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by ira, 7 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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High end grinder update time

I don't think so much it was conicals that were the answer but that long enough ago the best grinders were shop grinders and the really good ones of those were conicals, but even in the Titan grinder test, a shot from a Rocky came out among the best. And Marshall gave up on conical grinders quite early when he
by syc, 9 minutes ago in Grinders
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Turin DF64P - Upgraded and updated DF64

I'm concerned about the adjustment as well - it looks like there is a much smaller linear distance over which you can make the adjustment, which lowers the precision available for espresso (unless they do away with settings on the french roast end), and the grind adjustment lever just seems less robust than turning the upper burr carrier.
by Jebez, 20 minutes ago in Coffees
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Looking for a New Medium Roast Espresso for Cappuccinos

Thank you @Milligan. I created an account on La Colombe's website last night, and was so very pleasantly surprised by their extremely fair pricing, stellar reviews, and offerings. I ordered a 12oz bag of the Nizza via subscription (free shipping!) and can't wait to try it and their other coffees as well as their SO espresso as you've suggested.
by Jebez, 28 minutes ago in Coffees
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Looking for a New Medium Roast Espresso for Cappuccinos

Thank you @spressomon. I've put George Howell's Brazil Daterra Espresso on my list. It sounds tasty
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Coffee & water slow from spouts

Nope, no cleaning settings - just the descaling! No worries, guess I'll have to live without her for a month or so Might also be worth noting that when switching on, during operation and switching off again there are some distasteful clunking sounds which really doesn't sound normal!
by Milligan, 42 minutes ago in Coffees
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Looking for a New Medium Roast Espresso for Cappuccinos

I had the Nizza in a cortado in one of the cafes in Chicago. It tasted just as you'd want in a daily comfort espresso. They also feature a rotating SO espresso. The best I've recently had is Cimarron's Court House blend. I'd recommend the 1kilo to get the free ship. They have 250g bags that
by macal425, 42 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Need help pulling a decent espresso...

I had the BBE for around 1.5 years, until I upgraded a few months ago, and got quite adept at using it with the limitations it has, so hopefully I can help you. It looks as if you are doing a lot of things right, so my initial thinking is that the beans are to blame. I would definitely
by BaristaBoy E61, Today, 10:29 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Lelit Diana Compression Fitting at Tube to Steam Wand

You can also tighten the silicone tube onto the fitting with an appropriate sized nylon tie wrap, snipping off the excess nylon
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Decent DE1 - New buyer advice

Yeah, stick to a bean you know and like. And I'd just start with the standard starting place: the Gentle and Sweet profile. Take your time making a consistent shot before you start exploring and changing parameters (the graph can definitely help show how consistent you are). I'd really avoid the various adaptive-style profiles for several months until you really
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Need a good all-around coffee bean

I followed your advice and ordered Gamma, Super Nova and Black Out for the more classic taste my guests prefer in their cappuccinos. I find that I am underwhelmed with these coffees. What do you recommend for temperature, extraction time and yield?