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Auction lots - roast & learn ? One of a Kind Guatemala

On the alarms setting, I went to the help key and gleaned some tips. It looks like the 'Slider Power' field with '35#Power to 35' should move the slider to the setting I intend. Then with the beep and pop-up I will know to twist my know to the respective gas setting 3.5 WC inches. We'll
by Milligan, 7 minutes ago in Coffees
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Lean Hammer vs Crème Dolce by Dragonfly

I felt the same way about Crème Dolce. I had it side by side with Monarch from Onyx and remember enjoying Monarch much more. I haven't had Lean Hammer. I tried their Terre Celesti as a drip brew and it was fine. Tasted like a good house blend, but really that should be all that is expected of
by TooManyHobbies, 20 minutes ago in Espresso Machines
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Shurflo / Aquatec pump without accumulator

Hey all, Would it be okay to run my espresso machine off of a bottle using a shurflo / aquatec style pump without an accumulator for a few weeks? I'm not sure of my final setup yet and if i'm going to go with a 2 gallon accumulator or one of the mini ones. I can't see any reason
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Profitec Pro 400 vs Rocket Appartmento vs Quick Mill Rubino

Not sure what you mean with flip modes beacause you dont need to flip mode to steam milk after you brewed your espresso. The machine is also programmed to raise the steam pressure immediately after you have stopped the pump after brewing espresso
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Espresso-Sugar (Cubano) Discussion

Old school method here : {image} {image}
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Breville / Sage Dual Boiler Top too hot to touch

Just to add - for the hell of it, I unscrewed the solenoid and there was a very little bit of water underneath. Could that have anything to do with it? Not clear where it could have come from. Whenever I've run the machine with the lid off I can't see anything
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Argos lever espresso machine by Odyssey Espresso

As I recall, the wye was mentioned on EAF. I'd ask there or drop an email to Odyssey
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Controlling the RPM of a DF64 with a VFD

as promised. this is the photo of the connection of the wire for vfd. the unit will still working fine when you plug it to wall socket. you just need external switch for on/off. no soldering needed! {image}
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Espresso machine clogging randomly in between shots

I was lucky on my old Delonghi EC702 - it came with a pf holder that was made in 2 halves so I just cut the plastic bar and remove the bottom half. I think I have heard of people sawing off half of the metal on the all-metal ones, but I don't think that ended well, so maybe
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Controlling the RPM of a DF64 with a VFD

hemmmm..... this is interesting i thought the motor is press fit. but i seems form Giampiero photo the stator is only clamped by bolts. this photo also confirm that the rotor is squirrel cage. if the stator is easy to remove. means that rewinding the stator to 3 phase is feasible. i count 24 slot. so winding it to 3