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by tv79, 10 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Filtered Immersion Appreciation Thread

So far I've only been brewing medium roast coffees, but I'd think light roast would work fine if you preheat and use off-boil water. I haven't tried Sprometheus' recipe yet, but I have closed the valve during the bloom pour then opened for remaining pours. Results were good, but I haven't compared it to standard V60. Seems reasonable to
by Chert, 55 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Crown Jewel Roasting thread -Ecuador Pichincha Galo Morales Natural Typica & Sidra

Thanks Rick for distributing this one - it's really nice. I'm drinking a V60 of this sample roast and enjoying. My roast also falls off fast if this RoR curve is worth anything. I too don't get over the top sweetness intensity and the wush-wush anaerobic whaff is just enough. Day 5 post roast I am
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What coffee machine to get for cappuccino

Given your budget and your penchant for milk drinks, I don't think it is a bad way to go. Other options would be cobbling together something like a Robot or Flair, a hand grinder like Izpresso and some sort of milk steamer, or getting a Bambino and a hand grinder. The latter choice is cheaper and I would bet
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Weber Workshops Unifilter

Weber Workshops announced on Instagram today that their "dogleg" version that fits the Flair and Decent is live on the site now and will be shipping in a couple of weeks. {link} {link}
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Advice for "traditional" espresso machine in 2022

Thanks all for your input, Jeff, unfortunately the machine in marketplace is not a reservoir model. Noel, I don't really like the lever options for various reasons. If the Cremina wasn't so expensive, I would get that, maybe when I retire. If I decide to get into light roasts in the future, then I will consider it more.
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Relaunch of Espresso Forge

Hey Adam! So stoked to see you stumble upon the Espresso Forge and end up ordering one. The latest batch of Forges went out the door Tuesday so you should be seeing it today or tomorrow, really appreciate your support! Please shoot me an email ( if you have any questions about the Forge and/or just wanna talk coffee
by Mike-R, Today, 3:07 pm in Espresso Machines
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Maybe steam boilers just don't make dry steam, but does it matter?

Thanks for sharing the earlier post. Your experience makes sense to me from a thermodynamic standpoint. More heat loss should increase condensation, not decrease. I already tried my boiler at temperature settings as high as 132C (corresponding to 2 bar) and the spitting didn't change. But the spitting stopped once when the pump refilled my boiler while I
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Low Retention Single Dose Espresso Grinders that are Not Chinese?

You are correct. I have no issue with Taiwan and I have a deep respect and admiration for traditional Chinese culture. My small expenditures don't matter a whole lot, but to the extent I can, I try to make good choices
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Olympia Caffarex steam leak

I'm going to make the assumption that it has a fibrous gasket inside the cap to make the seal. Most Olympias do, but I don't know the Caffarex. Check inside the cap, if it has this seal: {link} then you might want to contact that retailer and ask them if it will fit a Caffarex.
by Mike-R, Today, 2:55 pm in Espresso Machines
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Maybe steam boilers just don't make dry steam, but does it matter?

I honestly don't see any spitting from your wand. The little spit at the end seems inconsequential. Thanks for posting, this is the kind of feedback I was looking for. I will say that my Synchronika does not seem to spit at all if I change the boiler pressure to 1bar. I found that out by