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Lelit Bianca User Experience

thanks, already purchased,
by Jeff, 12 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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The sweet spot for espresso machine

I think the sweet spot is the Cafelat Robot. Past that, you're primarily trading convenience, appearance, or name for money and space, along with some significant compromises in the mid range. I'd read and listen to "How to choose an espresso machine and grinder at the "right" price" if you haven't already. That should cover some of the general questions....
by Coffello, 23 minutes ago in Grinders
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Eureka Mignon XL finally available (at least in EU)

I've just ordered an XL65. Are there any further thoughts or advice about the machine, including seasoning, hopper upgrades, maintenance etc. This is a big step up for me, to work with my ECM Synchronika which is also on order: I've always enjoyed coffee and now have time to develop the interest into a hobby. Currently I have a Sage...
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Why would you not buy a DE1?

DEs have generous headspace which results in sloppy pucks but increased clarity in the cup, apparently from in increased slurry. Decreasing the headspace not only gives you dryer pucks but an increased mouthfeel which seems to check the box of those searching for that.
by M997, 29 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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The sweet spot for espresso machine

Hi guys)) Looking for a new espresso machine just faced tough choice. What is the sweet spot for today's most advanced espresso machine???? Probably the main option is pressure profiling, 2 boilers, E61 group, what else? I see many brands with these options but with different pricing. The last one was Rocket Epica with heavy price tag)) Why is so...
by Jesse.F, Today, 8:28 am in Coffee Roasting
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First home roaster

As I've settled into my espresso and coffee routine, I'm at the point where I don't have much more gear to get for my home set up, and as I love new gadgets, I'm thinking I might give roasting a try. I'm not looking to replace my daily coffee needs with home roasted coffee, but I think it's be fun...
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I can't do it :-( Every shot of espresso tastes bitter

I struggled (am still learning for sure) with espresso tasting to start. One thread I started last year that's got some good advice. "Becoming a Better Taster" I'm in Raleigh, NC. So, I'd recommend Black and White (not surprisingly) but also Full Bloom Coffee in Garner. My latest bag, Counter Culture Gradient (bought at Weaver Street Market) also is a...
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[FS] VST 15Gr & 18Gr Baskets and IMS E61 Shower Screen

Price reduced to $15 each.
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[FS] IMS 18Gr and VST 7Gr Baskets

Price reduced to $15 each.
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Nuova Simonelli Oscar II owners, what are some tips you have for your workflow?

I'm just getting the hang of this machine now and dialing in shots, but I'm curious about optimal workflows around using it. How do you all use it? I've heard about people purging too much water and shots not running fully, some recommending needing to purge for 2-3 seconds immediately before shots. I read someone pulls a shot of old...