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by drgary, 32 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Cafelat Robot User Experience

@ Welshdog: If you like coffee taste and you have a Robot and a Niche Zero, but you don't like straight espresso, I don't think you've learned to dial in. Also the country of origin has less to do with the tastes you're seeking than the roasting style. I would start with going to a good cafe, telling them your...
by Pressino, Yesterday, 11:31 pm in Coffees
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Allergic reaction to coffees from a specific geographic region (Yemen in my case)

Interesting. The article mentioned the patient has an allergy to nuts. I couldn't access the full article available in PDF format to get the specifics. It's possible the batch of coffee was contaminated with nuts. The article summary says the patient "tolerates" cardamon, ginger,and dairy products but shows a positive skin reaction to brewed "Arabic coffee" from Yemen with ginger...
by decent_espresso, Yesterday, 11:23 pm in Marketplace
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Decent Espresso news

{image} Article: how Decent uses Basecamp Basecamp CEO (and Decent owner) Jason Fried has written a nice article about how we use their software, with a focus on their most recently released "multiple tools" feature. {link} Basecamp is deeply, deeply used here, down the the factory floor, repairs, and in our supply chain. Each machine gets its own Basecamp page,...
by Swamp Thing, Yesterday, 11:01 pm in Knockbox
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"Coffee Bar" for Decent DE1XL set up advice?

Thanks! I'll check out that thread! 749 pages? I'll be a little busy for a while! The drip is just to ease the transition for my wife. The pitcher rinser on the Descent website (if you can find it!) looks perfect if you're used to European rinsing standards. I've never used a rinser, but the videos seem to show it...
by MNate, Yesterday, 10:59 pm in Knockbox
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"Coffee Bar" for Decent DE1XL set up advice?

I like left to right. Unfortunately my sink is stuck on the left so I have to work the other direction. -no sink, just pitcher rinser? If I only had one or the other I think I'd choose a sink. More versatile. You definitely need to rinse the portafilter. I don't know, can that be done well enough with a...
by redpig, Yesterday, 10:50 pm in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Arrarex/VAM Caravel pair and accessories

As I prepare for a move, I'm parting with some dearly loved "projects" and machines. Up for sale is a fully functional Arrarex Caravel v1.1 I bought in April of 2020 (from another HBer) and a VAM 1.0 I bought in 2013. In early 2020, I spilled water on the VAM and it shorted some of the ancient Italian wiring....
by MNate, Yesterday, 10:49 pm in Knockbox
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"Coffee Bar" for Decent DE1XL set up advice?

I agree that countersunk looks cooler for the DE1 but haven't brought myself to do it yet. In part because I haven't been exactly sure where on the counter to set it permanently. It's kind of nice and easy to just slide it around as the occasion requires. I think I've decided on right in the middle of my length...
by Swamp Thing, Yesterday, 10:17 pm in Knockbox
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"Coffee Bar" for Decent DE1XL set up advice?

Hi all, I'm a brand new member, an espresso newbie, (brewing but not drinking) and have a decent amount to spend, but not - - - quite - - - a Slayer amount, whatever "Slayer" means. Instead I am looking to balance form and function equally. I've committed to a new Decent DE1XL; whatever the mixed reviews it may have,...
by heytchap, Yesterday, 10:16 pm in Grinders
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Reminder that this grinder isn't stepless, so espresso functionality is limited.
by methylxanthine, Yesterday, 10:10 pm in Buying Advice
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Flair Pro 2: 12.5 microns vs 22 microns?

interesting! i'd never thought it could be due to more precision as you said but that certainly makes sense. in the meantime i learned that there's actually a new k-model coming in stock in the next few days, the k-max (also same burr set 22 microns), so that'll be my most likely purchase at this point.