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by HB, 3 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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San Remo You - Single Group Espresso Machine

That's a small brew boiler, but larger than the La Marzocco Linea Mini's; the steam boiler is much smaller. Not sure what to make of the San Remo's brochure saying "Instant freshly heated water for higher quality infusions." That sounds like a heat exchanger. The dimensions are fairly cabinet friendly (394mm = 15.5"). {image} From "brochure" (PDF)
by HB, 19 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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Utterly lost - I am simply unable to produce a cup of espresso

It's a broad generalization, but in my experience, dark roasted coffees sold in 1kg bags are unforgiving of any flaw in technique or precision of equipment. While it may seem like a "waste" of coffee, it's much easier to learn with coffee that's freshly roasted (i.e., around 7 to 10 days post roast) versus the types of coffees that have...
by Marcus1968, 20 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Flair Pro 2 vs. Cafelat Robot vs. ROK GC

My tentative conclusion -digging through this forum- is that the Robot medium and darker roasts don't necessarily require preheating. Am I right? But the Flair is stricter there? BTW: When I see Robot workflow reviews; Then it strikes me that people have to put in a lot of effort for 9 bar / espresso. That looks uncomfortable to me. What...
by Capuchin Monk, 21 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Making my drum roaster spin faster?

I just go by the sight. After many roasts, I know what position of dial it should be at and I've marked it on the surface. So for me, no need to upgrade the gas input.
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The Londinium R24

His pressure gauge certainly helps, and I would guess it's very easy for him to be consistent. You could ask the same question to anyone who has installed a flow control on top of their E61 group. I was an early adopter, installing one on my Duetto as soon as Chris' started selling them, and found it extremely difficult to...
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Tiny motors on new grinders?

"certification" indeed requires quotations. im not a UL/CSA/ETL expert. id expect you can find some answers in there, but maybe its not so explicit. but ya, i think most appliances are certified for max. id wager that most of those commercial motors - in a similar weight category - have comparable efficiencies. given that its really just the burr attached...
by emradguy, 49 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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The Londinium R24

I haven't been on this thread in a long time, but I see the most recent discussion focuses more on the Compressa than the LR24. I've got a couple of questions/comments. First, I'm wondering if anyone else besides me has not been able to use a Matrix screen with their Compressa. Mine literally just pops right off as soon as...
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Utterly lost - I am simply unable to produce a cup of espresso

Hey Pressino Unfortunately I do not own an external pressure gauge to test the actual pressure of the machine. Using a blind PF, I reach 11 bar on the build in gauge and with my current grind setting I reach 10bar during the extraction time. I've gone to the 4th lowest grind setting that I can set on my grinder...
by sosha, Today, 10:53 am in Coffee Brewing
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Ratio Eight, Stagg XF w/ Ode grinder

So, I've been loving the combination of the Ode and Ratio Eight. Recently bought a Fellows XP pour-over set to give that a shot (you never have enough ways to make coffee). I was watching video by Fellow about using the pair, and they recommend an Ode setting of 1. Huh? A setting of 1? Now I'm confused. I've always...
by Jeff, Today, 10:50 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Elektra Microcasa a Leva grouphead / piston chamber issue

Welcome to H-B What grinder are you using? "No puck resistance" problems are often due to the grinder or stale coffee. Both the situations you describe seem to fall into the puck being more like a bed of gravel than a sponge.