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by borrik, 1 minute ago in Espresso Machines
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Cloudy water from hot water spout only - Rocket Appartamento

You definitely need to decalcify your machine. If you ready to do it by yourself, there is a lot of instructions in Internet including full descale option with water level probe removal that is preferably for second hand machine at least first time after buying
by Bean Counter, Today, 1:19 am in Grinders
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Weber Workshops Key Grinder - user experience

I've also used the KEY for both espresso and pour over, once you've run some beans through to help it bed in, the results are very consistent and grind settings repeatable, it's really not rocket science. I've enjoyed using mine immensely. BC
by mat-with-one-t, Today, 1:15 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Newton Brua - Has anyone used it?

I'll have a go too - any users out there yet? Keen to hear real-world feedback!
by chanty 77, Today, 1:10 am in Coffees
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Saka Caffè in the States

I'm getting an 8.8oz. bag of something I want to try--that will probably only last me about 6 days (maybe). I might just order the 8.8 oz. bag of the Gran to see how much I enjoy it
by nameisjoey, Today, 12:52 am in Coffees
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Saka Caffè in the States

Yeah, I enjoy a lot of the same coffees you do - but I have to say, the Saka coffees really surprised me. It's definitely worth a shot! Matt receives and ships prompt so they will be fresh, but these coffees are different in that they don't age quite the same as any other coffee I've had.
by chanty 77, Today, 12:43 am in Coffees
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Saka Caffè in the States

Thanks so much for that very helpful response. I know that they just got some in on June 27th.....I wonder how old it really is though. Sounds interesting. I love trying different roasts. I know I don't like lighter than medium and I know that I don't care for anything darker than medium-dark. Seems like
by ojt, Today, 12:37 am in Coffees
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The hunt for best Italian roasted coffee beans

Yes. They're good, and the owner Francesco Sanapo is a big name in the Italian specialty coffee circles. For me personally their roast level has gone a bit too dark in general. Perhaps it's because they've grown so huge and need to cater to the tastes of a bigger crowd, you can now find their coffees in some grocery store
by matkuf22, Today, 12:02 am in Espresso Machines
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Low static water debit and flow control

What is the difference between flow rate and water debit? Is it the same thing? *hmmm...*
by AJbarista, Yesterday, 11:59 pm in Buy/Sell
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[WTB] Fresh Roast SR 800 (preferably Greater Seattle for pick up)

Hey all, interested in getting another Fresh Roast SR800 as my lid accidentally fell and completely broke. If you have one, PM me
by mkane, Yesterday, 11:40 pm in Knockbox
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