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by bdubois61
7 minutes ago
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1983 Elektra Microcasa a Leva first use in 20 years

My microcasa a leva is the same vintage. Given the age, I would definitely get the gasket kit from Stefano as well as new piston seals(these piston seals are a royal pain to do!). Break it down completely. Mine had a little scale in the boiler but the tip of the little pipe that leads from the boiler to the
by Cranked
14 minutes ago
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Turin DF83 V2 Drifting Zero

Just a thought...possibly your machine is heating up between shots and warmer brew water is causing the issue. What happens if you grind the two doses as usual, but pull the first shot with the second dose?
by Coziest
26 minutes ago
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Nuova Simonelli Musica Steam Leak from the Hot Water Dispenser

Hey Stefano ! Thank you for you input ! Yes the Hot water valve is solenoid controlled. I did try what you said by removing the wires on the solenoid right after I posted this , and for some reason that I can't explain I even clicked the button to dispense the hot water
by Jake_G
31 minutes ago
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Sunbeam EM8000 Steam Control - is this normal?

Hey Arthur, Welcome to HB! I removed your second posting of this same question to clean things up a bit. I have no experience with this machine, so I'm not able to provide direct guidance on your issue. Your topic title is pretty vague, and your issue is pretty specific, so you probably aren't getting the attention
by JimRash
33 minutes ago
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La Peppina trips out RCBO

Hi, Chris, I just wanted to confirm that I got the Peppina working. I used an air gun to warm up the workings, I didn't want to take it apart and put it in the oven. Now working fine, thanks for your help
by Splatcat
1 hour ago
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What is wowing you 2023 (espresso edition)

I've got a new machine recently so I've been spending a fortune on new beans trying to find the holy grail. And tho I haven't tried Apollon or Dak yet, I've realized I have an absolute favorite and must have. It's not artisinal or expensive but it's my benchmark. {link}
by majs2009
1 hour ago
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Option-O Mizen 64mm Omni burrs for Lagom P64

I am interested to know if there is a different in taste for filter coffee between Mizen V1 and the new modified V2?
by Esteve
1 hour ago
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IKAWA online profile editor ( with QR codes )

With a lot of inspiration from the IKAWA Home - profiles thread I am releasing a beta version of an online tool to create and edit IKAWA profiles. It is mostly what I would have loved from the standard app to have. Open to feedback to add features to make it more useful. {link} It is by no
by Oskuk
4 hours ago
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Turin DF83 V2 Drifting Zero

Well, that is interesting point! As we know the coated burrs still are same stuff, only coated. Only thing I can guess is coating is so slippery that burrs are not heating?
by mainlyespresso
4 hours ago
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Bruni Brunella seals and disassembly

Finally got this down off the shelf and started disassembly. I was wrong above, not first version but second version. This one has no rear hole for filling. Mostly complete including drip tray and drip tray cover (which I think looks original). {image} I couldn't remove the piston from below, it was too tightly bound to the