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by Pressino, 19 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Ultrasonic cleaning of puck screens?

I'd recommend Joe Glo followed by an ultrasonic rinsing bath of plain water. I have an ultrasonic cleaner and will try the experiment and report back
by Pressino, 24 minutes ago in Coffees
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Best instant coffee?

Ferrara Instant Espresso Coffee is drinkable, even when reconstituted as a cup of "brewed" coffee. Calling an instant coffee "drinkable" is the highest praise IMHO
by baldheadracing, 25 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Puck screen experience?

by erik82, 29 minutes ago in Grinders
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How much does it take to damage a grinder's motor?

If they use a decent motor this shouldn't be a problem nor haver damaged the motor. Especially if you didn't see smoke or smell anything funky
by Pressino, 29 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Puck screen experience?

I'm not an astrophysicist, but I have actually experimented by extracting espresso using exactly the same parameters with and without a puck screen (Normcore 1.7mm) and I found that EY is indeed increased with use of the puck screen. Maybe it was the coffee I was using, but the difference in EY was clear enough
by iyayy, 35 minutes ago in Grinders
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DF64 - retention issues even with declumper completely removed?

i diy thin soft flap. was interesred in the chute but since im happy with how it is im leaving it. without declumper i didnt like it. very messy with dark roasts. didnt really test retention, but there was enough dust everywhere on and inside that i quickly diy and installed some flap. i assume that managing chamber pressure
by TomC, Today, 12:54 am in Coffee Roasting
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Navigating Artisan - Getting the Most from Artisan's Tools

My bandwidth was a bit overwhelming today. Does anyone have an archived recording or access to it? I'm very interested
by addertooth, Today, 12:48 am in Coffee Roasting
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Misty Valley Yirgacheffe

kkoltunf, Let me break out my copious roasting notes.... Like all roasts, each one should be an improvement upon the former roasts. You do the math, look at moisture loss, and development time. You compare any loss of the "lighter notes" such as floral and fruity, and tune development to gain the best flavor the beans can
by ojt, Today, 12:48 am in Espresso Machines
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Sanremo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

I never really understood this secretive pricing logic that is so common at least in Italy. Just state the price, per market / region if necessary. Sell straight to consumers if at all possible like Marzocco. The actual price, with the exception of the phantomatic Espresso Coffeeshop, is way more than what was told me at the Host Milan
by TomC, Today, 12:38 am in Coffee Roasting
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Anthony Douglas WBC Roast Profile

Ensuring solubility and sweetness. Honestly, I don't take anything stated at the WBC to heart. It's a lot of bluster and BS for theatrical points. I do like his routine, effective conversation and patter, but I don't put a ton of weight into the specifics of how a barista on that stage relates to how the coffee was roasted