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by fuzzy_panda, Today, 4:27 am in Grinders
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Inconsistent shot times on Ceado E6P?

Hi guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Just got a Breville DB 3 months ago and recently added a Ceado E6P to replace the smart grinder pro. I've seasoned the Ceado with about 1kg of old arabica beans. Heard a lot of good things about them. My favourite coffee bean at the moment is a local NZ brand called...
by Marcelnl, Today, 3:41 am in Knockbox
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The craziest %#*$ing thing I've seen all day...

I can only begin to imagine how the chimney will look after a few days, and how the smoke smells...
by Baris, Today, 3:18 am in Espresso Machines
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Breville Dual Boiler Mods and Maintenance

Sure, it might be what you just said... Here is an image, If you need anything, or maybe a photo with flash, let me know. {link} Thank you !
by GDM528, Today, 2:23 am in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

I've seen quite a few comments about the paid editing 'feature' for the iPhone app... Note the key word in my last sentence was "iPhone". I'm new to the Ikawa, but it appears the Android version of the app is still an earlier version that does allow editing without triggering a payment screen. Furthermore, the Android app gave me access...
by MaKoMo, Today, 2:03 am in Coffee Roasting
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From Manual Roast to PID Roast

Sounds to me like your p-i-d parameters are off. Try higher values for d.
by El_hondero, Today, 1:56 am in Grinders
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Single dosing bellows

Got this nifty little blow out funnel for my obscure bezzera BB005 grinder from {link} It finally got here from Malaysia to Singapore after 20 over days due to some hang up with DHL The flexible bellows part is made of silicone But other parts are 3d printed NO more annoying tappings and slaps in the morning . {image} {image}
by Capuchin Monk, Today, 1:35 am in Grinders
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Using a doser as intended

When I visited Italy years ago, the bar's (where coffee drinks are served along with other beverages) grinder doser is maintained at about half full inside throughout the day via auto switch or manually. Then the barista would put the portafilter under and pull the lever once for 1 serving and 2 for double serving. The pace is quick even...
by K7, Today, 1:21 am in Blog
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Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder - Comments

Any reason to remove the grate for single dosing test? IME the grate is needed to reduce static and spraying whether you use the hopper or not and having it doesn't prevent you from single dosing. Bellows should puff out most of what's behind the grate after a session.
by baldheadracing, Today, 1:01 am in Coffee Roasting
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

I haven't signed for a package since the pandemic started. My experience has been that the sender has to specifically request "no drop" or the package will be left. I find it mildly terrifying when a multi-thousand dollar item is just left on my front porch. They used to not knock as well until I put a sign on my...
by chug, Today, 12:58 am in Water
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Good option after I move to a soft water area?

Piggy backing off this thread as a newbie with a question: why do you need to harden soft water? Is it strictly for taste? I just used the API GH/KH test kit, and both are 36ppm. Aside from a basic fridge filter, is there anything else I should be doing?