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by Jeff, 5 minutes ago in Grinders
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Kinu m47 electric grinder equivalent for espresso?

Welcome! What is your price range? What style of espresso do you like (classic or light-roast)? What flavor aspects do you like in your espresso? How many shots do you usually make in a day?
by Capuchin Monk, 7 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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What is the best coffee in the world like?

Wait till the "food replicator in Star Trek" becomes a reality
by ExpressSo, 14 minutes ago in Grinders
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Kinu m47 electric grinder equivalent for espresso?

I was wondering if anyone with experience with a m47 and a variety of electric grinders could comment on what electric grinders would give the same quality grind as a m47 and what electric grinders would be even better than the m47 for espresso? I'm asking because I am planning on getting a flair and I feel like
by spressomon, 23 minutes ago in Coffees
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Looking for a New Medium Roast Espresso for Cappuccinos

I've been enjoying George Howell's Brazil Daterra Espresso in cappuccinos. Medium roast, lower acidity and nice flavors as described with emphasis on the dark chocolate and toasted hazelnut flavor notes. This is my 2nd 2lb bag of it since first trying it a couple months ago...and will order it again. {link}
by Marmot, 27 minutes ago in Water
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Tokyo Tap Water

Haha, you're right! I should have remembered that design as well. Looks like they waited for the patent to run out
by espresomania, 43 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Lever Espresso Machine Gallery

Levers table from Suceava Romania {image} {image}
by Jeff, 45 minutes ago in Grinders
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Orbit grinder from Acaia

Now said to be in production. US-only drops "in September". {link}
by Elagins, Today, 12:18 am in Grinders
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Baratza Sette 30 Stepless Hack?

No shims yet. Got the grinder in March and burrs are just settling in after about 18# of beans. Currently grinding a medium roadt Nicaraguan at 5-6. I expect I'll be installing shims in the next couple of months. Gonna play with dose +/- 0.5g for a week or two and see where it goes. Thanks for all
by darian, Yesterday, 11:52 pm in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Bianca Rattling Sounds

Hello all, I've recently noticing some rattling sound on my bianca, not sure if it has always been there, but now notice. I am not sure if these sound should be concerning or expected, but usually the rattle happens on my first shot. Some people have told me that it might be the drip tray, so this morning right
by BaristaBoy E61, Yesterday, 11:46 pm in Buying Advice
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High end grinder update time

The Mahlkonig E65S burrs are the same flat burrs as in the Mahlkonig K30 Vario, 65mm that punch above their weight, probably because of the geometry and perhaps the quality of manufacturing by Mahlkonig