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by Jeff, 5 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Allure of Espresso vs. Drip

I'm guessing, and purely guessing, that it may be related to my perception that it's much easier to pull undrinkable shot after shot with hundreds or thousands invested than it is to end up with an undrinkable pour-over or immersion brew with even shop-ground coffee and $10 in gear.
by D Hoge, 10 minutes ago in Lever Espresso Machines
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Just set up my new daily driver, Bezzera Lever

Zix, sorry to hear your Bezzera is down. Good job cleaning up the spring and replacing the seals. Hope it's back up and running My machine was down for some maintenance also and I've been to busy to keep you guys updated. I'll catch up when I have a minute, cheers. Derek
by mkane, 16 minutes ago in Coffee Roasting
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Roasting approach to a Kenyan Peaberry

Good lookin curve. I can taste it from here. Thanks
by mkane, 30 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Adjustments made for specific coffees?

We use 18.3g coffee, 300g water.3:15 drawdown.
by vcasa, 34 minutes ago in Coffees
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Old Coffee

Hello all I look to this forum for recommendations and got my first dud. I placed and order with Aero Coffee Roasters based on a post here. Today I got a bag of coffee roasted 3 days shy of a month ago. Just wanted to give a heads up to the group.
by JB90068, 36 minutes ago in Knockbox
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Allure of Espresso vs. Drip

I've done a lot of both. Guess I prefer the richness and mouthfeel of espresso more. I only use my pinky when I drink tea and do impressions of John Cleese.
by Idfixe, 47 minutes ago in Grinders
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Yes, a Monolith is worth it

Having a conical with a large flat is an i teresting pairing (if you can afford it) so that you broaden the taste profiles one can extract at home. Having the possibility to swap burrs with one grinder is also another option - less costly that also increase the range of taste possible.
by Idfixe, Today, 7:48 pm in Grinders
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Tiny motors on new grinders?

I don't believe grinder motor is correlated to price. A grinder is an assembly of parts which are assembled together to specific tolerances in order to produce repeatable results across grinders and from shots to shots to minimise variance related to the machine. This is how I chose my grinders at least...
by Idfixe, Today, 7:43 pm in Espresso Machines
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Plumbed drain line cleaning.

I use water pressure and put diswasher soap when empty from coffee
by fizguy, Today, 7:29 pm in Grinders
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Eureka 75mm burrs

Thanks Jim, this is true and a good point. I roast a couple times a week and I have never observed this trend in the year I have owned this grinder, which is why I was thinking it could be the burrs.