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by beanbrowner, 32 minutes ago in Grinders
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Niche Zero: To RDT or Not to RDT

Definitely not. It's not recommended by Niche themselves and from my experience it leads to loads of gunk inside the grinding chamber when cleaning
by boren, 35 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Elizabeth Owner Experience

Darren, is this documented somewhere or did you reach this conclusion through observation?
by Dazzle12, 44 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Lelit Elizabeth Owner Experience

The brew boiler only fills after the shot is finished. This avoids temperature fluctuation. The steam boiler will refill during use if you are steaming 750ml or more milk in one go (eg for hot chocolates)
by beanbrowner, Today, 7:23 am in Grinders
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Sanding the burr carrier and collar on Niche Zero

My Niche is about 1.5 years old and has started drifting coarser while grinding. I tried ptfe tape on the threads as the Wired Gourmet suggested on YouTube, it worked great however the tape was always shredded when I pulled the grinder apart to clean it so I stopped using it. I tried replacing the springs with the
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Decent Espresso news

{image} Types of Olive wood handles Of the 1000 handles we had made from reclaimed, end-of-life Italian olive trees, we've accepted about 600 of them, and the other 400 will be reworked. And of those 600 sets (one of each size handle) my head-of-factory manager Nicole separated them into four categories that she made up:
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La Pavoni Europiccola 2021 - Bypassing the pressurestat

Part of that energy will be used to heat the kitchen as well ... on the other side, part of the energy will come from cooling of the remaining water in the boiler while pressure is decreasing (which will usually happen). For instance, cooling 0.5 kg of water by 10°C will give around 10 kJ, so even with heater off
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G-IOTA / DF64 espresso grinder

My hopper is dead thanks to the rats. Any idea where I can find a replacement in EU? ( is out of stock) {image}
by BodieZoffa, Today, 4:22 am in Buying Advice
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Profitec Pro 300 vs Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X

I have the Silvia Pro and find it to be exactly what I want/expect in a machine. Build quality/components used is top notch to last indefinitely and it's a very solid performer in the demitasse time and time again. Recovery between back-back extractions is quite fast and mine has been flawless for going on 1 year now, averaging 6-7 doubles
by GDM528, Today, 3:54 am in Grinders
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Hacking the DF64 exit chute

Sorry to hear about the clogging issue, especially having to dismantle it. The curvature of the exit chute allows a stick/probe to reach all the way to the burrs, so it's pretty remarkable that the coffee grounds would pack so firmly that a sharp toothpick can't break down the clog. Do you recall where the center of the
by mangoie, Today, 3:51 am in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Breville Dual Boiler - low flow, slow brew pressure

Hey, that first burst of water is something I have too on my bes900, so could be normal? (my machine is also acting a little weird) One test you could do is measure how much water your pump outputs per minute through the grouphead. Without preinfusion should be about 460ml/minute. Sometimes the o-rings go bad under te solenoid valve