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by Swamp Thing, 16 minutes ago in Tips and Techniques
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"Coffee Bar" for Decent DE1XL set up advice?

Hi all, I'm a brand new member, an espresso newbie, (brewing but not drinking) and have a decent amount to spend, but not - - - quite - - - a Slayer amount, whatever Slayer means. Instead I am looking to balance form and function equally. I've committed to a new Decent DE1XL; whatever the mixed reviews it may have,...
by heytchap, 17 minutes ago in Grinders
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Reminder that this grinder isn't stepless, so espresso functionality is limited.
by methylxanthine, 23 minutes ago in Buying Advice
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Flair Pro 2: 12.5 microns vs 22 microns?

interesting! i'd never thought it could be due to more precision as you said but that certainly makes sense. in the meantime i learned that there's actually a new k-model coming in stock in the next few days, the k-max (also same burr set 22 microns), so that'll be my most likely purchase at this point.
by another_jim, 59 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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Strange cupping experience - need advice.

Here's a guess at what happened ... You like that Yrg not because it is muddy or earthy, but because it is an Yrg, with a floral aroma, and a pit fruit and green tea flavor. If you had cupped it next to five other Yrgs, it probably would not have fared well. In that case, it is almost certain...
by Sackman, Today, 9:31 pm in Repairs, Restorations & Mods
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Expobar Brewtus IV - No power to brew boiler when steam switched off & it keeps restarting when both are switched on.

Aha! Thanks Ira. I will get switch. To be continued.
by Acavia, Today, 8:51 pm in Coffees
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Allergic reaction to coffees from a specific geographic region (Yemen in my case)

Sorry I messed up the link. Here it is {link}
by ira, Today, 8:38 pm in Coffee Roasting
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First home roaster

The one issue you'll run into in the Behmor is the inability to monitor the roasts. You can within limits control the heat, but unless you're very committed and handy, you'll never know bean temperature. I would ask what you're looking for in a roast? Some things are reasonable to do in a Behmor and others not so much. You'll...
by yakster, Today, 8:35 pm in Coffee Brewing
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Strange cupping experience - need advice.

I notice the same thing which is why I like to change up coffees, otherwise you don't realize how good the coffee your drinking is.
by Brewzologist, Today, 8:09 pm in Coffee Roasting
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First home roaster

The Behmor is solid and parts are reasonably priced. Joe also provides upgraded parts to help you keep it current. If you get one, run it in manual mode from the get-go. Search the Roasting forum as there are some helpful posts on the Behmor. And yes you'll need to vent to the outside. Even with the afterburner a lot...
by yakster, Today, 8:04 pm in Coffees
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Interesting recent articles on infused coffees, carbonic maceration, etc.

I ran across a Cup Of Excellence Instagram post several days ago and they're getting ready to release a Taza talk on Adulteration in Coffee. One of the panelists is Sasa Sestic. I suppose one if the issues with this could be food allergies triggered by the special processing of the coffee. {link} The comments on the posts get a...