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by zix, 1 minute ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

truemagellan: Yeah, you are talking about the Brikka, for instance, maybe? I have no idea how goodly or badly this is implemented, but would be really interested to hear from a user. I do many pulls at around 3 bars with my manual leva (Strietman ES3) and they can be great - it is just that they are
by baldheadracing, 2 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Is there a definition for the mesh size of the filter basket?

IMS publishes specs for their baskets: {link}
by Chuck12345, 11 minutes ago in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Screening out fines with a vibratory shell polisher?

Thats my hope too...I will let you know the results
by gobucks, 15 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Elizabeth Owner Experience

So my working theory is that the issue is the 110v power supply. 110v, 15A in the US is quite a bit less power than in Europe, and the total power draw of both boilers fully on is 2400w, which is more than the ~1550W a US outlet can supply. My guess is that when the steam boiler
by YeetSkeeterson, 24 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

This is correct but more often than not I rate my settings in relativity, as in even though there are numbers available, they're not necessary or particularly convenient. If the Comandante somehow implemented numbers, my setting would still be clarified in "clicks". It's different with the Lagom. If the zero point was at zero, and I measured my desired
by Chrikelnel, 30 minutes ago in Buy/Sell
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[WTB] Piston pressure kit for Strietman CT2

Looking for a Naked Portafilter piston pressure kit for the CT2 and matching lid. Located in Northern California but will pay shipping. Thanks!
by NotThatGuyAgain111, 33 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit MaraX Pump Installed in Mara

I have a plan to change the pump on my Lelit Victoria for a MaraX and to add a Quick Mill pulsor as well. How did you fit the pulsor? Any additional things to order for the connection. Do you happen to have a picture from the pump and pulsor connected? Main issue with Lelit Victoria is it's all so
by mreloc, 33 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P100

Has anyone gotten any insight into when the P100 may be available? The last update on the website was from last November. I've sent them an inquiry 4 days ago and I have not received any response (which I find a bit strange from a customer service perspective)
by LewBK, 34 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Moka Pot Brewing James Hoffmann

Although Hoffmann struggled on this one, one conclusion I drew from his video is that a heat diffusion plate really helps with moka pots. Has anyone here tried this? Does it lead to better tasting coffee?
by truemagellen, 44 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

I see i know there are some machines that have basically an OPV inline before the puck and so the pressure builds higher than just straight steam through the puck but usually those release at 2-3 bar and then it floods the puck with that rush of water where it is at high temp and cools a bit with the