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Phoenix Crawl, Monday Feb 21

I won't be able to attend unfortunately. I fly out that morning to balmy Minneapolis for a business meeting. Super bummer. Pete
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

It doesn't have a mechanism like the 9barista or Bacci stovetops for high pressures. There is a valve, but actual brew pressure is dependent on the puck's resistance (grind size and prep)
by jpender, 10 minutes ago in Coffee Brewing
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The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

It sounds like it's in between moka and espresso as far as pressure goes. I've read claims that it produces about 3 bar but not sure where that number came from. In this video the creator says it's "about twice the pressure in a car tyre": {video}
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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

Hey Bakafish Thank you for sharing your method! I am used to Katsuya's V60 recipe but never really used its potential like you do. I will definitely try it out on my filter brews. I also think that the coffee powder at 8 on the Lab Sweet is still very fine and I often readjusted the setting to
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Travel case for Kinu, Robot and steamer!

Something that costs almost like a system camera, if you sum up what all the accessories cost? Naah, if I was flying I would want it on board. And squeeze in some underwear in a small bag inside it. Too many checked in bags get lost or get redirected and disappear for days
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Lelit MaraX

Yes, but the question is what code? When looking at the examples in the 'Timer' library I see 4 options:
  • blink2
  • kitchen_sink
  • pin_high_10_mins
  • read_AO_flashLED My guess is to use 'kitchen_sink' but this makes no sense to me
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    The Little Guy (was: Otto) user experience

    Well... I hope some Little Guy user is on this forum and can chime in. They do claim that, unlike the older Atomic design, the Little Guy Espresso is a stovetop espresso machine and (if I didn't read that somewhere else about some other machine) a hydraulic lever... this thread was just moved to brewers by our admins
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    Upgrade thoughts on La Marzocco Linea Mini or Rocket R58

    Here's a link to a HB thread that you might find informative and helpful: "Choosing an Espresso Machine Rationally"
    by kpoz, 21 minutes ago in Grinders
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    Weber Key Grinder

    What have you used to clean it? Just soap and water, or rubbing alcohol? I ordered one in Snow as well, and so I am curious to hear from other owners about whether they have this issue. In the few videos and posts on social media that I have seen, I can see smudges on the Onyx model
    by malling, 25 minutes ago in Grinders
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    New Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder

    {video}Kyle also compared it with the DF64, he seems to like the flavour profile more on DF64 and find it better value for money. He did not really find Oro better or solve the issues of the DF64 that he hoped it would do to the increase in price. This again just shows that it's expensive to produce certain