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by homeburrero
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Help with Water Recipe / Products for Pourovers

Are you sure that Scott Rao expressed that opinion? I've not heard him write or say that in posts or podcasts, and I know he recommended TWW as a good choice for folks participating in his Facsimile online cup-along sessions a year or so ago. I think you'd be fine with the Barista Hustle to begin
by DerSchoeneBahnhof
34 minutes ago
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Latte Heart Size

Aw, that is really cute and good definition. Nice Am still struggling with the ripple heart. I'll get there one day. Once the ripple base is mastered, that seems to be the base for tulips and rosettas as well
by Jeff
36 minutes ago
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1zpresso KPlus Recipes or Grind settings

For April two-pour 13:200 g, April or faster paper, and light or ultra-light coffees I grind on 7 or a couple clicks finer. I recall Rolf mentioning grind size when he discussed the K-series with the April dripper, though I don't recall if he mentioned larger brews
by Splunge
41 minutes ago
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La Marzocco GS/3 AV - change of steam boiler vacuum breaker

Curiously, my 2 yr old MP has a silicone tube from the vac breaker and a vinyl tube from the safety. Not sure why... {image} {image}
by Paris92
52 minutes ago
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Build quality on par with La Marzocco?

I was really disappointed when I saw the fit and finish of the LM prosumer units, as compared to ECM and Profitec actually. I expected more
by lagoon
Yesterday, 11:48 pm
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La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

I would do it the same way as other plumbed machines. Every week or so, slowly run a jug or two of hot water through it, along with some espresso cleaning powder. Importantly, this also flushes out the drain hose, which can clog up in 'flattish' sections. Then very occasionally, remove the drip tray and hand scrub it
by Jeff
Yesterday, 11:48 pm
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Sey Coffee

That's definitely a guess. Even medium-roast coffee tastes "off" fresh out of the roaster. Or consider a wine maker -- they can be years or decades out until their product is at its prime. You select your roaster based on their reputation to provide the quality of greens and roasts that you expect at their price point and a
by Ah_J
Yesterday, 11:42 pm
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[PROMO] LeverCraft Ultra Grinder

Agreed since I found there is still a market within China for a 2nd hand machine with a raised price... it's a pity to ignore those valuable comments (free engineering consultation ) to make it in the top notch
by SutterMill
Yesterday, 11:33 pm
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Sey Coffee

Just a guess, but they don't
by BaristaMcBob
Yesterday, 11:18 pm
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Upcoming induction espresso machine (Heylo)

I appreciate the innovation