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Viebiemme Domobar boiler not filling.

I just replaced a faulty heater Tested machine and tank filled up correctly with switch in position. Could hear pump running and verified boiler filled. Tuned switch to position 2 and boilervheated up. Ran some water through group head and could hear pump running fine. Ran some water out of the hot water wand. But
by benb
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Lelit Bianca User Experience

Thanks, Jim. It makes sense that you're optimizing for maximum flow and I really appreciate your detailed explanation. I've seen some of your posts on other threads as well (and a YouTube video on flow profiling) which have been super interesting and informative
by aidabatlle
25 minutes ago
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Aida Batlle Selection: Washed Kilimanjaro Discussion

So I now realize I should have explained myself better. So what I was referring to was what happens down here. From the time we pick the cherries, sort, process them for seeds for our nursery or to get them ready for buyers; commercial roasters and home roasters alike. Farms not only coffee ones, make you get your hands
by Giampiero
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Please help -Takes 16 seconds to hit 9 bar pressure!

If not mentioned before, maybe the priming valve of the pump still release water a bit longer than normal. Going to the water reservoir there are 2 silicon pipes, the one without the plastic filter at the end is a pipe connected to the OPV and to the priming valve, if once you lift the group lever up, to activate
by baldheadracing
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Rob Hoos' Tipping and its Avoidance: a Style Guide for Coffee Roasters (PDF)

I think that the location depends on the airflow path of the roaster. For example, on my traditional cast-iron solid-drum roaster, I put the probe at the back just behind the drum at the same height as the top of the airholes drilled in the back of the drum, and, fortunately for me, Hoos is in agreement for that
by GoBlueInOak
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IMS Nanotech basket - two things happening

Exact same problem. Recently purchased an IMS 18g basket with the nanotech coating. I am seeing no signs of channeling in the puck. Dosing 18g in. I am for about 41g out, at 25 -30 seconds - with a medium-dark roast from Mr Espresso. Every time, all I get is rain.
by templeofstupid
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Fellow news and information!

Hi Nick, Following up as promised. Thanks very much for the pointers here. They've made quite an improvement. Here's what I did based upon your advice and a few other bits I was able to scrape off other forums while searching for Ode SSP Chemex users. I took your advice and switched to a bloom, followed by
by Derryisreal
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Molykote 111 vs CFL651 Grease

Neither is great. As forum member Kolu said use PTFE based grease. Londinium offers one such: {link} It is food safe
by Ken5
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Molykote 111 vs CFL651 Grease

I asked this in another thread, but since it was buried in a thread of a different topic I decided to move it to it's own thread instead. Does anyone know how Filter Logic's 'Silicone Lubricant CFL651' compares to Molykote 111 when it comes only to food safety? I know that Molykote is well known on this forum
by heytchap
1 hour ago
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Anyone Try the Drobi Brewer?

Just get a Vietnamese phin, it's basically the same thing