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by tompoland, 29 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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2 cups per day

Given your preferences, I'll nominate the Decent DE1 as one candidate. ECM Synchonika is great if you want a bang-for-bucks more traditional option. You can add flow control too. I'm quite sure that there will be plenty of other candidates nominated for your consideration
by tompoland, 34 minutes ago in Grinders
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Grinder review. What would you like to know?

Hi all, I have a grinder that I reckon is rather good. Possibly the best value high-end grinder on the market. I'm so impressed with it that I want to do a review on it. I don't want to say what the make and model is at this point but rather I'd love to know what you would like
by renatoa, Today, 2:47 am in Lever Espresso Machines
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Flair 58

Mr. Bond would have a different opinion about shaking... Well, we agree that this is a highly subjective "potato"... handled by each with his favorite tools... Thanks to my grinder that no touch of the grounds is needed as they drop in the basket straight from the burrs. {image}
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Rocket Appartamento Scale Buildup

Except mentioned water recipe actions, don't forget that on HX machines water from the boiler should be consumed/replaced at regular basis. The water for your espresso is feeding from the water tank directly and this is not the same water as you have in your boiler, so you need to refresh the boiler via hot water tap.
by Lindamar, Today, 2:07 am in Buying Advice
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Hand grinder for light roast espresso / clarity

Never considered bringing in a hand grinder to the office, but that's actually brilliant
by Lindamar, Today, 2:04 am in Buying Advice
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2 cups per day

Amazing to meet someone else from Pacifica here, what are the odds!?
by Lindamar, Today, 2:01 am in Buying Advice
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2 cups per day

Welp, there goes any hopes I had of saving my paycheck Lattes are my go-to, and working on art is fun, but I don't really need/want so much milk so been getting more into straight espresso recently. I'm not sure how much of a preference I have toward dark/medium/light yet, but a lot of bay
by addertooth, Today, 1:58 am in Coffee Roasting
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Heat resistant microphone to attach to the Gene Cafe?

I can't argue with your concerns about bean temperature. This is why hearing first and second crack are so important, as they act as a temperature benchmark in lieue of actual bean temperature measurments. I also use the changing from full yellow to light browning as another temperature benchmark. I think a lot of Gene Cafe users
by tompoland, Today, 1:33 am in Coffee Roasting
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How long can you store green coffee?

Most likely it varies a lot from crop to elevation to regional differences to personal preferences. Tantalizingly, there is only one way to be sure: drink for coffee!
by tompoland, Today, 1:28 am in Buying Advice
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2 cups per day

Wonder no more. Upgraditis WILL strike, it's already lurking. It woke up and heard you thinking just after you posted What sort of coffee do you like most? Espresso or with mild? Dark or medium or light roast? These factors will all play a part. The other thing to remember is your grinder.