Vario, which was "probably motor" for free. This was stuck of coffee, but coils are ok, and motor runs, but not the way these should. BTW the belts are harder to find nowadays here in Nordic, or plenty pricey. It is kind of
by Balthazar_B
19 minutes ago
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Cafelat Robot User Experience

It's a benefit, but it's a bit more complicated than that: * At best, it's a minor benefit since comparatively speaking the thin-walled basket is not that great at heat retention -- just compare how well the heavy portafilter retains heat compared with the basket -- so you have to work fast to gain much benefit. * Since water
by jwCrema
19 minutes ago
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User experience - Niche Duo 83mm flat burr grinder

The motor shaft does not spin true on the Duo like other grinders I've owned. It is about .5mm out of true on mine; this is the cause of the shaking in my machine. Espresso or filter carrier will have the same result. I am going to contact Niche. If I don't get resolution
by JayBeck
34 minutes ago
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Pietro by Fiorenzato - vertical flat-burr manual grinders

Has anyone found a good carry case with foam for this grinder yet? I've been looking at Amazon and it looks like there are several decent options. Wanted to check and see if anyone else has found the 'perfect fit yet' to transform this into the ultimate travel grinder. Thanks!
by StoicDude
36 minutes ago
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HOST Milan 2023 news and rumors

I'm not sure how to post this, but with HOST coming up, I think it would be fun to see some of the new things coming out. Saw this today, so it prompted this post. Mazzer said 2 new grinders at HOST. Looks like they are going with grind by weight from what I can tell from
by JayBeck
36 minutes ago
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Weber Workshops Key MK.II

I think that is perception. The new 'hopper' is 30% larger per the promotional materials so what I think you're seeing is the deeper 'hopper' that the lid sits on
by bettysnephew
39 minutes ago
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The Force Tamper different base options

I have the "ribbed" version with concentric circles around the face and found it to be some what of a gimmick that yielded no benefits that I could discern. I also have the flat face with the grooming bar which I find to add a considerable level of repeatability to my extractions. Just set it on the basket, give a
by Sal
51 minutes ago
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New coffee varietals poster from World Coffee Research [PDF]

Very interesting. So, do you know if the original Arabusta in Côte d'Ivoire is manmade or natural cross-species hybridization like what has happened to the hybrid in Timor? The World Coffee Research which published the poster mentioned in OP seems to be using the term "Arabusta" for the experimental hybrides they are working on. BTW, the varietal Catimor
by Selvy
51 minutes ago
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Turin DF64V Grinder

I know as coffee enthusiasts we all care about flavor foremost, but (usually tiny) differences like burr coating IMO pale in comparison to QoL things like size, ease of use, and especially noise level of grinder. I hated the loud thundering of my Barista Pro grinder and love that the 64V is nearly silent when spinning (only sound is from