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by Pressino
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E61 User Experience

One thing that might help is to use a puck screen, which does a great job of keeping fine coffee grit from getting up into the shower screen, while still allowing a very little bit of coffee "oils" to get up you could flush without detergent most of the time. You might need (very infrequently) to use some (not
by KanzaKruzer
17 minutes ago
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Upscale Home Based Lever Machines

As I continue my research, the updated Profitec Pro 800 appears to have several features that differentiate it from the Bezzera Strega. I'll check out the HB forum threads, but am surprised the 800 did not receive more support in this thread
by renatoa
18 minutes ago
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Arco by goat story

What about using double adhesive tape between the body metal and sleeve
by BSdV
31 minutes ago
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Question regarding Comandante for v60

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not, but the water hardness can make a huge difference in the bloom as well. Each time when I'm coming home after several months of using almost distilled water I'm noticing the huge increase in the bloom. For the rest nothing special here. With the C40 anywhere between 22 and 26
by P4RS4
34 minutes ago
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Avanti Siena Deluxe Plumb-in Only?

Update. Used a larger syringe and primed it more forcibly and it worked!
by Ben Z.
53 minutes ago
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Making an Odd Ball Gasket

you could 3d print a mold and then cast one out of silicone
by JamesB517
Today, 12:48 pm
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New Hoffmann One Cup V60 Video!

James Hoffmann released a one cup V60 video a few days ago, and it's somewhat different from his original technique. Its essentially just a flat pouring speed with 10 second breaks between each pour. I used Onyx's Geometry blend and it was very good! I have always been somewhat frustrated that his original technique, which I like a lot, did
by buckersss
Today, 12:44 pm
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Ceado E37S just a shade too tall

From the looks of my Ceado maybe you can just remove the feet and replace them with rubber or felt pads
by JRising
Today, 12:42 pm
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E61 User Experience

Yes, though I'll have to leave it to someone with Scace to tell you how much offset there is, the manual doesn't talk about it
by pcofftenyo
Today, 12:26 pm
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

Having come from a single boiler/vibe pump machine to the Linea and limited discussion on it at that point in time, its good to know about the rotary pump bypass valve adjustability for brew pressure. And thanks for the clarification regarding machine temp system differences. I'm speculating that might be a significant one - The PID probably