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by Deleuzer
6 minutes ago
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User Experience with the Argos lever espresso machine

I love the idea that someone out there sincerely believes that doing a a Fellini will "damage" a puck that is already getting blasted with very hot water at 8 bars of pressure already lolz, people are amazing
by rmongiovi
11 minutes ago
Forum: Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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New Fellow "Pro" Stagg Kettle Lid Problem

I just received the pro studio edition today. When the kettle is at room temperature the lid is just pleasantly snug. After heating my water you couldn't budge the lid with dynamite. I suppose it's good that this will make it unlikely to drip when decanting the last of the water in the kettle, but you'd better
by Keiichi
13 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra

I am experiencing the same every few weeks. I think it happens with the first shot the day after I emptied the water tank. Although for me it sounds more like a rattle
by ira
29 minutes ago
Forum: Coffee Roasting
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Small vs Big Roaster

I roast 2-3 100 gram batches in my Ikawa every weekend. I'm the only one here who drinks coffee. Like has been said before once you have a profile that works, you can pretty much leave it alone. I always have my IPad with the app up when roasting and wear headphones listening to music. The app stops music whenever
by StoicDude
31 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Pico

I'm kind of lost. What are you looking for that hasn't been addressed? Unless you are EXPECTING something to be different, maybe it is what it is
by Entreri
33 minutes ago
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Lagom P100 Owners, Help with Consistency

The reason he ask about beans, is that too fresh beans can behave like the issues you describe due to the fact that they haven't de-gassed enough yet. I will usually use beans earliest 2-3 weeks after roast, usually waiting until 4 weeks. I can't think of any issues with your grinder that could cause the effect you
by Sugarbeet
42 minutes ago
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Bought a Fellow Ode gen 2, grinds too coarse, does it need maintenance?

Great. Thanks. I had a chance to taste coffee from it in an aeropress and on setting of 1 (despite looking quite coarse) it was extremely bitter(too fine?) so perhaps I'm just not used to looking at grinds that come out from it and there will be no problem with it being too coarse. IDK
by yakster
51 minutes ago
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Small vs Big Roaster

That's pretty respectable. It takes me longer than that roasting on the Aillio Bullet with warm up and cool down times added
by FiddleRoaster
58 minutes ago
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La Marzocco Pico

Useful. But really vague and repeats what has already been said
by TobiasFunke
1 hour ago
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Turin DF64V Grinder

Hi there. I'm very tempted towards getting this grinder, however I keep reading in reddit issues with stalling at low (less than 1000) rpm. Apparently newer units have this new board. Is this still the case? Any other issues? My purpose would be pour over with ssp mp