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by gemo, 9 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Magister Stella startup problem

Hi everyone, First time poster here! We just upgraded to a Magister Stella Pro with PID. While trying to start the machine for the first time we've unfortunately encountered a problem. The machine turns on and the pump starts to fill the boiler. But it doesn't get any further! The time-out alarm feature activates and the pump stops. I've tried...
by malling, 31 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Odyssey Espresso (Argos Lever prototype)

There is not many electronic products that isn't delayed or only made in few numbers at the moment, it's just a general problem. Allot are months behind schedule, now there probably different reasons but there is nothing to do besides being patient because things just cannot go at the normal speed in the current climate.
by figius, 38 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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La Marzocco Linea Mini User Experience

hello, first post here but i'm a long time lurker. my vivaldi ii is now 15 years old and i plan to replace it soon. i find the variable flow rate and preinfusion time of the gs3mp very attractive, but not the increased complexity and expense. so i've pretty much settled on the lmlm, i think it's the best fit...
by grind727, 51 minutes ago in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Niche Zero

Niche Zero grinder, black Purchased new in January 2021. Used at home for 1 to 2 espressos daily. In great shape and works perfectly. Cleaned and calibrated. Ships in original box and packaging. Comes with a catch cup, tool for accessing burrs, and brush. $600 with shipping included to CONUS or $575 for local Raleigh pickup. {image} {image} {image} {image}
by GDM528, 55 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

Is there a teardown of the Ikawa out there somewhere? I had been speculating the temperature control feedback loop might work off the temperature of the heater (rather than the airflow) to minimize the loop delay (helps control stability). However, it would improve accuracy if the temp was taken from the actual airflow, but I have a hard time reconciling...
by grind727, 56 minutes ago in Buy/Sell
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[FS] Cafelat Robot

Cafelat Robot in retro green {image} Comes with portafilter, portafilter screen, tamper, basket, portafilter spout, cup mat, extra package of piston seals. $300 with shipping included to CONUS or $275 for local Raleigh pickup.
by Marmot, Today, 4:33 pm in Grinders
Replies: 1 Views: 105 massive test of 24 espresso grinders - coming/in-progress

Hey! It's funny to find this here already I live in switzerland and can help you out with the language or any other information if you need it. They already tested a lot of espresso machines and are very thorough in their testing. I just wish they would add more high end grinders to the list. But that might happen...
by GDM528, Today, 4:30 pm in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

Bingo! That Kapton tape is rated to about 400C. I started with a conventional Type-K thermocouple and stripped off all the asbestos cladding, 'cause "asbestos roast" doesn't sound very appealing. Also needed to fit under the glass cover without interrupting the seal. relaminated the wires onto a couple strips of narrow and wider Kapton so it could hug the side...
by mgrayson, Today, 4:28 pm in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

In my roasting to date, no batch size (usually 50g-75g, once 100g) with any Ikawa supplied profile has passed "medium", as defined by grinding some Klatch medium roast and looking at the ground coffee side by side. The legacy Full City Second Crack profile posted above yields ground coffee matching Nossa Familia's Theodoro's Italian roast (4 out of 5 flames)....
by cafeIKE, Today, 4:22 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Rocket Giotto Premium Plus - Very long time before water comes out of grouphead

It depends on the cam face wear. If the cam has a smooth contour and doesn't look like it has a flat spot, it's ok. FWIW, I rebuild about every 5 years [≈6k shots plus 6k pre- plus 6k post-flush actuations = ≈35k+ swipes] and even with lubing, the cam develops a flat spot. It's likely not an issue, but...