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by mborkow, 26 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Stuff about espresso that I wished I knew when I started out

Next time a friend or colleague asks what espresso equipment they should get, I'm sending them a link to this post!
by AlexanderD, 58 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Post a pic of your home espresso setup...

Here is my current set up: Linea Mini Titus Nautilus Puqpress {image} {image}
by Alslaw, Today, 7:16 pm in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Red La Pavoni base

I have a second gen La Pavoni base that I had powder coated in a deep red. It had some rust that was removed and properly prepped (media blasted) before applying the powder coat. There are some ridges on the underside from the rust if you look close enough. I have too many projects on my bench and not enough
by Nate L2, Today, 7:07 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Kaleido M10 Pro - Artisan issue

LuckyMark, That may be the option. I'll reach out to them. Thanks!
by Radio.YYZ, Today, 6:43 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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Flair 58

Flair 58 puck screen that i have is about 1.8mm, measured with a caliper. Generic amazon one i have is 1.7mm
by LObin, Today, 6:20 pm in Lever Espresso Machines
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La Pavoni soap bubbles every time I start foaming

Happy I could help! I believe it has something to do with trapped air inside the boiler but I'm not sure why this phenomenon is common on La Pavoni's but not on HX machines, even though they both have vacuum relief valves (on post-mills that is). I've used the OE steam tip for a while and it's really
by Richard, Today, 6:18 pm in Knockbox
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George Howell Website Issue

While you're at it, fully clear the cache
by Chert, Today, 6:14 pm in Coffee Roasting
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Yemeni auction lots, 150 gram samples

Funny you should say that. I would be pleased to swap samples with someone using a dedicated samples roaster programmed for Yemen coffees. That could be eye opening. I had a popcorn popper I was working on to connect to one of my TC4 controllers, but I managed to burn it up in one of my test
by Nunas, Today, 6:05 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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How essential is thread locking glue?

by Mad Scientist, Today, 5:58 pm in Knockbox
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The craziest %#*$ing thing I've seen all day...

A missed opportunity on your part to teach custom latte art. Man you could have "milked it" for all it was worth!