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Slow rising brew pressure and non-working steam gauge on Profitec Pro 700

Here's a screen capture showing the difference: {image} The onboard pump pressure gauge is tee'd immediately after the pump while the brewhead one is downstream of the gicleur; I'd expect the latter to read lower than the former, at least until it's fully pressurized. If you want a more accurate reading from the brewhead, you'll need to let
by astone4buyers
4 minutes ago
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ECM Synchronika Boiler Sequencing

Does anyone know how to set the Synchronika up to head both boilers simultaneously instead of sequentially? Is it a PID controller configuration or a jumper wire that is needed to turn it on? In the ECM manual it states only a special dealer can set that up for us, but I would like to set that up
by IamOiman
8 minutes ago
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Lever Espresso Machine Gallery

There is no lever group that I 'prefer' over others overall. However if forced to choose it would be a slight edge with the Gaggia group, partially due to the cool design. Serviceability is not the best though compared to other designs so it is not a group I'd recommend for long term use without knowledge and tools to work
by Pressino
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Air Popcorn Popper Roast Profiles

The main problem with developing popcorn popper roast profiles will be the inability of most of them to allow thermostatic control of temperature and control of fan speed. Sweet Maria's Popper is an exception, but still benefits from adding a digital thermocouple. I suppose with a lot of electronic DIY skills one could modify a standard popcorn maker to do
by homeburrero
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Rooftop rainwater to concrete tank and espresso?

Thanks for reporting back. I'm a little perplexed as to how it might end up with very high alkalinity and very low hardness. Any chance you can share some actual numbers from that LM NZ analysis?
by Socalsteve
20 minutes ago
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[FS] Kafatek WDT all black x 2

Hi all, I use a different WDT tool that I am fond of, so my Kafatek all black version is for sale. I actually have 2 of these, if someone wants both, I will sell both for $185. $100.00 (each) shipped to the lower 48. No international shipping please. PM me here or at Thank
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Passalacqua coffee with expiration date mid 2023 - worth buying?

I had considered ordering from Europe directly, but due to the shipping price I wrote it off in hopes of finding something more local. I've seen Cantina Coffee pop up a few times now, I think I'll give them a shot! I just ordered a couple pounds from Spella Caffe in Portland also
by Trjelenc
30 minutes ago
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What does a "Holiday Blend" mean to you?

Now I'm tempted to pick up some of them nugs! But I also think I narrowed down the roast profile of each of the 3 coffees in my blend. Took me several roasts of each to get something balanced. Right now, the blend and individual components taste very good to me. I think it tastes like a very crowd-pleasing
by Royal Coffee
30 minutes ago
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Bay Area: coffee shop with lever espresso machine

A little late to the party here, but Blue Bottle used to have a Kees van der Westen Idrocompresso 3-group at their WC Morse location in Oakland. Unfortunately their website isn't helpful in providing updates on the current state of the different cafes (likely because there are too many to keep tabs on now!). You can also help
by yakster
33 minutes ago
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Bay Area: coffee shop with lever espresso machine

On the way to Monterey, Acme Coffee in Seaside has a 3 group Astoria lever. I believe they serve darker Italian style espresso and you'd want to check their hours closely, I've stopped in a few times and missed them. It's a walk up location with no inside seating. Circling back to Barefoot Coffee, they closed the roll-up bar