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by OttoMatic
12 minutes ago
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Breville Dual Boiler gurgling, Brand New machines x 2

It's hard to tell from my end. Is it fully heated? (How long has it been on?) Has it had a chance to totally fill with water? Sometimes machines are a little weird when they are brand new and just filling reservoirs, boilers, lines, etc. How much water in total have you run through the machine?
by Jeff
15 minutes ago
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Espresso shot - coffee appears immediately - problem?

"18 g in, 36 g out, in 25 seconds" or whatever is merely a benchmark that becomes familiar with time. Experience will get you to the point where you sense that, for example, for the amount of bitterness you taste, two notches finer on the grinder will get you closer to a good shot. Grind, dose, and ratio will
by Jeff
24 minutes ago
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Inconsistent extractions on Breville Bambino Plus

In addition to my post of the 15th, with the exception of a handful of traditional Italian roasters, "best by" is best avoided. Virtually all supermarket brands are crap. A good roaster is better than a mediocre local one. What does your local cafe that has espresso you enjoy use? I'd look for a medium-dark roast, not oily, that suggests
by jpender
25 minutes ago
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Mobile or hotel room brewing?

You might think that but you're wrong. And while reaching for the improbable don't forget to include infectious prions in the mix. It's not completely impossible that someone with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease washed their underpants in your hotel kettle. Of course it can happen. It's naive to think that strict regulations translate into strict adherence. There are certainly food workers
by erik82
44 minutes ago
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Mazzer Philos Comments

Why would a Mazzer be inferior as they have way more experience than Zerno and own tons of equipment for building gear that Zerno will never own. And you do know that the marker test is by far a good test for proper alignment as there's much more to alignment. I do think you're underestimating Mazzer. And as Jim
by espressoren
54 minutes ago
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La Marzocco releases Brew by Weight for Linea Mini

I get something kind of like that with my DIY version and standard Acaia scale, but I figured it was a glitch in the Bluetooth library or scale library software and not the scale itself. It will always "connect" immediately, but occasionally it will connect and won't send data, so I don't get weight numbers. I then have to
by Jonk
56 minutes ago
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Mazzer Philos Comments

There's a high probability those i200d won't fit in an Ode. The other 64mm Mazzer (OEM) burrs normally don't AFAIK. Just to share my experience, I haven't noticed obvious differences between SSP MPv1 ("brew"/"unimodal v1") mounted in a Mazzer Mini E or Fellow Ode. Very minor if any, swapping them back and forth. With 50Hz outlets they should spin
by JRising
1 hour ago
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Miele CM5200 Brew Issues

F1Fault code - NTC temperature sensor - Through-flow heater (1R30) short-circuited F2Fault code - NTC temperature sensor - Through-flow heater (1R30) open-circuited Those are the only 2 I see... But perhaps check the wiring and resistance of the NTC sensor. (Probably around 100 KOhms at room temp)
by Dago52
1 hour ago
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La Marzocco Linea Micra

Love the yellow & congrats!! We also debated between the yellow & red & ended up with the red. Enjoy