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How to make a tasty shot from an SO that tastes wonderful brewed.

Which is why I think my wife loves our 50/50 of Daterra Sweet Blue and Ethiopian Wush Wush. The Daterra is not DP. But similar concept
by jpender, 17 minutes ago in Coffees
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Blue Bottle coffee beans larger volume?

I would take their recommendations for ratio and temperature as a possible starting point. Your equipment is different and BB gets some things wrong as well
by jbviau, 28 minutes ago in Grinders
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New Etzinger etz-I grinder

Looks like this is available now from their N. American distributor: {link}
by Brewzologist, 30 minutes ago in Water
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What is the difference in flavor between Mg and Ca?

IMO, to tame acidity you primarily need water with bicarbonates. Distilled water has no bicarbonate, thus light roasted Kenyan coffee with high acidity would likely be too bright. Bicarbonates help mute the acidity by buffering it. But if you prefer med/dark roasted coffees with less acidity and use water with a high bicarbonate level, you may find
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Olympia Cremina SL Chrome Flaking Issue

Thanks for that! I've yet to open up my Cremina (non-SL) group and was part of the late 2020 Q4 production run where I received my machine in February of 2021. Curious to see if they have the same issue. I expect to open up my Cremina in a few months and will report back if any
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

I generally have my morning Moccamaster brews ground at 7 or coarser on my 804. No surprise to me that your brews are too bitter. Also I do my pour overs 4:6 style and usually those are at a 9 or thereabouts. Not sure on the exact setting as I'm at work. Coarse as hell. Gives a really
by YeetSkeeterson, 52 minutes ago in Grinders
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

I have a monster granite stone burr mill that rotates at 1,250 RPM and can hold pounds of wheat and the wheat simply falls out of the right side as well. Centrifugal force, and on this mill there are two small metal "prongs" that rotate with the burr to sweep the grinds out of the chute. Low RPM
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Lagom P64 Flat (Option-O)

Yes, the design of the declumper has the influence, obviously (I have the original one with two kidney-shaped holes). And the shape of the inner chute as well, some sort of the deflector in grinding path would help too, but would increase the retention, so the design is a compromise (how good, it depends on the designer
by tbb, Today, 8:16 am in Grinders
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

For pour-over (V60, Kalita) I am usually in the 7.0-7.5 range. My dial button is calibrated to burr rub just below the scale. It sounds like a good idea to try a few different beans
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La Pavoni Stradivari fixed known issues to find new issues.

Here's a trick learned from Christopher Cara. Use something softer than the metal, say a wooden mallet. Give it a rap, not a hard blow. It'll likely stop hissing, as easy as that