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Do you add sugar to your espresso?

Hoffmann {video} in his ristrettos
by ira, 38 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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What pressure sensors are you using to gather digital gas pressure data?

Much better, now you just need a couple more soldered loops to make sure it stays lined up and doesn't pull free or maybe a loop of hose for strain relief. Ira
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Weber Key Grinder

Douglas chiming in here to quell what seems like an unfounded rumor. We have one motor supplier, so not sure what sparked that. We also have rigorous checks for torque on each unit, and know that we can espresso-grind on beans so light we deem them virtually undrinkable. That said, we are early in production and will address all direct
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QM Arnos vs Izzo Vivi PID vs Profitec 500

Hey Everyone! First post here and really been researching and spending massive amount of hours exploring for the best HX Machine out there currently. Here are the three I have sorted down to . Could you please help choose? My want is to be making a couple of milk based drinks a few times a week. Want a PID
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[FS] Compak K-10 Conic Fresh Coffee Grinder, Polished Aluminum

On-demand, stepless fineness control, 68 mm conical burrs, double ventilator. Program the coffee dose in tenths of a second. Includes optional gourmet (short) hopper (capacity about 1.2#) and the unused standard hopper (capacity about 4.2#). 8.3" W x 15" D x 25" H with standard hopper. 19.8" H with the short hopper, as pictured. 37.5#. Includes the original box. Excellent
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La Pavoni Stradivari fixed known issues to find new issues.

I will give it a try but I have a feeling it's gonna need replaced. I have had this machine since 2008 and have not serviced the opv once. Seems past due
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Older La Marzocco GS3 MP vs Linea Mini

I went through the same process mid last year. I ended up with a GS3-MP for several reasons. I wanted the pressure profiling ability of the MP. The LMLM does have a mod that you can make but so much for your warranty. I also did not want to fuss with modifying something to make it work the way I
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Brew Time/Weight after pressing stop (Breville/Sage Barista Pro)

After pressing stop, the water being pushed out of the shower screen will stop but the espresso still in the portafilter will continue to drain so there is a slight lag to be expected, so yes you will want to stop it ahead of your expected yield. With practice, you will learn the right timing with your machine to stop
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Mazzer 83mm burr part

Thanks Ira. Great advise
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New Ikawa Home Roaster - 100g capacity

Wow, you can have an Ikawa Home and a Bullet for one thousand less and you will have the best of both worlds