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by lancealot
2 minutes ago
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Best Coffee Cities in America 2023

In other words, just an economic data scrape. No qualitative knowledge of the city's local coffee scene
by jmc999
25 minutes ago
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Beginner's solution to single basket espresso

You could try to make your own half caf blend of decaf and regular caf beans and pull regular doubles
27 minutes ago
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Profitec Pro 800 - high boiler pressure, direct water connection

Dear all, Yesterday I plumbed in my Profitec Pro 800. A direct water connection via BWT pressure regulator set to 2.8 bar, a Bestmax premium filter and the aquameter. Everything seems to work okay except one strang behavior. The boiler pressure indicator goes rapidly to 2.5 instead of 1.25 bar. When I turn on
by Jaroslav
48 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

I think it would, yes. I'd go with the linked 70 Duro (pack of 4, perfect match to replace all 4 mounts). Their sorbothane is allegedly unmatched in absorbing vibrations, there's a really good chance this will be the perfect replacement. I've no way of getting these to Europe any time soon, but so far the silicone gel I've used
by GDM528
54 minutes ago
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Humidity sensor on exhaust - other gas sensors ?

Endurance Test! Set a new personal record for consecutive, back-to-back runs with my IKAWA Home: two runs empty, followed by twelve runs of greens with no pauses. Each run was an eight-minute curved ramp that produces a linearly-declining RoR. First crack set to roughly six minutes and ends at a City+ roast level. After two empty-chamber
by maximatica
1 hour ago
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Breville Dual Boiler "Slayer shots"?

No, I am trying to finish a quite complicated 8-piece product design. There are 8 pieces that fit together and I am changing things at the .35mm level to get everything to mate up. Thought I would be out of the woods by now but still a little ways to go. So, I looked at the arm after
by paulpark03
3 hours ago
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IKAWA discount for HB members

How much is the discount?
by JRising
Yesterday, 11:55 pm
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Saeco XSmall no water coming out - valve damaged?

Does the pump stall (or get really quiet and nearly stall) or does the water still go somewhere? Maybe to the tray?
by viteaux
Yesterday, 11:51 pm
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Next Level Pulsar Brewer

Been using mine for almost 2 weeks now. Doses between 12 grams up to 30 grams, using Gagne's recipe, have been amazing. Medium/fine grind (4 on an Ode Gen2) I've found I'm using smaller doses, but getting better results than my old Kalita Wave that I had dialed in rally well after 10 years of use. I've tried Lance's percolative
by JRising
Yesterday, 11:48 pm
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Quickmill Andreja Premium. Lots of water flows back to reservoir?

If the flow and pressure over the prep are good and it's making a good espresso, it might be just fine... How much is "Lots"?